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The Jurak are a set of FIRE Dinosaur-Type monsters currently released only in Japan as Duel Terminal Promos in the currently-released Duel Terminal - Demon Roar God Revival!! (the 1st Archetype of Dinosaurs released ever in the entire card game). Visually, most Jurak Dinosaurs are brightly colored, usually with bright red and yellow extremeties and blue bodies, resembling the various colors of flame. The common focus of their effects seem to be about gaining ATK power along with Tributing other Dinosaur-Type monsters to activate their effects as well (as always with other Dinosaur monsters). The Synchro Monster in the set, "Jurak Giganot" has the ability to grant additional ATK points to other "Jurak" monsters on the field for each "Jurak" monster in the player's Graveyard.

Notably, many of the Jurak monsters search Juraks with 1700 ATK or less, as opposed to the customary 1500 or less often searched (such as with Giant Rat, Nova Summoner, and Blackwing - Shura the Blue Flame).

Play Style

The Juraks can be a very powerful deck type, when used correctly. With the combination of "Jurak Vello", "Jurak Guivre", and "Fossil Dig", they have lots of search power. The deck has many powerful finisher monsters, such as:

  • "Jurak Giganot": This is one of the best cards that the Juraks have. It can easily be summoned; simply using the effect of Jurak Guivre to special summon Jurak Deino or Jurak Monolov will do. Giganot's effect raises the ATK of all of your Juraks by 200 for each Jurak in your graveyard, and summoning the synchro usually means that your monsters will have a minimum boost of 400. However, because Jurak Guivre makes it very easy to synchro summon monsters, thanks to the fact that it can special summon Tuners from the deck, you can easily get two Giganots onto the field. Then, their ATK boosts will stack, and you will likely have a combined boost of 1600 ATK. This is great for ending games quickly.
  • "Jurak Meteor": It's a level 10 synchro monster, and requires a Jurak tuner as well as 2 or more Dinosaur non-tuners. This may sound difficult to summon, but can be achieved on the second turn. If you have a level 4 Jurak on the field, you can summon Jurak Guivre, destroy an opponent's monster by battle, and special summon "Jurak Garim", a level 2 tuner. When you summon Meteor, its effect is similar to "Black Rose Dragon"; all cards on the field are destroyed. Unlike Black Rose Dragon, the effect is mandatory; however, its effect also special summons a tuner monster from your graveyard. The best choice would be "Jurak Deino" with 1700 ATK, or "Jurak Auro" which can tribute itself to revive a level 4 or lower Jurak monster.
  • "Jurak Titan" and "Jurak Tyranus": Both of these are two-tribute monsters. Titan's effect can easily boost it to 4000 ATK, and it avoids targeting by traps and effect monsters. Meanwhile, Tyranus can quickly and permanently boost its own ATK. However, it is sometimes better to not summon these monsters, as they require the loss of field presence. It is usually better to keep two low-level beatsticks on the field than to summon either of these.


  • High ATK: Most powerful decks are powerful in no small part because of brute force - either high base ATK or ATK modifiers (such as "Honest" and "Blackwing - Kalut the Moon Shadow"). Juraks generally have 1700 ATK, which is fairly decent, but they have no equivalents to Honest and Kalut - ie: surprise attack boosters. Instead, a Jurak player should use "Jurak Giganot", and possibly "Molten Destruction" or "Jurassic World". "Solidarity" is also a fairly good choice. Attack boosting is fairly essential to a Jurak deck.
  • Synchro capability: Again, "Jurak Guivre" is a star here. With the ability to quickly summon level 1, 2, or 3 tuners, the deck can easily summon level 5, 6, or 7 synchro monsters. A level 8 monster is fairly difficult for Juraks, however; possible combos include "Jurak Herrera" (which can be easily special summoned at level 6) and "Jurak Garim", a level 2 tuner. The effect of "Jurak Auro" is also helpful for modulating levels.


  • Draw Power: The only draw card that Juraks can reliably use is "Jurak Deino". While technically a +1 in card advantage, Deino's effect requires the tribute of a Jurak monster in the end phase of a turn that it destroyed a monster by battle. This means that, unlike draw spells like "Solar Recharge" and "Allure of Darkness", it does not give you an advantage you can immediately exploit. However, since "Jurak Deino" is still a good card in a Jurak deck, the draw power can still be useful. Also if used corectly Super-Ancient Dinobeast can give you anothr draw card to solve the draw problem.
  • Graveyard recursion: Besides "Jurak Auro" and the difficult "Jurak Meteor", Juraks do not have ways to special summon monsters from the graveyard, however this can be fixed with Fossil Excavation."
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