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Kaiba Land is Seto and Mokuba Kaiba's themepark. Seto designed the security system around Chess; you had to make the correct "checkmate" move to gain access to restricted areas.


Kaibaland has the following features:

Kaiba Land
  1. Blue-Eyes Arcade
  2. Future KaibaCorp building
  3. Duel Stadium
  4. Water closet
  5. KaibaLand Hotel
  6. Blue-Eyes Monorail depot
  7. Kaibaman show
  8. Battle City the Movie
  9. Death-T virtual theater
  10. Blue-Eyes Ultimate World
  11. Kaiba Castle
  12. Blue-Eyes Burst Stream
  13. Water closet
  14. Shop
  15. Blue-Eyes Adventure
  16. CapMon Mokuba building
  17. Shop
  18. Monster Horror building
  19. Water closet
  20. Blue-Eyes Jet Coaster

Destiny Board Traveler stage

In Yu-Gi-Oh! Destiny Board Traveler, Kaiba Land is a stage, which can be unlocked by winning 1 game with Mokuba.

The area is the Doom T-4 stage. Téa Gardner, Tristan Taylor, Chopman and 2 of Kaiba's goons are visible in the background.

On the Special Zones, players must roll 2 dice. Depending the result, the following outcomes may happen.

Dice roll Outcome
2 Opponents lose 3000 Life Points
3 Player gains 3 Victory Stars
4 Nothing
5 Player may claim one wild monster from anywhere on the Destiny Board
6 Player loses 100 Life Points for each Victory Star they posses
7 Nothing
8 Player loses 100 Life Points for each Victory Star they posses
9 Player draws 2 cards
10 Player lose 3/4 of their Life Points
11 Nothing
12 Player gains 10 Victory Stars
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