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"Remodel weapons and increase their power"
—Game Instruction Manual
A Junk Shop in Balamb Town.

In Final Fantasy VIII characters may sometimes receive items such as rods or screws after winning a battle. Not useful in themselves, these items or parts can be taken to a Junk Shop where, together with the proper specifications found in Weapons Monthly Magazine issues, they can be used to modify and upgrade a character's current weapon for a fee.

The Junk Shop serves as the game's Weapon Shop from previous Final Fantasy games, offering a list of weapon advancements for each character.

Junk Shop is also an ability learned by Doomtrain, which allows the player to visit a Junk Shop anywhere in the game. This is necessary for Disc 4, as all towns are inaccessible, and therefore visiting a Junk Shop would be impossible unless the player had completed the CC Card Group sidequest earlier in the game.

Items Used in Junk Shops

Item Description
Screw Used for remodelling weapons
Steel Pipe GF learns SumMag+10% ability
Mesmerize Blade Long, sharp blade
Betrayal Sword Sword that betrays allies
Turtle Shell GF learns Vit+20% ability
Dino Bone Large dinosaur bone
Red Fang Dragon's fang with fire element
Chef's Knife Tonberry knife
Dragon Fang Dragon's fang with recovery force
Pulse Ammo Bullet with sealed energy
M-stone Piece Stone with weak magic power
Shear Feather Bird's feather that flies on wind
Magic Stone Stone with magic power
Saw Blade Serrated blade
Cockatrice Pinion Feather with petrifying power
Sharp Spike Long, sharp nail
Windmill Windmill with absorbed wind energy
Regen Ring GF learns HP+20% ability
Force Armlet GF learns Spr+40% ability
Energy Crystal GF learns SumMag+30% ability
Fish Fin Sand-dweller's fin
Dragon Fin Very hard dragon's fin
Spider Web Learns Ultra Waves
Dragon Skin Durable dragon skin
Fury Fragment Stone with morale sealed inside
Adamantine GF learns Vit+60% ability
Ochu Tentacle Strong, flexible tentacle
Malboro Tentacle Learns Bad Breath
Bomb Fragment Stone with Fire element
Steel Orb Orb with gravitational power
Inferno Fang Learns Fire Breath
Life Ring Learns Fire Breath
Star Fragment GF learns SumMag+20% ability
Curse Spike Learns Lv?Death
Dynamo Stone Stone with Lightning element


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