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Planet of origin


Height of average adult

2.24 meters

Kaadu were large, flightless, reptavian waterfowl that lived in the swamps of the planet Naboo. Gungans used them as mounts.



Male and female with young.

The kaadu was a two-legged reptavian at home both on land and in the water: they were excellent runners and strong swimmers, as they had a lung capacity allowing them to remain underwater for up to two hours. They could be found in huge herds, with the total record documented is 3.4 million animals. Kaadu females laid their eggs on land, often in fields. As predators such as the peko-peko were known to eat kaadu eggs, the average clutch of eggs was large, usually 100-250, thus ensuring at least some of the younglings survived. Kaadu had sharp hearing and a keen sense of smell. They were also very fast reaching a top speed of 50 miles per hour and usually out run most other creatures.

Kaadu were known to be fearless creatures, and many were domesticated by Gungan warriors as steeds during times of conflict, or as patrol animals to police the Gungan cities. Kaadu were highly loyal to their owners, and it was said that a Gungan and his kaadu made an inseparable team. Warriors often decorated their steeds with huge goff feathers. Officers of the Gungan Grand Army rode into battle against the Trade Federation during the Battle of Grassy Plains upon their kaadu mounts. Kaadus come in shades of yellow, and bright oranges. The area around their eye is a bluish-purplish color. Their eyes are black.
Bombad General Roos Tarpals on his Kaadu mount.

Behind the scenes

The kaadu was originally developed as a beast of burden on Tatooine for The Phantom Menace. The creature was later given more aquatic characteristics and transferred to Naboo.

It should be noted that Episode I Adventures 15: The Final Battle erroneously describes the kaadu as a four-legged creature.

The wing-decorated kaadu look quite similar to the real-world Polish Hussars


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a kaadu egg


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a Kaadu Mount

Table of contents

SWG Information

Kaadus are typicly found on Naboo, they are not extremely fast mounts, but they are a nice start for a new character.

Star Wars Lore

Marching from mist-filled swamps to challenge the Trade Federation invasion of Naboo came the Gungan Grand Army, with militiagungs riding atop their faithful kaadu. Like the cavaliers of countless primitive armies, the Gungan soldiers have a special bond with their loyal mounts. At times of peace, the Gungans use the kaadu as patrol animals, policing their city streets.

Kaadu are swift-footed scaly-skinned wingless avians with strong legs and smooth bodies. Like their Gungan masters, they have duck-billed snouts, colorful skin and aquatic ancestry. During the Battle of Naboo, Gungan generals like Jar Jar Binks commanded their troops from atop kaadu, using the animal's speed to avoid the Trade Federation battle tanks.

The Gungans long ago domesticated the kaadu. These swamp-dwelling creatures are primarily adapted for life on land, though they can breathe underwater for extended periods of time.

Kaadu lay their eggs in the open ground, leaving them fairly vulnerable to predators. These leathery eggs are quite tasty and are favored by the peko peko. The kaadu lay large clutches of eggs so that some hopefully survive to adulthood.

The kaadu possess sharp hearing and a keen sense of smell. Gungan warriors decorate their kaadu with huge goff feathers.


  • Aggressive: No
  • Stalker: No
  • Has Babies: Yes
  • Deathblows: No
  • Ferocity: 0
  • Difficulty Level: 14
  • Special Attack 1: None
  • Special Attack 2: None
  • Base-To-Hit: 0.3
  • Damage: 150-160
  • Attack Speed: 2

Resource Data

  • Bone type: Avian
  • Hide type: Leathery
  • Meat type: Avian

Beast Master


This article uses material from the "Kaadu" article on the SWG Wiki wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.

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