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The Town of Kaipo in the DS version
The Town of Kaipo in the DS version's Overworld

Kaipo (カイポ, Kaipo) is a town in the game Final Fantasy IV. It is located in the southern half of the Damcyan desert, near an oasis. It is home to one of the finest doctors in the world, who is renowned for treating Desert Fever. Kaipo is one of four towns with a training room.

In the English localization of the DS version, Kaipo is pronounced [ˈkaɪ.poʊ].




Final Fantasy IV

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The Town of Kaipo in the SNES version

Before the adventure begins, Tellah is living here with his daughter Anna. Edward Chris von Muir, the prince of Damcyan, travels to Kaipo disguised as a Bard, and he and Anna fall in love. Tellah does not consent to their union, so they elope and run away to Damcyan. Tellah then tries to pursue them, but he cannot defeat the Octomammoth, a monster living in the Underground Waterway that connects Kaipo to Damcyan.

The Dark Knight Cecil Harvey arrives here eventually with a wounded girl from Mist. He lets her rest at the inn, but she will not speak to him. That night, some soldiers from Baron enter the inn and demand that Cecil hand over the girl, a Summoner, as the King of Baron had proclaimed that the Summoners of Mist were too dangerous to be left alive. Cecil refused to hand her over, and defeated the Baron soldiers. The girl thanked him and introduced herself as Rydia, who the joined Cecil's adventure. The next morning, they heard that a sick girl from Baron was in the hospital. Cecil found out that Rosa Joanna Farrell, his girlfriend, had come down with a case of Desert Fever, and Cecil needed to find the Sand Pearl from the Antlion's Den to cure her. Cecil and Rydia went out in search of the Sand Pearl, and eventually found it and returned with Edward's assistance. They used the Sand Pearl on Rosa, and she recovered and joined the party. She informed them that the next target was the Crystal of Air at Fabul, and they needed to cross Mt. Hobs to reach the castle.

The night before the party left, Edward went out to the oasis and played his harp. A Sahagin appeared, and Edward had to defeat it. Anna's ghost appeared and told him to believe in himself and to be strong for the two of them. Edward managed to get over his sorrow, and was able to defeat the monster.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Kaipo is shown in the start of Porom's tale, during the flashback sequence. Later on, in Edward's tale, Harley will collapse from desert fever, and Edward must head to the Antlion's Den in order to get a Sand Pearl to save Harley. Afterwards, the party heads towards Baron.


Kaipo's Inn
Ether1 Auto Potion Augment


Kaipo's Item Shop
Item SNES Price GBA Price DS Price
Potion 30 GP 30 Gil 30 Gil
Phoenix Down 150 GP 100 Gil 100 Gil
Tent 200 GP 100 Gil 100 Gil
Carrot 50 GP 50 Gil N/A
Remedy 100 GP N/A N/A
Ether 10,000 GP N/A N/A
Antidote N/A 40 Gil 40 Gil
Eye Drops N/A 30 Gil 30 Gil
Gold Needle N/A 400 Gil 80 Gil
Maiden's Kiss N/A 60 Gil 60 Gil
Emergency Exit N/A N/A 200 Gil
Kaipo's Weapon Shop
Weapon SNES Price GBA Price DS Price
Rod 100 gil 100 gil 100 gil
Staff 160 gil 160 gil 160 gil
Bow 220 gil 220 gil 220 gil
Iron Arrows 10 gil 10 gil 50 gil
Kaipo's Armor Shop
Armor SNES Price GBA Price DS Price
Leather Cap 100 gil 100 gil 100 gil
Clothes 50 gil 50 gil 50 gil
Leather Grab 200 gil 200 gil 200 gil
Iron Armlet 100 gil 100 gil 100 gil

Inn: 50 gil

Enemy formations

Kaipo's Pub

Final Fantasy IV


SandMan x4 Sand Man x4 Desert Sahagin x4
SandMan x2, Sandpede Sand Man x2, Sandpede Desert Sahagin x2, Hundlegs
Larva x2, SandMoth x2 Insectus x2, SandMoth x2 Insectus x2, Flying Eyes x2
Imp x4 Imp x4 Goblin x4
SandWorm Sand Worm Sand Worm
DS Formations

In town

WaterHag Water Hag Sahagin N/A

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Challenge Dungeon

Passage 1F
Left Passage 1F
Middle Passage 1F
Right Passage 1F
Boss Area B1F
Big Room B1F
Small Room B1F
Tower 2F
Left Passage 2F
Middle Passage 2F
Small Room 2F
Corridor 2F
Corridor Connecting to 3F
Tower 3F
Boss Area 3F
Tower 4F
Boss Area 4F


The background music that plays in Kaipo is Final Fantasy IV's "Town Theme".


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