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Junky Scorpion store owner

Junky Scorpion store owner

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Yu-Gi-Oh! - Duel 008

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The owner of a store called Junky Scorpion (Scorpion Shoes in the English version of the Dungeon Dice Monsters video game) tries to con Jonouchi out of a pair of shoes he bought.


The store owner claims that someone in America was killed over the shoes he wears.

When Katsuya Jonouchi came to his shop to buy a pair of rare Air Muscle shoes, the owner refuses to sell them, unless Jonouchi can prove he's worthy. The owner pretends to slip his pet scorpion into the shoe and tells Jonouchi he must put his foot inside before he can buy the shoes. Jonouchi does so and the owner sells him the shoes at half price. Jononouchi trades his old shoes to pay some of the cost.

The owner then pays a group of thugs, the Muscle Hunters, 3000 yen each to mug Jonouchi and his friends and steal back the shoes.

After Yugi finds out about the store owner's con, he changes to Dark Yugi and confronts the store owner. The owner doesn't want Yugi to leave the store, knowing his secret, so he hides his scorpion in one of the shoes as he gives it back, hoping to poison Yugi. However Yugi wasn't fooled and put coins in the shoe to play a Shadow Game.

The store owner tries to kill the scorpion.

In the Shadow Game, the store owner and Yugi take turns grabbing coins out of the shoe, trying to avoid being stung by the scorpion. The winner is the player who gets the most coins. The owner also adds a rule, where if he wins, Yugi must give him 100,000 yen for each coin he gets. The owner stabs the toe of the shoe with a knife, in an attempt to kill the scorpion and grab all the coins. However he missed and got his hand stuck in the shoe, allowing the scorpion to sting him.

He is taken to hospital, while Yugi takes the shoes back to Jonouchi.

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