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The city of Kaadara

Kaadara was an oceanside city on Naboo. It was one of Naboo's smaller cities, a popular tourist destination during the height of the New Order. During the Galactic Civil War, Kaadara was garrisoned by Imperial forces, in an effort to crack down on rebellious activity on Naboo.



Located along a scenic coastline in the northern reaches of Naboo, Kaadara was one of the planet's most luxurious tourist destinations. The small city was well-known for its outdoor cafes, beautiful beaches, and leisurely way of life.

Founded about one thousand years after the first Human settlers arrived on Naboo, Kaadara was originally designed as a lavish retreat for Naboo royalty and their large entourages. Early in its history, Kaadara was unique among Naboo cities because the local populace welcomed (and even encouraged) interactions with the native Gungans. Kaadara's first regent Kallos Sook, actually hired a large contingent of Gungans to serve as the city's security force. For many centuries, these Gungan mercenaries lived on the outskirts of Kaadara, protecting the retreat and its visitors from wild animals and outlaws.

As Naboo gradually expanded its contact with other Republic worlds, Kaadara became a favorite destination for visiting dignitaries and wealthy travelers. Unfortunately, the increasing presence of outsiders led the suspicious Gungans to abandon their role as protectors of Kaadara. The Naboo had since installed a small garrison of RSF officers to patrol the city, bolstering the force by ten-fold whenever the current monarch arrived in Kaadara. Without the Gungans culling the local creatures, many native (but relatively harmless) animal popluations had bred uncontrollably, making the area around Kaadara a prime hunting ground for the pampered elite.

After the defeat of the Trade Federation, Queen Amidala encouraged the Kaadara regent to renew the city's long relationship with the Gungans. Many Gungans actually relocated to the city and, along with settlers from other worlds, formed the basis of Kaadara's powerful working class. Since the Empire's arrival on Naboo, Kaadara's entrenched Gungan population became largely overlooked, perhaps because Imperial forces realized that the city (a favorite of many high-ranking Moffs) would collapse without its able Gungan workforce.

Even under Imperial rule, Kaadara continued to be a prosperous city. It chose to be the host of the Second Annual Ewok Festival of Love.


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Kaadara is a favorite place for Bounty Hunters to visit, because of its Bounty Hunter Mission Terminals and Informants in close proximity. It is also a frequent visit to starting Imperial pilots. The city doesn't have many buildings beyond the usual facilities, thus it is rather small and quick to move around in.

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/way naboo 5167 6674 Dakk;
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/way naboo 4972 6719 Ketter Yaaran;
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/way naboo 5046 6787 Mullud Bombo;
/way naboo 5190 6819 Tamvar Senzen;

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/way naboo 5130 6820 A commoner (Imperial Weapons Research Facility);

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