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Juliet was a friend of Telly's who appeared on Sesame Street in the late 1980s. Like Telly, she was prone to neurotic fits, imagining the worst case scenario for anything she encountered. (Though, like Telly, these only lasted a few moments.)

She was the same puppet as Mona Monster, Frieda and Ingrid.

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Juliet is a multiplayer character in Grand Theft Auto IV.


Juliet is a stripper working in Liberty City. She is Konstantin Petrovic's favorite stripper and when she is fired for assaulting her manager, Kenny asks his goons to escort her home.

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Dr. Juliet Burke
Dr. Juliet Burke
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Dr. Juliet Burke (née Carlson) was a former member of the Others who later became part of the survivors' group. Before coming to the Island, she was a fertility specialist who had successfully gotten her cancer-stricken sister pregnant, which caught the attention of the Others. Convinced into coming to the Island by Richard Alpert, Juliet was given the task of helping the Others with their pregancy problems. She lived contently at the Barracks, but grew increasingly desperate to get off the Island to visit her dying sister. However, Ben prolonged her stay on the island indefinitely because he thought of her as "his", and not approving of her relationship with Goodwin. After the arrival of Oceanic Flight 815, Juliet helped Ben to convince Jack to remove Ben's tumor but eventually decided to leave the Others and join the survivors' group. Juliet was initially distrusted by all of them except Jack but eventually earned their trust. Jack and Juliet bonded during their time together but she was left behind when Jack and the Oceanic 6 left the Island. The effects of Ben moving the Island left Juliet and the rest of the survivors skipping through time until finally ending up in the 1970s and joining the DHARMA Initiative. For the next 3 years she worked as a mechanic and became romantically involved with Sawyer, until the Oceanic 6 returned and their cover was blown. Assisting in Jack's plan to change the past, Juliet was pulled into the drill shaft of the Swan site and fell to the bottom where she attempted to detonate the core of Jughead. The explosion seemed to send her and the survivors through time to their original timeline of 2007 but she was still left mortally wounded. She was pulled from the wreckage and she meant to say something to Sawyer before succumbing to her wounds and dying. Thanks to Miles and his ability, Sawyer came to learn that Juliet meant to say that "it worked".


Before the crash


Juliet and her sister learn of their parents' divorce. ("The Incident, Parts 1 & 2")
As a child, Juliet and her sister, Rachel, discovered that their parents were getting a divorce. While Rachel was angry, Juliet was relatively silent and appeared upset. Their parents attempted to explain that they were still in love, but it simply didn't work out between them. Juliet was furious and questioned their decisions before running off, upset that her family was being split apart. ("The Incident, Parts 1 & 2")

As a fertility doctor

Juliet is caught by Edmund in his lab. ("Not in Portland")

Before 2001, Juliet was a fertility doctor working under her ex-husband, Edmund Burke, at the Miami Central University Medical Research Laboratory, a biological research facility in Miami. While working on her research in the labs, she was secretly administering her experimental treatments to her sister, who was stricken with cancer. Chemotherapy had left her unable to have children.

One night, Juliet snuck into the laboratory to steal some medicine for her experiment on Rachel, when Edmund and a woman named Sherry stumbled upon her. Edmund, demonstrating an apparent dominance over Juliet, asked her what she was doing. Juliet replied that she was correcting a mistake, at which Edmund told her to go home (leaving him to continue romancing Sherry).

Juliet examins the CT sequence presented to her by Richard. ("Not in Portland")

Juliet attended a meeting with Richard Alpert from Mittelos Bioscience, who presented a slide show about their facilities in Portland, Oregon, in the hope of recruiting her to head a highly trained medical team. His pitch of independent funding and research freedom intrigued Juliet, who asked why they are interested in her - because she is anything but a leader. Alpert mentions Juliet's research, in which she managed to impregnate a male field mouse, and was clearly impressed with her work (though Juliet lamented that the mouse did not carry to term).

Richard asked her to examine a slide of a CT sequence. Juliet assessed that it was a human womb, and judging by the scan, most likely of a barren patient in her 70s. However, she is told that the woman is in fact just 26 years old, and that they want her to find out what was wrong with the patient. At this, Juliet began to cry, stating that her ex-husband would never let her go, jokingly saying that short of his getting hit by a bus, she would not be able to leave the University. Apologizing, she left, adding that she is not a leader, but rather, "a mess."

