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The Kaiser Knuckle in Final Fantasy VII.

The Kaiser Knuckle, also known as the Kaiser Claw or Kaiser, is a recurring piece of equipment in the Final Fantasy series. As the name suggests, it is generally a Knuckle weapon used by the Monk class.




Final Fantasy III

The Kaiser Claw, called Kaiser Knuckles in the DS version, is a weapon for the Monk and Karateka with 36 Attack that can be purchased for 7,000 gil in Amur, and can be used also by Onion Knight in the DS version with 50 Attack. It can be found in Underground Sewers in one of the chests.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

The Kaiser Knuckles were originally intended to be in the game, but were left out. They are still accessible via hacking, and has an attack of 0, Strength +10, and Accuracy of 99%. It would have been used by Yang, Ursula, and Edge.

Final Fantasy V

Kaiser Knuckles as seen in Final Fantasy V.

The Kaiser Knuckles, also known as the KaiserKn in the RPGe translation or Kaiser Knuckle in the PlayStation version, are an accessory. It grants 8 Defense, 5 Strength, 1 Weight, and boosts the damage of bare-handed attacks.

Final Fantasy VI

The Kaiser Knuckle, originally known as the Kaiser, is a Holy-elemental weapon for Sabin.

Final Fantasy VII

The Kaiser Knuckle is a weapon used by Tifa Lockhart.

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-

Kaiser Knuckles are an accessory that adds +30 to Zack's Attack.

Final Fantasy IX

Kaiser Knuckles in Final Fantasy IX.

The Kaiser Knuckles are claws for Amarant.

Final Fantasy X

Rikku will obtain the Kaiser Knuckles when Break Damage Limit is the dominant ability of any of her weapons.

Final Fantasy XI

Kaiser Knuckles is the name of the high-quality version of Koenig Knuckles. Like Koenig Knuckles, it raises Charisma and Accuracy, but higher.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

White Monks can learn Air Render from Kaiser Knuckles. They can also be equipped by Gadgeteers.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

The Kaiser Knuckles are an artifact that boosts Strength by 1.

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