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Junkion is an planet from the Generation One continuity family.
The Trash Capital of the Universe

Junkion (also called Junk, or The Planet of Junk) is a planet-sized garbage dump. It is inhabited by a race of scrap-robot Transformers, called the Junkions. The leader of the Junkions is Wreck-Gar.

The Junkions have based their entire culture around TV broadcasts from Earth.




Cartoon continuity

When an Autobot shuttle containing Ultra Magnus, Perceptor, Springer, Arcee and Daniel Witwicky was damaged in a battle with Galvatron, it was piloted to Junkion for repairs. The Decepticons tracked them down in order to kill Ultra Magnus and steal the Matrix of Leadership, a plan which they succeeded with. The other Autobots hardly had any time to mourn, however, as the native Junkions revealed themselves, deemed the Autobots intruders, and attacked them. The battle halted when Hot Rod, Kup and the Dinobots landed on the planet, and subsequently made peace with the Junkions using the universal greeting. The natives then repaired Ultra Magnus and revealed their own spaceship to aid in the battle against Unicron. The Transformers: The Movie

Note: In an earlier script draft for the movie, Junkion itself was the spaceship, as it was outfitted with giant engines that Wreck-Gar revealed. This really did happen in the Marvel Comics comic book adaptation of the movie.

Many of the very same Autobots from before were later attacked by Decepticons on the planet of Goo, and were saved by Wreck-Gar who brought them to Junkion. Five Faces of Darkness, Part 4 Wreck-Gar was later watching TV on his planet when he was kidnapped by a Quintesson. The Killing Jar

Even later, a Quintesson journal drifted away from the explosion of Quintessa and ended up on Junkion. The Quintessons sent Sharkticons to retrieve it, but the defensive Junkions immediately attacked them. In return, the Quintessons starting putting subliminal messages in the TV signals reaching Junkion, causing the Junkions to distrust all other lifeforms. This was eventually fixed when Blaster countered the signal with one of his own. The Big Broadcast of 2006

Marvel UK continuity

After the destruction of Unicron, his head floated off through space and crash-landed on Junkion, where Unicron used mind control to force the Junkions to build him a new body out of the planet itself. He was destroyed before the plan was completed. The Legacy of Unicron!

Fun Publications Continuity

Jackhammer is not happy when he gets bossed around by "stinking refugees from the Junk Planet." Whether this meant there is a Junk Planet in this continuity is unknown, but don't expect Jackhammer to explain. Scattered molecules don't talk. Balancing Act


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