Juliet learns of her sister's pregnancy. ("Not in Portland")

Back at home, Juliet told her sister about the interview and her feelings of failure, but was shocked to learn that she had not failed, and that Rachel was pregnant. Rachel had the box and instructions for a Widmore Home Pregnancy Kit on the table. With the resolve that all she must do now was get healthy again, Rachel and Juliet embraced, and talked about confronting Edmund.

Juliet found Edmund talking on his cell phone to his mother outside the lab. She told him that Rachel was pregnant, but refused to allow collaboration and testing on her sister. As Edmund argued with her, he stepped out into the street and was hit by a bus and killed.

Juliet went to the morgue to identify Edmund's body and sign paperwork. The doctor left her alone, and she started to cry. She was interrupted by the appearance of Alpert and his associate Ethan Rom. She then began to think back to her interview with Alpert where she had spoken about Edmund getting hit by a bus. Alpert brushed off the comment, saying that Juliet was in shock, and that he doesn't recall her making such a statement. He asked her once more to join Mittelos, asking her to just give them six months, in order for her to be able to return to Miami in time for her sister's delivery.
Juliet arrives on the Island. ("One of Us")
Juliet was shocked, and asked how they knew about her sister's pregnancy. Alpert replied that "we're very thorough in our recruitment process". When Juliet asked whether she can bring her sister with her to Portland, Alpert told her that it may be difficult for Rachel to get her treatment at such a remote facility, as it is actually "not quite in Portland". ("Not in Portland")

Later, after Juliet hugged Rachel goodbye and told her that she'd be back to see the baby born, she was asked by Richard Alpert to drink orange juice with tranquilizer to prepare her for the journey to the Mittelos facility. When she hesitated, Alpert told her that she has a gift and they hired her specifically because they believe that gift is unique. She drank the orange juice too fast and lost consciousness, later to awake with her hands, waist, and bare feet strapped down after they had arrived at the Island. She ascended to the roof of the submarine and saw the Island for the first time. She was quickly greeted by Benjamin Linus and welcomed. ("One of Us")

With the Others

Juliet's first meeting with Goodwin ("The Other Woman")

After a week on the Island, Juliet spoke with a therapist named Harper about her discomfort at being the center of attention. Harper made a few snippy comments before Tom interrupted the session to tell Juliet that Ben wanted to see her. They left the office and crossed the Barracks to where Ben was waiting to present Juliet with a welcoming gift: her own two bedroom house, fully furnished with a music collection. When Juliet protested, saying she would only be there for six months, Ben told her they just wanted her to feel at home.

Sometime later, Juliet was in her office weeping about the loss of a patient. Goodwin, sporting a burn on his arm, entered and asked Juliet to treat him, claiming he had gotten hurt leaning against a transformer at the power station. While treating the injury, Juliet made snide remarks about Harper, telling Goodwin the therapist didn't like her. When Goodwin told her Harper was his wife, Juliet asked him not to tell her what she had said, adding that, in return, she wouldn't tell anyone his injury was really a chemical burn. ("The Other Woman")

Ben tells Juliet that Rachel's cancer has returned. ("One of Us")

After losing another patient, Sabine, Goodwin tried to comfort Juliet, telling her he would speak to Ben. Later, as she sat on the rocky coastline, Ben approached and told her Sabine had been aware of the risks she was taking when she became pregnant. Juliet said she thought the problems occurred at conception, but the only way to be sure would be to take one of the women off the Island. Ben refused and Juliet said there was nothing more she could do and that it was time for her to go home to her sister, who was due to give birth in three months. Ben informed her that Rachel's cancer had returned and she would be dead before her due date. He pulled medical papers from his bag and showed them to Juliet as proof. Juliet was angry that Ben hadn't told her sooner and Ben offered her a deal. If Juliet would stay on the Island and continue her research, Ben would make sure Jacob cured Rachel's cancer. ("One of Us")

