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Princess Kalinda of the Thallonian Empire and the New Thallonian Protectorate.

Kalinda (alternate spelling: Kallinda) was one of only two survivors of the Thallonian royal family when the Thallonian Empire fell in the year 2373.

Kalinda's life was spared by conspirator Zoran Si Verdin, who believed that Kalinda was destined to find the Quiet Place, a legendary location reputed to be the site of great riches. According to Thallonian legend, Kalinda, as a Thallonian princess, was destined to be the next to hear the legendary "call" of the Quiet Place.

Zoran took Kalinda to the world of Montos, where he utilized the services of a "Psychic surgeon," who made Kalinda believe that she was a Montosian girl named Riella who lived with her mother, Malia.

By late 2375, Kalinda/Riella had begun having the dreams that indicated the beginning of the Quiet Place's summons to her. "Riella" had begun to suspect that something was not right about her mother and was reluctant to confide in her. Kalinda/Riella later escaped her confinement and was rescued from Zoran, the Dogs of War, and the Redeemers, all of whom wanted access to the Quiet Place for reason of their own, by Xyon of Calhoun and a team from the Starfleet vessel, the USS Excalibur (NCC-26517), that included her brother Si Cwan, and Lieutenants Zak Kebron and Soleta. Kalinda's memories were restored after her arrival at the Quiet Place, and she gained what she regarded as the ability to "see" the spirits of the dead.

Kalinda began a brief romantic relationship with Xyon that ended when Xyon was apparently killed while saving the Excalibur from the Black Mass. (NF novels: The Quiet Place, Dark Allies).

Soon after, Kalinda accompanied her brother on his quest to avenge the murder of their old teacher, Jereme, at the hands of an old rival named Olivan. (NF novels: Excalibur: Requiem, Renaissance, Restoration).

The New Thallonian Protectorate

Kalinda was at her brother's side when he formed the democratic New Thallonian Protectorate circa 2377. Kalinda later became engaged to Tiraud, the son of Fhermus, who lead the Protectorate with her brother. At Kalinda and Tiraud's wedding, Kalinda was abducted by an apparently "not-dead" Xyon of Calhoun, who had come to claim Kalinda for his own. Kalinda didn't respond to this tactic the way Xyon expected and he agreed to return Kalinda to New Thallon.

Before he could do so, Kalinda was kidnapped and replaced by an agent of the extra-dimensional race known as the Teuthis, who was able to take on Kalinda's form and memories.

Kalinda was held prisoner by the Teuthis' catspaws on the planet Priatia, where she sensed the death of her brother at the hands of Fhermus. Upon Si Cwan's death and Kalinda's rescue, leadership of the New Thallonian Protectorate fell to Kalinda and Si Cwan's widow, Robin Lefler.

Kalinda accepted the offered services of Soleta and her Romulan stealth vessel in the name of the Protectorate. (NF novels: After the Fall, Missing in Action)

Eight months later, Kalinda had turned within herself, conversing only with the dead Si Cwan. After her new nephew Cwansi was kidnapped, she was possessed by the spirit of Si Cwan, who guided the Excalibur to planet AF1963, where he was being held. (NF novel: Treason)


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Kalinda could refer to several things:

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City of Heroes

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Zone Mercy Island
Coordinates (-4164, 163, -2982)
Level Range 1-4
Introduced by Arachnos Pilot
Introduces Mongoose
Enemy groups Carnival of Shadows

Circle of Thorns
Paragon Heroes

Kalinda is a City of Villains contact located in the Darwin's Landing neighborhood of Mercy Island at coordinates (-4164, 163, -2982). Her level range is 1-4.



Contact Introduced By

New Contact(s)

There is one in Mercy who is known as Mongoose. He's a professional exterminator. Arachnos pays him to keep the Snake population in check, and to hire new arrivals to clean out Snake pits for him. Perhaps he will have work for you.



As an Arachnos Fortunata, it is Kalinda's task to keep an eye on all new arrivals to Mercy Island. That doesn't mean she's on their side. She is evaluating each new resident for signs of greatness, and for signs of weakness. Kalinda can set you on the path to greatness, or she can make sure you're never heard from again. There are only two things she believes in: the glory of Arachnos, and the survival of the fittest.

