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Mid Rim


Kalarba system


At least 2 (inc. Hosk and Indobok)


Oxygen mix

Primary terrain
  • Mountains
  • Seas
  • Urban
Points of interest
Native species


Immigrated species


Primary language(s)

750 million (22 BBY)

Major cities

Kalarba City (capital)


Kalarba was a planet in the Mid Rim.



Kalarba was a pleasant and largely undeveloped world near several powerful and rich Mid Rim systems. The planet was covered in a large-worldspanning ocean and the landmasses were dominated by mountain ranges including the Three Peaks of Tharen and rocky coastlines. Because of its undeveloped beauty, the planet greatly profited from tourism.

The native vynock was a silicon-based lifeform which flourished in planetary atmospheres in contrast with its cousin the mynock which lived in space.

The planet's two moons were the ash-covered Indobok which was home to the B'rknaa species and advanced Hosk Station which was entirely covered by a vast Esseles-class Space Station built by Alderaan Royal Engineers during the early millennia of the Galactic Republic as a docking and transfer point for starships.


Though one of its moons, Hosk Station, had been settled during the early years of the Galactic Republic, Kalarba was only settled during the last centuries of the Republic. The descendants of these colonists have since developed a high opinion of self worth and a great strength of spirit which is said to be embodied within the Three Peaks of Tharen, a widely-visited mountain range near the planet's equatorial zone.

Kalarba allowed RRM settlements in 22 BBY, just prior to the outbreak of the Clone Wars. During the Imperial era, Wena served as its governor. The Yuuzhan Vong devastated the planet during the Yuuzhan Vong War by crashing Hosk Station into its surface. Luckily, the New Republic was able to evacuate some of the population.

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