One day, while Juliet discussed the Island's pregnancy problems with Ben, Goodwin came in to offer Juliet a sandwich. When he spotted Ben, he became awkward and offered him one, too. They both declined and Goodwin left. Ben was noticeably jealous and appeared suspicious of Juliet's relationship with Goodwin. Later that day, during a therapy session, Harper confronted Juliet about her affair with Goodwin. When Juliet denied the accusation, Harper told her she had seen them together. Juliet apologized, but Harper said she wasn't concerned about her marriage, but about what Ben would do if he found out. She said Ben was smitten with Juliet because she looked just like "her." ("The Other Woman")

Juliet and Goodwin continue their relationship, despite Harper's warning. ("The Other Woman")

Later, during a private date far from the Barracks, Goodwin told Juliet he wanted to tell Harper about their relationship. When she said she didn't think it was a good idea, Goodwin told her he had been sleeping on the couch for a year, indicating his marriage was already in trouble. Juliet, choosing not to reveal Harper's knowledge of the affair, said she was more worried about how Ben would react. Goodwin asked if it was because of Ben's crush on her and told her everyone knew about it because Ben followed her around "like a puppy." He said he worked with chemicals that could kill everyone on the Island if he flipped the wrong switch and tried to convince her that Ben had enough on his plate without worrying about the two of them. Juliet expressed her lingering concern, but Goodwin laughed dismissively. ("The Other Woman")

Juliet burns her hand while preparing for the book club, still burdened by Ben's secret. ("A Tale of Two Cities")  ("The Envelope")

One day, while in bed with Goodwin, Juliet told him the next day would be the third anniversary of her arrival on the Island. There was a knock at the door, and Goodwin waited in the bedroom while Juliet got up to receive X-rays from Karl showing that Ben had a tumor. Juliet confronted Ben with the X-rays and accused him of lying about Rachel's health, asking him how he could possibly cure someone else's cancer when he was could not cure himself. Ben, noticeably startled by Juliet's revelation, said he had told her the truth when he said Jacob had cured Rachel. Juliet begged Ben to let her go home, but he refused. ("One of Us")

The next day Juliet, still upset about her argument with Ben, burned herself while making muffins in preparation for the book club meeting. Amelia arrived early and helped her clean up. When Amelia noticed she had been crying, Juliet started to show her the X-rays as explanation. Before she could open the envelope, she was interrupted by the doorbell as the book club members began to arrive. ("The Envelope")

The club discussed Juliet's favorite book, Carrie by Stephen King. Adam, who condescendingly called her Julie, said the book was garbage that Ben wouldn't even read in the bathroom. Juliet joked about the lack of free will on the Island just before the ground began to shake and a loud noise prompted everyone to take cover. When the shaking stopped they all went outside, where they looked up to see Oceanic Flight 815 break apart in the sky. Ben sent Ethan and Goodwin to infiltrate the two crash sites, demanding lists in three days. Goodwin gave Juliet a meaningful look, then ran off to carry out Ben's orders. Harper gazed at Juliet with an expression that suggested she thought Ben was punishing her husband because of Juliet's affair with him. ("A Tale of Two Cities") ("One of Us") ("The Other Woman")

After the crash

Juliet brought bread rolls for her dinner with Ben. ("The Other Woman")

After Goodwin and Ethan had gone, Ben took Juliet to the Flame. Inside, Mikhail sat in front of a stack of TV monitors showing Oceanic Flight 815 taking off and news reports about the missing plane. Mikhail made contact with Richard and one of the monitors switched to a video feed showing a newspaper showing the date. Ben made sure Juliet knew the feed was live, then the camera panned up to show Rachel, her hair grown back, playing with her toddler son, Julian. Juliet was overjoyed to see her sister alive and healthy and cried as she gripped the TV screen. Ben coldly closed the connection and Mikhail shut down the video feed. Juliet begged for a few more minutes and again asked Ben to let her return home. Ben told her she couldn't leave until her research was finished and suggested there might be a pregnant woman on the plane. ("One of Us")

Juliet arrived one night at Ben's house carrying a basket of dinner rolls. Ben, excited to see her, cheerfully answered the door and told her it would just be the two of them. He thanked her for being so good with Zach and Emma, and dismissed Juliet's concerns about their questions about their mother, saying they would eventually stop asking. As Ben cut the ham, Juliet asked how much longer Goodwin's assignment would last. Ben's face hardened and he attempted to make Juliet jealous by telling her Goodwin had become fond of a woman named Ana Lucia. Goodwin was trying to make a case for her to join their society, but Ben said his assignment would end soon. ("The Other Woman")

