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K-9 Mark I.I
Also known as: Dog, Boy
Race: Robot
Home Planet: Recreated on Earth, originally Bi-Al foundation and then Galifrey
Home Era: Recreated in 2050 originally Bi-Al foundation and then Galifrey (Rassilon Area)
Appearances: K9TV: Regeneration
Actor: Voiced by John Leeson

2050 K9 was an incarnation of K-9 created after Mark I self-destructed. This K-9 was "owned" by Alistair Gryffen, but gave its dog whistle to Starkey.



After Mark I tracked two Jixen warriors to 2050 London and self-destructed, Starkey retrieved K-9's regeneration circuit, allowing him to rebuild completely. This new K-9 didn't have any memory of his past life, though he contained a sound file of the Doctor Who theme. It is unknown whether he remembers Galifrey, The Time War, Romana or Leela. K-9 was owned by Alistair Gryffen, who studied this "Fallen Angel", though K-9 could come and go as he pleased. Gryffen didn't tell his employers, The Department of this, but they saw him on CCTV. June Turner came to interrogate Gryffen, whilst K-9 hid with Darius Pike, Gryffen's assistant. yed behiSoon, Starkey arrived, who had been sprayed by a Jixen. K-9 confused him for a Jixen and was about to kill him, when he recited the patronising words he gave K-9 after his creation and the dog realised that he was Human. K-9 gave Starkey his dog whistle, meaning he would assist Starkey if he was ever in trouble and stand at Gryffen's house, ready for more adventures. (K9TV: Regeneration)


K-9 was quite happy in general and was also kind to his masters, except for when they tried to convince him not to kill Starkey. K-9 also became agitated at June Turner when she complained of his bad design and seemingly was about to get angry at her, before Darius pulled him down.


"This model does not appriciate dog, boy or heel"

"Simulating...FLYING! Left, Right, Up...AND AWAY!"

Behind the scenes

Although this is a "new" version of K-9, it is technically a new incarnation of K-9 Mark I, as opposed to it being a Mark V.
The alternative K-9

In the photo on the right, a white version of K-9 is seen. This K-9 was from early production shots. It is unknown if this K-9 will feature later in the series, or if this idea was scratched to make way for the K-9 we know.

There is a slight possibility that it is not K-9 Mark 1, but K-9 Mark 2. If you take a closer look in the Episode Regeneration, you will see that K-9 have to choose OS and there he has the possibility to choose the Mark 2 OS.
K-9 OS

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