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The Jungle Demon is a quest monster fought during the Monkey Madness quest. He uses EXTREMELY STRONG magic and melee attacks, and can hit up to 32. He rarely hits below 15 and his spells ALMOST NEVER splash. It is best to let the gnome guards around him take him to low life (about only one quarter hitpoints left), then range him from a bridge to defeat him. Another way to hurt the demon is with Silverlight or Darklight. This method is not recommended, as the demon will melee you when you're within range. You cannot let the 10th squad do all the work, or the demon will heal to full health again.

The recommended equipment to bring when fighting the Jungle Demon would probably be 2-3 four dose prayer potions depending on your prayer level (37 is a MUST when fighting the demon, unless you're wearing full red dragonhide or better and an inventory of sharks). Try to make use of prayer flashing to conserve prayer as well. The rest of your inventory should have monkfish or better, as well as mage or ranging equipment, depending on your method of attack.

Melee is a possible way to defeat the demon, but it can hit up to 32 with both magic and melee, so it's recommended to stay as far away as physically possible. Use melee as a last resort, though some people have reported that using the dragon dagger special attack on the Jungle Demon works pretty well.

Using a cannon, fewer than twenty (20) cannonballs may be used, making the cannon the most effective way to kill the jungle demon, it could take about 5 good shots to kill the demon. However bringing a magic shortbow with arrows mithril and up is also effective.

Although most demons are very weak to magic, the jungle demon is very resistant even against higher level blast spells, so it is not recommended.

There are bridges on the sides of the platform you can stand on but you cannot range the demon there. If you try, you will just run out and shoot where the demon can reach you. The demon cannot reach you when you are on the bridge though.

Another method, not known by many, is just to stand right where you are teleported to for the fight (make sure to turn Auto Retaliate off), he will only use mage if you don't move from that spot, so just turn on Protect from Magic, and range/mage away until he's dead. If you have a decent range level(60+), you can defeat the demon with iron arrows (higher if you want to be on the safe side)and a few prayer potions this way.

The Jungle Demon was for a long time the highest level quest monster in RuneScape, but since 15 May 2007, has been overshadowed by The Inadequacy, The Untouchable and The Everlasting, all of which are fought in Dream Mentor. Since 15 September 2008, these monsters were overtaken by the Spirit beast, but that cannot be fought with conventional methods, so some argue the Nomad is the highest level quest boss. This now makes the Jungle Demon only the fith highest level quest monster.

Probably the best method is to buy the dragonhide armour appropriate to you, then get a Dorgeshuun Crossbow (requires completion of The Lost Tribe) and use Bone bolts against the demon. If you haven't completed The Lost Tribe then the best crossbow for you is recommended, although the D'shuun C'bow seems to work best. In your inventory all that is needed is Monkfish or better and 37 prayer. It is argued this is the most cost-effective way if the bolts are bought from Nardok's shop. Run to the bridge and cross it, then keep an eye on the demon's health. If you're confident, after 1/2 of its life has gone, run out with Protect from Magic on and start ranging the demon. If you're not confident then run out when 3/4 of its life has gone.

This monster's examine suggests that it is not unique, but part of a separate group of demons (the demon being described as a Greater Jungle demon indicates that there are more than one of this breed and that there are Lesser Jungle demons as well)

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