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EverQuest II NPC Information
Purpose Quest
Race Gnome
Zone Steamfont Mountains (Echoes of Faydwer)
Location Inside Bloomhedge Provisions in Gnomeland Security Headquarters ( -611, 175, 993 ) /waypoint -611, 175, 993 EQ2MAP POI

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Final Fantasy

Up to date as of February 01, 2010
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Concept art of Julius for the original Game Boy version.

Julius Vandole is the main antagonist of Final Fantasy Adventure.



His father was the ruler of the Vandole Empire, which was on the verge of world domination before it was defeated by the Gemma Knights. In order to ensure that the Vandole family did not die with the war, he left his newborn son, Julius, in a nearby cave shortly before his assassination. Sometime later, Julius was found by Dark Lord, ruler of the Glaive Empire, and taken in as his own.

Many years later, Dark Lord began his own quest for world domination, with Julius as his right-hand man. Dark Lord sends Julius on a mission to retrieve a pendant and the girl that owns it. With both in their possession, they could reverse the flow of the waterfall that leads to the top of Mt. Illusia, where no airship can reach. At the top of the mountain lies the Mana Tree, and anyone who touches it will be able to absorb the planet's lifestream, and gain ultimate power over all life. However, neither Julius nor Dark Lord know the consequences of this.

Julius in disguise.

After finding a girl wearing a pendant, Fuji, he disguises himself and pretends to befriend her guardian, Sumo, in order to keep a closer eye on her. After obtaining proof that she was indeed the girl Dark Lord was looking for, he unveiled his true identity and kidnapped her. He was in the process of escorting her back to Glaive, when Sumo interfered in an attempt to rescue her. Julius knocked him off the airship with a Fire spell, but not before Sumo got a hold of the pendant.

One thing led to another, and Garuda, Dark Lord's pet, reclaims the pendant and delivers it to Glaive. Sumo follows them to Glaive, and kills Dark Lord while rescuing Fuji. However, Julius casts a mind-control spell on the her and forces her to use the pendant to reverse the waterfall. Once he reached the Tree of Mana, he began absorbing its power and used it to unleash an army of monsters upon the world.

Concept art of Julius's second form.

After obtaining Excalibur, Sumo arrives to stop Julius. But Julius had already absorbed all of the tree's power, and uses it to split into three clones. Once those are defeated, he transforms into an insect-like demon that shoots lightning (see image on right). After that, too, is defeated, Julius transforms into a large demonoid head with two floating hands, each of which can cast Nuke every five seconds. However, this form is also defeated, resulting in the death of Julius and the destruction of the Mana Tree.

Attack Abilities and Ask Abilities

As a mysterious stranger when tagging along with Sumo, Julius will throw fireballs at enemies while attacking. He will also, when asked, teach Sumo how to use the Mattock on walls that makes sounds when hit.

Other Appearances

Sword of Mana

Artwork of Julius's entirely new look from the GBA remake.

In the remake of Final Fantasy Adventure, Sword of Mana, Julius's look is almost entirely changed. From blond hair to red hair, and an entirely different costume, face, height, and skin color. His personality, however, remains mostly unchanged. Julius's final form from the original was also removed.

Seiken Densetsu Mobile

Latest artwork of Julius from the mobile remake's official website.

In the latest remake, Seiken Densetsu Mobile, Julius's design is based on the original concept art of him, as is everything else in this homage to the original. All three Final Bosses were retained.

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Up to date as of February 05, 2010

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File:Julius.gif NPC Julius
Location: Yalahar, just after the gate to the Trade Quarter.
Occupation: Vampire Hunter
Notes: Julius is an inhabitant of Yalahar. He fears Yalahar is under threat and is looking for help.

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You need talk to him in the Blood Brothers Quest.

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Items traded: Sells: None. Buys:
Vampire Teeth 275 gp
See the entire NPC list.

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