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Image:Quote1.png Is it Wednesday yet? I better go eat my lunch! Image:Quote2.png
-- Starman

Appearing in "The Next Age (Part II of IV)"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • John (Single appearance) (surname possibly Heywood)
  • Kirk Heywood (First appearance)
  • Marilyn Bronson (In a photograph only)




  • None

Synopsis for "The Next Age (Part II of IV)"

In Franklin County, Ohio, the Heywood family enjoys a large family reunion. Former football sensation, Nate Heywood reminisces of his late cousin and grandfather, both of whom had once operated under the code-name Steel. Like them, Nate is physically handicapped, having lost his right leg from an old football injury.

In Brooklyn, New York, Green Lantern and the Flash take Wildcat to meet Tom Bronson – his son. Ted is extremely uncomfortable, and Tom invites him into his brownstone. He reveals that Ted once had an affair with his late mother, Marilyn Bronson. Unlike Ted however, Tom has no desire to put on a costume and begin slinging his fists.

Back at JSA Headquarters, the team members are surprised to find Mister America's corpse lying on their meeting room table. The incident sends Starman on edge, and his gravity-control powers begin raging out of control. Power Girl eventually gets him to calm down, but he continues rambling complete gibberish. Starman warns his new teammates that a storm is coming... "a lightning storm".

As thing settle down, Doctor Mid-Nite brings Mister America’s corpse to the infirmary for examination. Green Lantern and Flash return, and consult with Doctor Mid-Nite who brings them up to date with everything that has taken place, who reveals that the rest of his family has already been murdered as well, wiping out the bloodline of the original Mister America.

Elsewhere, Maxine is freaking out over what she saw, and worried that she can't handle this. Courtney reassures her, saying that she experienced a similar event her first day, the murder of Sandman. She takes Maxine to another part of the building to make her costume.

In Franklin County, Nate Heywood is watching the Heywood family reunion from the shadows of a tree. His brother Kirk finds him and tries to talk about how he's been since his surgery, only for Nate to angrily say he hasn't gotten through it yet. Suddenly, Hawkman comes crashing down on a villain, screaming for all the Heywoods to get as far away as they can. Kirk tries to help his brother escape, only to be turned to stone by another villain. The Fourth Riech reveals themselves and their mission—the completely destruction of the Heywood family.

Back at JSA HQ, Starman examines a mathematical theory concerning parallel dimensions developed by Mister Terrific. He completes Terrific's work, and then reveals that he himself spent time in another dimension. One, he says, that blew itself to Kingdom Come.


  • References are made to Catalyst in this issue. Catalyst was last seen in issue #1.
Justice Society #2; Variant cover; illustration by Dale Eaglesham and Dave McCaig
  • It is revealed in this issue that Starman is the same Starman as seen in the Kingdom Come limited series. More explanation of his heritage is revealed during the JLA/JSA crossover, the "Lightning Saga".

First Appearances: The Fourth Reich (only Reichsmark and Captain Nazi are identified in this issue); John (a Heywood family member); Kirk Heywood (a grandson of Commander Steel); Nathan Heywood (a grandson of Commander Steel)
Final Appearances: Mister America (Trey Thompson)


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