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One of Kazdan Paratus' junk behemoths.

Junk behemoths were a type of junk droids found on many planets after the Clone Wars. They usually served as walking power plants or armor carriers.



Jedi Kazdan Paratus used junk behemoths he created to protect his Temple on Raxus Prime, especially from Rodian scavengers. Unlike other junk droids made of salvaged scraps, his droids were held together by the power of the Force.

Each junk behemoth, like other junk golems, was constructed out of scraps lying around the Raxus Prime surface by Kazdan Paratus. They were slightly larger than the Scrap Guardian, and stood on two legs as opposed to four, but were second in size when compared to the Junk Titan. Junk behemoths were used to hold back Galen Marek in his attempt to raid the Raxus Prime Jedi Temple and kill Paratus.[1] Galen ran into two of the make-shift droids before encountering Paratus himself.



Notes and references

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