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Dr Who

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Type: Planet
Location: Andromeda Galaxy
Appearances: NSA: Shining Darkness

Junk was an interplanetary scrap yard found in the Andromeda Galaxy. Old and discarded technology was dropped off here to be sold or crushed and hurled into the sun. It was divided into colour coded provinces and each province was divided into lettered sections; with each being looked after by a manager and a team of robots.

The Doctor and Donna Noble visited greeny-yellow province (sector J) and met general manager 77141 and the robots Chuck and Crusher during their trip to the Andromeda Galaxy. (NSA: Shining Darkness)

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Junk can refer to:

Junk can refer to:

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Final Fantasy

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Final Fantasy VI Enemy
Japanese ジャンク
Romaji Janku
SNES Name Junk
PS Name Junk
GBA Name Junk

The Junk is an enemy in the game Final Fantasy VI. It often uses Transfusion and Self-Destruct to kill itself. Exploder can be dangerous. Take out Junks using Thundaga spells.

Related enemies

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Junk trading is an action in which certain item(s) are used to exercise the freedom of trade. The Grand Exchange interface does not always match supply and demand. In order to trade freely, people often choose junk trading. A person will offer an item that is under-priced along with items that are over-priced to balance the trade.

This can also be done in the context of Item Lending.


Understanding junk items

Junk items are items which have prices usually above their actual value, often due to lack of demand for said item. Good examples of this are low-level unstrung bows. The logs from which the unstrung bows are made can be bought for much less than the value of the unstrung bow. Due to the lack of demand for these types of items they are generally only used in junk trading.

However, for merchants who junk trade with large amount, junk are not considered as "useless items to be thrown away", but rather, "non-current assets".

Understanding junk trading

In an example, a trader wishes to sell an item for 100,000 coins, but the item's Grand Exchange value is only 50,000 coins. To accomplish this trade, the seller adds 50,000 coins worth of "junk". The trade is then equalised and completed. This type of trading may also be used when lending items. Because the 50,000 coins worth of junk is useless to the seller and/or impossible to sell, they will be more than happy to use it in a trade to equalise the price.

Subtracting the money spent on obtaining the 50,000 coins worth of junk would render your final profit of the trade in 50,000 anyway, so trading the junk is useless, unless you can buy an item for minimum, and sell it for market price.

Jagex's opinion on junk trading

Jagex Moderators have posted on the forums many times that they are not against junk trading. However, they do not wish to resort to freedom of trade as they are afraid of auto-ers.

Posted in the Wilderness and Real-World Trading Q&A on 17 February 2009:

Q) Kiper1 - What else will be done to combat Real World Trading (such as using junk to transfer gold between accounts, or people using bounty hunter to transfer money)?

A) I don’t consider junk trading a problem. I am actually quite happy that it is making those ‘junk’ items perceived as more valuable. It doesn’t allow real-world trading, but does let people do the trades they want. I see it as a good thing! Bounty Hunter is going to be further tweaked.

Common junk items

Common under-priced items

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SWG Wiki

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From SWG Wiki

Items that are looted, and can be sold to a Junk Dealer are known as "Junk Loot". The best way to know if you have looted "Junk Loot" is to see if the item displays "This item can sold to a Junk Dealer". Many of these items can be used by Droid Engineer, Tailor or Weaponsmith to reverse engineer into modifier bits. Modifier bits are used to make Skill Enhancing Attachments (SEA's) or Power-Ups (PUP's). Organic loot cannot be reverse engineered, nor can a few other items such as attache cases, clamps, molecular clamps, toolkits, unidentified serum vials, larva, indigenous bug collection or any Kashyyyk or Mustafar junk loots.

Tip: grab a backpack and save any junk loot that can be used in reverse engineering. It stacks and will save you many credits later on. Or you can sell it to the professions mentioned above.

You can get special types of junk from the planets Kashyyyk and Mustafar.

Here is a list of known junk:

Table of contents

Organic (From Creatures)

Name Image Sell price
Antenna 510 Credits
Brain 300 Credits
Eye 300 Credits
Gland 300 Credits
Heart 250 Credits
Leg 300 Credits
Nerve Complex 750 Credits
Organ 300 Credits
Stomach 150 Credits

Name Image Sell price
Armor Repair Device ?? Credits
Bearing ?? Credits
Bundle of Tools 510 Credits
Chassis Blueprints ?? Credits
Cheap Jewel ?? Credits
Comlink 25 Credits
Data Housing 155 Credits
Demagnitized Datadisk 155 Credits
Dented Metal Case 280 Credits
Ear Jewel 1000 Credits
Explosive Dud 110 Credits
Hyperdrive Unit 210 Credits
Id Chip 25 Credits
Impulse Detector 45 Credits
Indigenous Bug Collection ?? Credits
Larva 750 Credits
Laser Trap 740 Credits
Launcher Tube 25 Credits
Ledger 20 Credits
MagSeal Detector 70 Credits
Mark VII Vocabulation Module 870 Credits
Medical Console ?? Credits
Medical Device 280 Credits
Motor 250 Credits
Plugged Hydraulics System 870 Credits
Power Output Analyzer 430 Credits
Rations Kit 740 Credits
Restraining Device ?? Credits
Shield Module 210 Credits
Software Module 280 Credits
Survival Gear 1000 Credits
Underpowered Survey Pad 740 Credits
Unidentified Serum Vial 155Credits
Unpowered Memory Encryptor 155 Credits
Used Notebook 250Credits
Weak Droid Battery 280 Credits
Wiring (comes in assorted colors) 25 Credits
Worklight 1000 Credits