Some time later, 27 to 44 days after the plane crash, Juliet was reading a file given to her by Mikhail when Ben came to see her. She told him the file contained information about a spinal surgeon who had been on the plane, but Ben seemed uninterested and told Juliet he wanted to show her something.
Juliet learns of the death of her lover - and Ben's involvement. ("The Other Woman")
He took her to see Goodwin's body impaled on a wooden stake. He revealed his knowledge about their affair and Juliet accused Ben of sending Goodwin on what he knew was a suicide mission. When she asked him why he did it, Ben told her the reason he was keeping her on the Island was because "you're mine." ("The Other Woman")

Between days 45 and 49, the Others were holding Walt in Room 23 at the Hydra compound after having taken him from the survivors' raft. Walt had done something that disturbed and concerned the Others, and Juliet tried to get Ben to take notice and intervene, their relationship clearly strained as Juliet has begun to hate him more and more. She told him that Walt was dangerous and that perhaps they should bring him back to Michael, but Ben disagreed, saying Walt was only a child. Juliet took Ben outside to show him what Walt had done: a group of dead birds were lying on the stairwell under a window. ("Room 23")

Juliet enters the tent to speak to a captive Michael, after his reunion with his son. ("The Deal")

Juliet later accompanied Ben to the Pearl, where they found the door was already open. They used a monitor to view the survivors in the Swan and Ben stated his intentions of exploiting Jack's emotional investments to get him to do surgery on Ben. Upon Juliet's questioning, he said he planned to use Michael to bring Jack to them, along with Kate and Sawyer to be used as leverage. They turned to leave the station, leaving a walkie behind, and Ben told Juliet to have Tom cover the Pearl's hatch with the plane. ("Exposé")

While Michael was being held at the decoy village, Juliet came to see him and told him he could have the boat he requested. She told him Walt was very special and that she was glad he would be able to be with Michael again. She assured Michael that the Others would honor their end of the bargain, and told him about the deal she had made to save her sister. Michael asked why she would bother to save her if she couldn't be with her, and Juliet replied, "Wouldn't you do anything to save Walt?" ("The Deal")

Days 68-91 (Season 3)

Jack holds Juliet hostage and demands release from The Hydra ("A Tale of Two Cities")  (promotional still)

Sixty-nine days after the crash, Juliet introduced herself to Jack, who was being held at the Hydra station. She offered him food and tried to build a rapport, but Jack attacked her and forced her out of the cell. He told her to open a hatch door at the end of the hall, but Juliet said they would both die if she did. Ben arrived and confirmed it, but Jack started to open it anyway. Ben ran into another room, locking Juliet out as water flooded the corridor. After helping Jack close the door, she knocked him out and returned him to his cell, where she showed him his file and said she knew a lot about him. When she began to gain Jack's trust, Ben privately congratulated her during a tense conversation. ("A Tale of Two Cities")

Later, at the quarry, Sawyer's insubordination forced Juliet to hold a gun on Kate, leaving Sawyer with the impression that she would have shot Kate, "no problem." Juliet continued to see Jack and a relationship began to form. Jack tried to exploit the situation by suggesting Ben had authority over her, but Juliet said she and Ben made decisions together. ("The Glass Ballerina")

Perhaps influenced by Jack's words, Juliet defied Ben and released Jack long enough to help her save Colleen, who had been shot in the stomach by Sun. Juliet panicked, as she was not a surgeon, and tried to help Jack in vain as Colleen's pulse flatlined. Afterwards, she admitted to Jack that she was actually a fertility doctor and was not used to death. Jack questioned her about X-rays he had seen which suggested a man in his forties needed a spinal operation. Jack surmised that the reason the Others had taken him was to perform the operation. Juliet said nothing. ("Every Man for Himself")

Ben makes Juliet a promise. ("Not in Portland")  (promotional still)

At Colleen's funeral, Ben confronted Juliet about her letting Jack see his X-rays. Juliet said she never told Jack the X-rays were Ben's. Juliet showed Jack a videotape that covertly asked him to "accidentally" kill Ben during surgery, saying he was dangerous and that several of the Others wanted him dead. While the tape played silently, she sang Ben's virtues for the benefit of the video cameras and microphones and told Jack why he should help him. ("The Cost of Living")

