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Ripa 'Moramee before his clan leader.

The Kaidon (or "Clan Leader") [1] is a Sangheili meritocratic rank. The head of a Sangheili State is referred to as "Kaidon". Kaidons are elected by Elders of their State.[2] The Sangheili "Clan Leader" seems to be more of a political position than a military position.

After election, it is considered a tradition that any elder who disagrees with the election of the new Kaidon send an assassin to kill him, as a form of testing whether the Kaidon is worthy of ruling. Should the assassins fail, the sender is most likely executed, as was Koida 'Vadam, the elder that attempted to have Thel 'Vadamee murdered. The Kaidon, despite being a political ruler, is still very active in the military, even leading long time campaigns into enemy territory, leaving the elders to rule in his stead. Also, the next Kaidon is only elected after the current Kaidon dies.

Known Kaidon


  • Ripa 'Moramee had a desire for greatness, so he attempted a coup on his own Sangheili Clan Leader on Decided Heart; however, it was a failure.


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Sangheili Ranks
High Council Councilor
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Average height

8'6 (259 cm) (Varies)

Skin color

Brown, Grey, Black


Humanoid/Reptilian-like body structure with some mammalian features, dog-like teeth, purple blooded, quadruple hinged mandibles, binary vascular system.

Average lifespan

200 years

Famous members

Darth Ja'ak

"Our lives to Ruin!!"
—battle cry of the Kaidon.

The Kaidon were created by the Sith Lord Darth Ruin during the New Sith Wars. Darth Ruin made them using a method that was similar to the way the Rakata created the Telkines. The Telkines considered them spiritual successors to the origanal Sith.

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