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Image:Quote1.png Who the hell d'ya think you are, huh? Who the hell do you think you are!? C'mon, get up, ya stupid punk. Ya think you're the only one who got pushed around when he was a kid? Ya think you're the only one who hadda learn to watch his back? C'mon -- get up -- so I can show you how I used t'handle those creeps! Image:Quote2.png
-- Guy Gardner

Appearing in "The Battle of the Month"

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Synopsis for "The Battle of the Month"

Blue Beetle and Guy Gardner take each other on in a one-on-one boxing match in the ring. After Gardner pushes Beetle too far by teasing him about his recurrent weight problem, they start brawling, and General Glory suggests they handle it the old-fashioned way. Every League member present is delighted to watch. Kord is winning punch for punch, quicker and more technically skilled than Guy is, and he gives Guy a nosebleed. Enraged about bleeding, Guy blindsides Beetle from behind while his back is turned, and beats him so hard that he injures his ribs. He's pulled off of the hunched over Beetle, and Martian Manhunter announces that for crossing over the line like this he's going to be thrown off the team at the next opportunity they have. Guy refuses to apologize, stomps off, and even makes Ice cry by saying he doesn't need her or the League. Fire threatens him to never come near her again. Although he rebuffs her and pretends he doesn't care, he seems regretful after she's left. Blue Beetle is bed-ridden until his injuries recover.

Later that night, while bringing a woman home to the embassy, Maxwell Lord is shot by an unseen assassin, leading into Breakdowns.



  • Blue Beetle is perfectly fine and back in costume by next issue.

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