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Image:Quote1.png There's a lot we have to learn -- about each other and about ourselves -- before we can present ourselves to the public in any major fashion. Image:Quote2.png
-- Batman

Appearing in "Born Again"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • John Charles Collins (a terrorist) (Only appearance; dies)

Other Characters:




Synopsis for "Born Again"

Guy Gardner is the first member of the latest incarnation of the Justice League to arrive for work. As each of the new members file in to their headquarters, Guy snaps off offensive and smarmy remarks to each of them. A brawl breaks out between them until Batman enters the room and tells everyone to settle down. He calls their first official meeting and tells them of his desire to keep a low profile until they establish themselves as a more cohesive team, but fate (not the Doctor) has other plans.

A group of terrorists takes control of the United Nations general assembly and holds them hostage. One of the people in the assemblage is Kimiyo Hoshi, the new Doctor Light. She uses her recently acquired Justice League signal device to send an S.O.S.

Batman receives the call and mobilizes the team. They take Blue Beetle's bug to the UN and surreptitiously sneak into the building. Batman immediately realizes that something is wrong with these so-called terrorists. The League easily defeats them and leaves the leader to fend for himself.

The terrorists are actually low-rent thugs hired by entrepreneur Maxwell Lord IV, knowing that they would be easily defeated by the Justice League. As Max watches the television footage of the affair, he gloats while holding the firing pin to the terrorist's suicide bomb.


  • This issue is reprinted in the Justice League: A New Beginning trade paperback.
  • With issue #7, the series changes its title to Justice League International.
  • Doctor Light appeared last in Crisis On Infinite Earths #12.
  • Guy Gardner appeared last in Green Lantern Vol 2 #210.
  • With this issue, Maxwell Lord becomes a regular supporting character throughout the remainder of the series.


  • One of the journalists featured in this issue bears a slight resemblance to an actual reporter named Connie Chung. Her name (which is only partially provided) is revealed as "Lonnie Chu...", an obvious respelling of Connie Chung.
  • NBC anchorman Tom Brokaw makes a cameo appearance in this issue.
  • Although it is never revealed, Maxwell Lord may have used his metahuman psionic capabilities to force John Charles Collins to take his own life. Max's ability to affect the minds of others will not be revealed until Justice League International #12.

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