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Justice League International

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Justice League International
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The JLI, The Justice Buddies


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Shortly following the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths, the despotic Darkseid sought to destroy Earth's "Legends" in a scheme known as Operation: Humiliation. The plan ultimately failed, but it did inspire the mystic Doctor Fate to reform the defunct Justice League of America. Recruiting the likes of veteran heroes such as Batman and the Martian Manhunter, Fate also enlisted younger heroes such as the affable Blue Beetle, the neophyte Captain Marvel, and even the petulant Guy Gardner. Rounding out the team were Mister Miracle (along with associate Oberon), the Black Canary, and the new Doctor Light.

Almost immediately, this new Justice League earned the attention of an opportunistic entrepreneur named Maxwell Lord. Lord insinuated his way into the League's affairs and eventually organized the group under his own personal banner. He even staged a terrorist plot at the United Nations building, just to bolster the League's prominence. Bringing in rising stars such as Booster Gold and Captain Atom, Maxwell Lord expanded the team's capabilities by negotiating for international status. From there, a second unit of the JLI was formed, known as "Justice League Europe". Based out of Paris, France, the JLE consisted of Captain Atom, Metamorpho, Rocket Red, Animal Man, Power Girl, The Flash and Wonder Woman.

Justice League Europe

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Justice League Antarctica

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Extreme Justice

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  • In 2008, DC announced plans to begin collecting all issues of Justice League International in hardcover volumes.

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