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Full Name: K'mpec
Species: Klingon
Gender: Male
Died: 2367
Affiliation: Klingon Empire
Occupation: politician
Previous Assignment: councillor, High Council of the Klingon Empire
Rank: chancellor
Office Held: Chancellor of the High Council of the Klingon Empire
In Office: 2346-2367
Preceded By: Kravokh, son of J'Doq
Succeeded By: Gowron, son of M'Rel
For the mirror universe counterpart, see K'mpec (mirror).

K'mpec was a Klingon male of the House of K'mpec and Chancellor of the Klingon High Council from 2346 until 2367. (TNG episodes: "Sins of the Father", "Reunion")

K'mpec was born on the Klingon colony world of Mempa IV in the late 23rd century. As a youth, he achieved "champion" status in the Mempa Knife Games competition for seven years, ceasing only because upon joining the Klingon Defense Force he could no longer participate regularly. In 2292 K'mpec graduated from the Klingon Defense Forces Elite Command Academy. (novel: The Art of the Impossible, game: Klingon Academy)

Given his eventual status, it is likely K'mpec was born into the Klingon nobility; the House of K'mpec was mentioned in the TNG novel: A Time for War, A Time for Peace, but his father's name has never been mentioned. Some have theorized Korrd to be a possible candidate. For their resemblance (actor Charles Copper played both roles) and similar paths they chose.

By 2333, K'mpec was an experienced and ambitious captain, commanding the IKS Pu'Bekh, and maneuvering to gain a seat on the Klingon High Council. In this, he allied himself with Councillor Kravokh, son of J'Doq. His first officer on the Pu'Bekh (and good friend) was Mogh, son of Worf. When Chancellor Ditagh died and Kravokh defeated his competition for the office, he gave K'mpec his former place on the council. In turn, Mogh was made captain of the Pu'Bekh.

K'mpec's association with Kravokh withered over the course of the next decade, as Kravokh increasingly neglected the Empire's affairs in his obsession over reclaiming the wreckage of one of the ships of the Ch'gran Fleet, the source of a running dispute with the Cardassian Union since 2328. In 2346, following the Khitomer Massacre -- the second Romulan attack in two years -- K'mpec directly challenged Kravokh and killed him, thus rising to Chancellor himself.


Preceded by:
Kravokh, Son of J'Doq
Chancellor of the High Council of the Klingon Empire
Succeeded by:
Chancellors of the High Council of the Klingon Empire
Emblem of the Klingon Empire Mow'gaM'RekSturkaKeshDurakLorakGorkon, son of ToqAzetbur, daughter of GorkonKaargDitaghKravokh, son of J'DoqK'mpecGowron, son of M'RelMartok, son of Urthog Emblem of the Klingon Empire
Italization indicates Chancellors who may only have served in alternate continuities to the majority listed here.

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