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The KFA-2 x2, mounted on an M6D

The KFA-2 x2[1] is a UNSC scope used on the M6B, M6D, M6F and M6H[2] pistol sidearms but not on any the other weapons in the M6 Series. It is a 2x magnification smart-linked scope that relays visual data directly into the user's HUD (Heads Up Display), and possibly functions like a small camera. This stands in contrast to normal optical scopes such as the one featured on the BR55 Battle Rifle, whereby the user has to look into the scope. This HUD interface may mean that normal marines aren't able to use the scope, though it is likely that their eye-piece performs that function of the helmet visor. This scope was only in Halo:CE, and was absent in the other two sequels. The reason for this was because Bungie decided that the pistol behaved more like a rifle with the scope.


Because of it's ability to engage enemies from a distance, the KFA-2 is quite possibly the entire reason for the M6D's legendary performance as a powerful weapon, as the M6C has about the same power as the M6D.


  • Because of this sight, Robert McLees commented that Halo:CE players used the M6D more of a semi-auto rifle than a handgun. This led to the M6C replacing the M6D in Halo 2.
  • The KFA-2 x2 only appears in-game in Halo: Combat Evolved on the M6D Magnum.
  • The M6C/SOCOM uses a newer 4x zoom version of this device.
  • The scope may originally have been intended to be a laser aiming module. When using third-party tools to import the pistol's first-person model tag into a 3D editor, a marker named "#laser" appears in front of the scope.


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