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Kajin Savaros
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Kajin Savaros was a teenage male Force-sensitive. After his parents on M'haeli were killed by the Empire, he was sent to Coruscant. There, the young man evaded Imperial Inquisitors, until the Jedi fugitive Jax Pavan found him after the boy fought in a fierce duel with an Inquisitor, and began to train him as a Padawan. He was later ambushed by Inquisitors while taking a walk with Haninum Tyk Rhinann and Dejah Duare, and fought them off with the help of Jax, I-5YQ, and Laranth Tarak. Savaros and Laranth were later betrayed by Dejah and captured by the Empire. Darth Vader destroyed Kajin's memory and used him and Laranth as a lure for Jax Pavan. Pavan came to their rescue, saving both Laranth and Kajin, though Kajin's mind would prove more difficult to save. After the confrontation, he was sent by the Whiplash to The Silent and the Togruta healers on Shili, where he would hopefully recover.

Though only a teenager, Savaros was extremely strong in the Force, and was able to do things with the Force that Jedi Knight Jax Pavan had thought impossible, though he had great difficulty in keeping his powers under control, and was subject to random, dangerous rages. Savaros often displayed his greatest feats when in times of desperation, such as when he bested the Inquistitor Probus Tesla in combat, even though Tesla was fully trained, and considered one of the best of the Inquisitors, and when he later used the Force to reduce another Inquisitor to mere ash during the Duel at Rainbow Parkway and Gallery Row.

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  • Coruscant Nights III: Patterns of Force (First appearance)

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