Initial Contact

Interesting. It may well be that you are one of the people we seek. In case you're wondering why you're out here in the open air instead of enjoying the fine dining at Ziggursky Prison, you have me to thank. I arranged it. You see, some of your fellow prisoners are special. Perhaps even you.

I have foreseen that some members of this group will rise up to usher in a bold new future for Arachnos. Of course, if you think you're one of them, you'll have to prove it. Soon.

First, though, I recommend you present yourself to Arbiter Diaz. He is marked on your map. The Arbiters oversee difficulties within Arachnos, and help to quell squabbles that might threaten the security of the organization. Remember: Arachnos is beset by in-fighting among its many factions, but the Arbiters are above all that chaos. Despite all our divisiveness and squabbling, the Arbiters must never be harmed. Go to him, and see if he can help you on your path.

Story Arc

Earning Arachnos' favor

Souvenir: Kalinda's Kiss

You can still feel a faint heat on the back of your hand, where Kalinda pressed her lips. You have to assume that her touch was more than a kiss; it was a symbol of Arachnos' favor, and perhaps also a blessing.

Earning Arachnos' Favor

It began with a simple task. Kalinda believed you could be trusted with an official Arachnos operation, and so she sent you to mop up some Snakes.

Kalinda's superiors were impressed with both your skill and your brutality, and so you were given another assignment. You had to remove a nest of Snakes from an Arachnos base. While there you learned the name of their leader, Syrus.

Kalinda wanted Syrus taken down, and you were happy to oblige. Now, Arachnos smiles on you--at least for the moment.

Mop up the stragglers


I'm going to take a chance on you. This isn't something I'd do for everyone. But you've shown me enormous potential, and I truly believe you may be one of those special few destined to bring about Arachnos' great future. So I'm going to send you on an official Arachnos operation. Arachnos has had a brief skirmish with the Snakes, and we need someone to mop up the last stragglers in the area. Just don't embarrass me. Remember, this is your chance to be Arachnos' ally. If you don't take advantage of it, you could become our enemy.

Mission Acceptance

We'll fly you to the area. Once you're there, I hope you'll acquit yourself well.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Defeat all Snakes in area



My peers within Arachnos were quite impressed with your abilities. In fact, they may be willing to give you another operation.

As a reward for your service, take this salvage. Should you survive long enough to join a Super Group, such salvage can be used to create useful items for your headquarters.

Clear Snakes out of Lab


Arachnos has seen you take down Snakes, and they've got another job for you. A week ago, a group of Snakes invaded one of our labs. They took it over, and have been holed up there ever since. We want them out. If you can make that happen, you'll earn the confidence of my superiors. That respect won't mean that all Arachnos factions will be with you, but it may afford you some protection as you journey through the Rogue Isles.

Mission Acceptance

Arachnos is trusting you with this task. I trust you will not disappoint us.

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Mission Objective(s)

  • Defeat all Snakes in lab


The Snake's story
One of the Snakes you defeated hissed:

'Syrus will not tolerate thisss atrocity! He will dessstroy you!'


You have done well! Your future is looking quite bright. If that Snake you put down is to be believed, we now know the leader of their little group. That means you can track him down and punish him for his assault against Arachnos. Do that, and I think I can introduce you to some new people on Mercy.

Defeat Snake Leader


The leader of the Snakes who violated our base is named Syrus. I need him in custody immediately. Take him down, and I can nearly guarantee your immediate future will be a happy one.

Mission Acceptance

You would do well to remember this lesson. Sometimes those who defy Arachnos can escape our clutches for a little while. But they never escape forever.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Defeat Syrus and his guards



Well done. Your skills against the Snakes have convinced me that the hunter Mongoose can make better use of your talents than I. The time has come for us to part, but rest assured that I will be watching you for as long as you choose to remain in the Rogue Isles.

Soon, I foresee that our little Mercy Isle will become too small for one as powerful as yourself. As you venture forth to each new island, you will have to build your reputation anew in order to establish contacts. But remember, brokers always have a task available for those with few scruples. Seek out the brokers, and your journey will continue.