Kashyyykian Junk

Name Image Sell price
Archaic Sayormi Blade 150 Credits
Black Potion 100 Credits
Bolotaur Fang 325 Credits
Bolotaur Scale 275 Credits
Corrupted Fruit 200 Credits
An unsori's blood  ?? Credits
An unsori's intestines  ?? Credits
Decryptor 43 Credits
Fern Bicker Brain 75 Credits
Jyykle Vulture Beak 75 Credits
Kashyyyk Bantha Fur 200 Credits
Kashyyyk Bantha Horn 175 Credits
Kkryytch Feather 75 Credits
Minstyngar Horn 450 Credits
Minstyngar Fang 500 Credits
Mouf Paw 200 Credits
Mouf Pelt 250 Credits
Mystical Scroll 150 Credits
Mystical Tome (various colors) 200 Credits
Orange Potion 160 Credits
Potion Component 170 Credits
Pug Jumper Tongue 75 Credits
Purple Potion 180 Credits
Red Potion 160 Credits
Ro-roo Paw 75 Credits
Sathog Snout 75 Credits
Skeletal Human Remains ?? Credits
Sumi Heart ?? Credits
Sumi Dagger ?? Credits
Uller Horn 250 Credits
Uller Molar 200 Credits
Varactyl Claw 250 Credits
Varactyl Feather 300 Credits
Varactyl Horn ?? Credits
Walluga Ear 400 Credits
Walluga Foot 425 Credits
Webweaver Leg 325 Credits
Webweaver Poison Sac 375 Credits
Wookiee Jawbone ?? Credits

Mustafarian Junk

Name Image Sell price
Bottle of Mustafarian Creature Blood 500 Credits
Decorated Lava Rock 500 Credits
Jundak Talon 500 Credits
Lava Flea Leg 500 Credits
Mustafarian Creature Bone 500 Credits
Mustafarian Creature Brain 500 Credits
Mustafarian Creature Intestines 500 Credits
Mustafarian Insect Antenna 500 Credits
Mustafarian Insect Eye 500 Credits
Mustafarian Insect Mandible 500 Credits
Pair of Lava Rock Tongs 500 Credits
Patch of Tough Hide 500 Credits
Piece of Onyx Jewelry 500 Credits
Small Mining Tool 500 Credits
Tulrus Horn 500 Credits

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From Teletraan I: The Transformers Wiki

Junkion is an planet from the Generation One continuity family.
The Trash Capital of the Universe

Junkion (also called Junk, or The Planet of Junk) is a planet-sized garbage dump. It is inhabited by a race of scrap-robot Transformers, called the Junkions. The leader of the Junkions is Wreck-Gar.

The Junkions have based their entire culture around TV broadcasts from Earth.



Cartoon continuity

When an Autobot shuttle containing Ultra Magnus, Perceptor, Springer, Arcee and Daniel Witwicky was damaged in a battle with Galvatron, it was piloted to Junkion for repairs. The Decepticons tracked them down in order to kill Ultra Magnus and steal the Matrix of Leadership, a plan which they succeeded with. The other Autobots hardly had any time to mourn, however, as the native Junkions revealed themselves, deemed the Autobots intruders, and attacked them. The battle halted when Hot Rod, Kup and the Dinobots landed on the planet, and subsequently made peace with the Junkions using the universal greeting. The natives then repaired Ultra Magnus and revealed their own spaceship to aid in the battle against Unicron. The Transformers: The Movie

Note: In an earlier script draft for the movie, Junkion itself was the spaceship, as it was outfitted with giant engines that Wreck-Gar revealed. This really did happen in the Marvel Comics comic book adaptation of the movie.

Many of the very same Autobots from before were later attacked by Decepticons on the planet of Goo, and were saved by Wreck-Gar who brought them to Junkion. Five Faces of Darkness, Part 4 Wreck-Gar was later watching TV on his planet when he was kidnapped by a Quintesson. The Killing Jar

Even later, a Quintesson journal drifted away from the explosion of Quintessa and ended up on Junkion. The Quintessons sent Sharkticons to retrieve it, but the defensive Junkions immediately attacked them. In return, the Quintessons starting putting subliminal messages in the TV signals reaching Junkion, causing the Junkions to distrust all other lifeforms. This was eventually fixed when Blaster countered the signal with one of his own. The Big Broadcast of 2006

Marvel UK continuity

After the destruction of Unicron, his head floated off through space and crash-landed on Junkion, where Unicron used mind control to force the Junkions to build him a new body out of the planet itself. He was destroyed before the plan was completed. The Legacy of Unicron!

Fun Publications Continuity

Jackhammer is not happy when he gets bossed around by "stinking refugees from the Junk Planet." Whether this meant there is a Junk Planet in this continuity is unknown, but don't expect Jackhammer to explain. Scattered molecules don't talk. Balancing Act


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From Yu-Gi-Oh!

The Junk are a series of cards that others were used by Yusei Fudo and Tetsuzo Kuzuyama, indentified by having "Junk" (ジャンク) in their card name. All three Synchro Monsters from this series, "Junk Archer", "Junk Warrior" and Junk Gardna need "Junk Synchron" as their Tuner Monster to be Synchro Summoned. The Synchro Monsters are also of ascending level, Junk Warrior being level 5, Gardna level 6, and Archer level 7, showcasing this Archetype's adaptability in that it can use either a level 2 or 4 monster along with Junk Synchron, making Level Warrior and a few field control cards welcome additions to a Junk Deck.

Facts about JunkRDF feed

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From Yu-Gi-Oh Card Maker Wiki

An archetype used by Hector in Yu-Gi-Oh! LLC.

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