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Kalis was a planet in the Derilyn system.


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   Appears: Generation One and Unicron Trilogy beginning in 1987

Kalis refers to a city/region on the planet Cybertron.



G1 Continuity

The war between the Autobots and Decepticons consumed the city, in common with the rest of Cybertron over the millions of years of the conflict. Vast numbers of dead bodies seem to have been left untended in the city, and the city itself is more or less a ruin.

There were two significant things about the city that made it worthy of note.

The first was that the city was positioned directly above a massive fusion reactor and propulsion engines that were the first stage of Megatron's plan to rework Cybertron into a travelling battlestation and thus conquer the universe. The reactor's engines, if ever activated, would have destroyed Kalis.

The second was that the Autobot resistance on Cybertron, led by Emirate Xaaron, chose Kalis as the site for Autobase in the year 1987, after the failure of Operation: Volcano and the death of Impactor.

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These two aspects intertwined when the rogue Autobot scientist Flame attempted to rebuild and restart the reactor and the engines, using reanimated robot corpses as his guards. Only the combined efforts of the Wreckers, Ultra Magnus and the undead Impactor prevented the catastrophe.

Kalis bordered the Decepticon region of Tyrest, and also contained a large-scale radio transmitter called the Baird Beaming Facility.

Unicron Trilogy

Fun Publications Continuity

Landquake used to work at the Kalis Energon Refinery.

During the fight to stop the Unicron Singularity, Vector Prime suspected that Ramjet might use the Energon Refinery to strengthen the black hole. Unfortunately, Ramjet's partner Thunderclash tricked Dark Scorponok into attacking the refinery. Vector Prime had to reactivate the autoguns while Safeguard and Sentinel Maximus fought Scorponok. An unseen force successfully reactivated the autoguns, but then Sentinel Maximus received an emergency transmission from Downshift. The attack on the refinery was a distraction so that Ramjet and Nemesis Prime could enter the Spark Core Access tunnels with the intention of killing Primus, and ressurecting Unicron Balancing Act, Part 3 Balancing Act, Part 4


  • Kalis may be named after Kali, a Hindu goddess associated with death and destruction, given the thrust of the Marvel UK story was dead corpses walking around.

This article uses material from the "Kalis" article on the Transformers wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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