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Appearing in "The Origin of the Justice League"

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Synopsis for "The Origin of the Justice League"

Gathered together to celebrate the 3rd year anniversary of the formation of the Justice League, the founding members tell Snapper and Green Arrow the story of how the team was first formed together:

At the time aliens from the planet Appellax had come to Earth following the death of their ruler in order for a representative of each race to vie for leadership over the planet but combating on Earth. The one who is able to win becomes the planets leader. Going to Earth with special meteors that cause those near by to change into a similar form as the attacker, the aliens arrival on Earth gains the attention of each of the founding members of the Justice League.

Martian Manhunter would fight a stone being and destroy a meteorite that is changing people into stone, he would then go to the next meteor and get stuck because getting close to it turns him into a tree. The same would happen to the others, they'd fight the nearest opponent and destroy the meteor then travel to the next one and become trapped like the Manhunter. Eventually Aquaman, Green Lantern, Flash and Wonder Woman would all become trapped and slowly be transformed into trees. However, they would work together combining their powers and abilities to free themselves, stop the tree-like alien, and restore themselves to normal. Traveling to the north, they would team up with Batman and Superman who were already facing the final invader, who's meteor's Kryptonite composition was weakening the Man of Steel.

Defeating this final foe and saving Superman, the assembled group of heroes then decide to work again in the future, and thus the Justice League of America was born.



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