There is one who will test you further. His real name is unknown in these parts; I, along with everyone else, refer to him by his soubriquet: Mongoose. He will throw you into some of the darkest pits this island has to offer. Come out of them alive, and your future may be secured.


Level 1-4

Defeat a Traitor


If you want to stay in the Rogue Isles, there's only one thing you need to learn right away: Arachnos can be your ally, or your enemy. Support us, serve us, and we will reward you. Stab us in the back, and it will be the last move you make.

There is an operative here on Mercy who used to be our ally, but he has recently made himself our enemy. Operative Burch. As we speak, the fool is planning to sell confidential Arachnos information to those troublesome do-gooders, Longbow. I want you to take him out.

You've heard of Longbow, I expect? A group of trained soldiers and superhumans out to make everyone in the world do things their way? Their leader, Ms. Liberty, seems to think it's her place to meddle in Arachnos affairs. She's sorely mistaken, I assure you.

Burch plans to meet Longbow at the docks. We'll have a boat take you there.

Mission Objective(s):

  • Defeat Burch & all negotiators



Burch has suffered justly for what he tried to do to Ghost Widow. But let me clue you in on something: Burch wasn't alone. He had orders. There are many factions within Arachnos, and they are always vying for dominance. Sometimes they even go so far as to betray Arachnos in order to spite each other. Captain Mako, Black Scorpion, and even Scirocco all might have reasons for wanting to see Ghost Widow hurt.

Of all Arachnos operatives, only the Arbiters are inviolate. Only they are never subject to the petty squabbles that sometimes threaten to rip our great Arachnos apart.

Clear out a Snake Pit


You next task will be to dive head first into one of the most dangerous places on this rock: a Snake hole. Come out alive, and I'll know you're worth watching. But be warned: not everyone seeking a great destiny survives. Some find themselves crushed to fine powder by the weight of their own mediocrity.

Mission Acceptance

The biggest, nastiest Snake in the immediate vicinity goes by the name Sapphus. Find him, defeat him, and you may find a future within Arachnos as well.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Defeat Sapphus & his guards



So. You have faced the Snakes and lived to tell the tale. Perhaps there is a place for you within Arachnos' future. I must test you further.

Cull the Infected


Are you aware of the lowly creatures known as the Infected? They've been subsisting off the water from the cesspool trenches, and it's made them a bit of a problem. Many of them have gained enormous strength; in addition, they seem to have lost all sense and reason. There are a number of them massing in a warehouse nearby. Someone has to eliminate them, and I want that someone to be you. It'll give me an idea of whether you are worthy of further tests.

Mission Acceptance

These creatures have proved themselves unfit for Arachnos' great future, and as a result they must be culled. Don't let this happen to you. Remember, I am always watching you.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Eliminate the Infected



You're showing me something about yourself. You're showing me your power, but also your willingness to do what it takes to maximize that power. I sense fantastic potential within you. You could well be one of those special people we seek.

Of course, Arachnos is full of people with potential, but not all of those people can survive the brutal politicking and backstabbing that make life within this organization such a unique challenge. Only the Arbiters are immune from such troubles. For lesser lights such as you and I, the best we can do is keep on our guard.

Level 20

Steal cape from hero (Cape Mission)


I see you have returned. It was not so long ago when Arachnos freed you from that stinking prison in Paragon City and brought you here to be tested. You have clawed your way out of the filth and made yourself a name here on the Rogue Isles - a name to be feared and respected.

As you know, Lord Recluse has forbidden any of the destined ones to wear a cape until they have proven themselves worthy. You have garnered enough infamy through your exploits to be allowed this honor - after one final ordeal.

The heroes of Paragon City have tried time after time to thwart our endeavors. The time has come for you to show them that you are no common thug, but a true villain to be feared! Go to Paragon City, destroy one of their precious statues, and steal a cape from one of their heroes by trial of combat!

Mission Acceptance

You will need to secure passage to Paragon City and be smuggled over to one of their statue parks. Go speak with Lorenz Ansaldo at the Port Recluse docks on Sharkhead. He'll fix you up.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Speak with Lorenz Ansaldo


You need passage to Paragon City? Yah, I can hook you up. I got an arrangement going with Arachnos to handle any 'special delieveries' they might have between the Rogue Isles and the mainland. But that don't mean there ain't no price.

