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Kal Wierago
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15 BBY

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1.8 meters

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"I'm a Lieutenant in the service of the Republic and I am certainly not going to disguise myself as a dancing girl!"
—Kal Wierago, lamenting the life of a privateer

Kal Wierago was a Lieutenant in the Navy of the New Republic. After coming up through the ranks of the Republic's military intelligence service, he was assigned to Wayland's Wilders with a detachment of naval and intelligence personnel as an advisor and observer. The bulk of his observation time, though, was dedicated to making sure that the Republic got its credits' worth of his services. To facilitate his assignment, as well as make him useful to the group, Jacen Wayland gave Wierago and his people command of the gunship, Overkill, as well as making Wierago the acting captain of the ship; he later transferred to Warlock, leaving his executive officer, Layn Torve, in command of Overkill. Though he and his fellow agents were ordered against wearing their official uniforms while serving with the privateers, they all retained their standard-issue BlasTech DH-17 blaster pistols and A280s, making it easy for Wierago to identify his people by sight.

Birth Of A Chandrilan Rebel

Kal's father, Kan, was a member of Senator Mon Mothma's personal bodyguard. Following her near-arrest by agents of the Imperial Security Bureau in 3 BBY, the Senator fled underground and became a full-time member of the Rebellion, bringing her most trusted assistants with her. The Wieragos joined her exodus, and twelve-year-old Kal began a life on the run as a Rebel. By the time he turned 16, Kal was undertaking small missions for the cause, including covert observation assignments and making information drops. His first open combat experience came during the Battle of Endor, as he joined Han Solo's team in their assault on the Death Star's shield generator.


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