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Ardus Kaine
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11 ABY

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Ardus Kaine was an Imperial Moff and the successor of Wilhuff Tarkin as Grand Moff of Oversector Outer. His flagship was the Reaper.



Grand Moff Ardus Kaine

Ardus Kaine was an early supporter of Palpatine, and as such he was placed in charge of various attempts to gain the support of military forces for Palpatine. He is credited as being one of the creators of COMPNOR. Palpatine eventually promoted Kaine to the position of Grand Moff and used him to replace Tarkin. Kaine felt betrayed by this as he had wanted to stay close to the Emperor to serve as an advisor. In the Outer Rim Kaine took personal command of Scourge Squadron and its new flagship the Reaper.

After the Battle of Endor, Kaine broke away from the Galactic Empire during the power struggle between Sate Pestage and Ysanne Isard. Kaine formed the Pentastar Alignment, with the help of various Outer Rim Territories businesses, hoping to make a state that promoted the ideals of the New Order. He helped fund Jerec's expedition to the Valley of the Jedi.

When Grand Admiral Thrawn took control of the Imperial Navy, Kaine ignored his requests to send troops, for he planned to attack the New Republic (and possibly Thrawn) when his forces were ready. The return of a resurrected Emperor Palpatine, however, ruined his chances. Kaine was killed during Operation Shadow Hand, and the Pentastar Alignment was eventually absorbed by Gilad Pellaeon's Imperial Remnant.

Personality and traits

Kaine was known to be a gifted orator and was fervently loyal to the Empire. He was cold and hard. He was also a brilliant tactician and theorist.



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