We got a lot of them Longbow agents snoopin' around the docks here lookin' for contraband. I was planning on getting a few of my boys ready to beat some sense into them, but then you happen to show up! Take down all the Longbow agents snoopin' around our warehouse here at the docks and destroy any crates of contraband they may have found.

Mission Objective(s)

Longbow constantly looks for evidence to shutdown Family smuggling operations in the Rogue Isles. It's time to convince Longbow to mind their own business!

  • Defeat all agents
    • Destroy contraband
    • 3 crates to destroy


Longbow Watch List
You find on the Longbow Commander a hand-held computer. It contains information on villain activities in the Rogue Isles, including Family smuggling operations and movement of villains into Paragon City. You're included on the watch list! It looks like Longbow might be monitoring your activities!

Mission Objective(s)

You wait for the appropiate moment to launch your assault. Paragon City will soon fear your name!

  • Steal cape from Hero
    • 2 statues to destroy
    • Defeat hero & allies

Notable NPCs

Possible heroes in this mission are:


Hero Cape
This is a cape taken from one of the heroes of Paragon City you defeated in combat! Take this back to Fortunata Kalinda back in the Rogue Isles to prove yourself worthy as a destined one of Lord Recluse!


You have proven yourself worthy, destined one. You have earned the right to wear a cape!

Level 30

Unlock power of destined one (Auras Mission)


You have returned once again, Character! Perhaps you are one of Lord Recluse's destined ones after all. It remains to be seen.

The destined ones of Lord Recluse are marked by the Powers for greatness and imbued by the energies of fate. By paying proper homage to the Powers, you can unlock this greatness for all to see. There is a powerful and ancient archmage known as Tarixus who lairs on Sharkhead Isle. Speak with him about unlocking the energies of the destined one.

Mission Acceptance

Archmage Tarixus can be found in Potter's Field on Sharkhead Isle. Go there now!

Unnecessary Solicitation

Have you spoken with Tarixus yet? He will be able to aid you in unlocking the power of the destined one.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Speak with Archmage Tarixus


I sensed your arrival, Character. You seek to follow your destiny and show to everyone you are truly marked by the Powers for greatness. To do this you must give proper homage to the Powers, the great mystical entities who grant power to those who know how to unlock their secrets. To give proper homage to the Powers you must sacrifice arcane energies at a nexus, one of the places where the veil between this world and the mystic planes is weak.

There is a group known as the Carnival of Shadows who occasionally dabble in the arcane. They have acquired some of my artifacts in order to work their chaos magic. If you recover these magical artifacts, I will allow you to use them to unlock your energies as a destined one - if that is indeed what you are. Magical orders such as the Circle of Thorns often built great temples around nexus points in order to tap into their power and to draw energies from the Powers. Go now to find the artifacts, then offer up their arcane energies to the Powers upon an Orenbegan altar!

Unnecessary Solicitation

Have you found the artifacts to offer to the Powers yet? I suggest you do as Archmage Tarixus says.

Mission Objective(s)

The air in this warehouse seems to shimmer with weird energies

  • Find mystic artifacts

You found the mystic artifacts!

Notable NPCs

Carnival of Shadows

Upon the Carnival mistress you find ornate jewellry.

Mystic Artifacts
This set of ornate jewellry practically glows with arcane energies. You will need to offer up the mystic power to the Powers in order to unlock your power as a destined one!

Unnecessary Solicitation

The power of the destined one is soon to be unlocked for all to see. Do not delay!

Mission Objective(s)

This Circle of Thorns temple must be built near a fairly strong magical nexus. The very air seems charged with arcane energies!

  • Offer artifacts to Powers
    • Offer artifacts to Powers (touch the altar to do it)
    • Fend off attackers!

Your offering has been accepted!
You have fended off the attackers!
You have unlocked the energies of the destined one!

Notable NPCs

Circle of Thorns

Ambush! Destroy the intruder!

As soon as you finish placing the offering, there will be three waves of attackers by Circle of Thorns, with the second Temple Protector accompanying the third wave.

Upon exit of mission

You have unlocked the power of the destined one!


Something has changed in you, Character. Perhaps Lord Recluse was correct about you. Most impressive.

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