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Kaiba Volume 2 Structure Deck (SK2) is the sixth character-based Structure Deck released in Japan. It features cards used by Kaiba towards the end of the Battle City arc, including support for his Blue-Eyes White Dragon, his infamous Virus Cards as well as the first monsters of the VWXYZarchetype he used in his duel against Yugi in the Semi Finals off his Battle City tournament.

Set Specifications


Set Name: Kaiba Volume 2 Structure Deck
Set ID: SK2

OCG Release Date:
OCG Set Size: 57
OCG Breakdown:
OCG Rarity Breakdown: 2 Ultra, 55 Common

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Deck Rarities



Ultra Rares

Spoiler Card List



SK2-001 Blue-Eyes White Dragon

SK2-002 Vorse Raider

SK2-003 La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp

SK2-004 Battle Ox

SK2-005 Saggi the Dark Clown

SK2-006 Ryu-Kishin Powered

SK2-007 Luster Dragon

SK2-008 Luster Dragon #2

SK2-009 X-Head Cannon

SK2-010 Y-Dragon Head

SK2-011 Z-Metal Tank

SK2-012 Des Feral Imp

SK2-013 Ancient Lamp

SK2-014 Lord of D.

SK2-015 Enraged Battle Ox

SK2-016 Kaiser Sea Horse

SK2-017 Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands

SK2-018 Tribe-Infecting Virus

SK2-019 Paladin of White Dragon

SK2-020 Shrink

SK2-021 Limiter Removal

SK2-022 Graceful Charity

SK2-023 Heavy Storm

SK2-024 Mesmeric Control

SK2-025 Megamorph

SK2-026 Soul Exchange

SK2-027 Nobleman of Crossout

SK2-028 White Dragon Ritual

SK2-029 The Flute of Summoning Dragon

SK2-030 Enemy Controller

SK2-031 Interdimensional Matter Transporter

SK2-032 Dust Tornado

SK2-033 Final Attack Orders

SK2-034 Call of the Haunted

SK2-035 DNA Surgery

SK2-036 Formation Union

SK2-037 Negate Attack

SK2-038 Ring of Destruction

SK2-039 Shadow Spell

SK2-040 Crush Card Virus

SK2-041 XY-Dragon Cannon

SK2-042 XYZ-Dragon Cannon

SK2-043 Gadget Soldier

SK2-044 Steel Ogre Grotto #2

SK2-045 Man-Eater Bug

SK2-046 Summoner of Illusions

SK2-047 Cyber-Stein

SK2-048 The Wicked Worm Beast

SK2-049 Magician of Faith

SK2-050 Invitation to a Dark Sleep

SK2-051 Reload

SK2-052 Kaiser Colosseum

SK2-053 D. Tribe

SK2-054 Magic Jammer

SK2-055 Gift of the Mystical Elf

SK2-056 Meteorain

SK2-057 Light of Intervention

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