The next day, Juliet ordered Kate to go with her to the underwater section of the Hydra to tell Jack if he didn't operate on Ben's tumor, Danny would kill Sawyer. Jack refused, but later, from the monitoring room, saw Kate and Sawyer having sex in the bear cage. He agreed to do the surgery on the condition that Ben get him home afterward. During the operation, Jack slit Ben's kidney sac and made demands of Juliet and the Others, and also made mention of Juliet's request for him to kill Ben. He contacted Kate and told her she and Sawyer had an hour to escape before the Others pursued them. ("I Do")

Juliet reveals to Jack how long she's been on the Island ("Not in Portland")  (promotional still)

Juliet called his bluff, saying he wouldn't deliberately let a patient die. She ordered the Others to capture Kate and Sawyer and kill them if necessary. She changed her attitude, however, after a private conversation with Ben, during which he told her she cold go home if she helped the prisoners escape. She found out Alex was helping them and went to call off the Others, but Pickett wouldn't let them go. Juliet shot him before he could kill Kate and Sawyer, then allowed Kate to contact Jack and confirm her safety. Juliet told Alex she had to stay behind, but let Karl go with Kate and Sawyer to the other island. ("Not in Portland")

The Others arrested Juliet for Pickett's murder and put her in a cell in the Hydra. Her hands and bare feet were tied up. She later visited Jack, who had been moved to Sawyer's old cage, to ask him to take a look at Ben's stitches, but Jack refused. Later, during an interrogation by Isabel, Jack said he had lied about Juliet telling him to kill Ben. Isabel saw through the lie and sentenced Juliet to death at her trial. Jack saved Ben in exchange for Juliet's life, and she was merely marked as punishment for her crime. Jack treated her wound and they later boarded the Others' yacht and accompanied them to the Barracks. ("Stranger in a Strange Land")

Juliet and Kate run away from The Smoke Monster. ("Left Behind")  (promotional still)

Ben, true to his word, made arrangements for Jack and Juliet to leave the Island in the submarine. However, hours before they were set to leave, Locke, Sayid and Kate came to the Barracks to save Jack, and Locke destroyed the submarine with C-4. ("The Man from Tallahassee")

Hours later, Ben and Juliet went over the plan for Juliet to con the survivors into believing she was one of them. She would remain at their camp for one week, gaining their trust by saving Claire's life after Ben activated an implant inside her. The Others gassed the camp and left, and Juliet handcuffed herself to Kate and pretended she had been left behind. After Kate woke up, Juliet tried to gain her sympathy by saying the people she had lived with for three years had deserted her. The women argued, and Juliet told Kate that Jack had seen her and Sawyer on a video monitor and it had broken his heart. Kate attacked her and dislocated Juliet's arm for the fourth time during the struggle. As Juliet writhed on the ground, they heard the Monster and ran for cover. Juliet said she didn't know what it was, but the next day, she repelled the Monster with the sonic barrier. When they had freed Jack and Sayid at the Barracks, Kate and Sayid expressed their reluctance to take Juliet back to their camp, but Jack was adamant that she join them. ("Left Behind")

Juliet, upon arriving at the beach ("One of Us")  (promotional still)

Upon reaching the beach, Juliet was treated with suspicion by most of the camp, especially Sawyer and Sayid. Feeling ostracized, she sat alone on the beach and didn't speak to anyone except Hurley, who was sent to watch her. In accordance with Ben's plan, Claire became ill and Juliet claimed to recognize her symptoms, explaining the illness was due to withdrawal from medication she herself had developed in an attempt to solve the problem of pregnancy among the Others. She told Jack that Ethan had stashed medical supplies not far from the caves and said that Claire would die soon if she wasn't treated appropriately. ("One of Us")

Juliet left to recover the medical kit (which had actually recently been left by Pryce), but before she could return to Claire she was confronted by Sayid and Sawyer, who wanted answers about who she really was and what the Others were doing on the Island. Juliet, using her background knowledge of them, told them they should not take the moral high ground as their own pasts were quite shady themselves. She asked them how long it had taken after the crash before they told their fellow survivors that Sayid was a torturer and Sawyer was a killer. She said if she wasn't allowed to return, Claire would die and her blood would be on their hands as well. She took the medical kit and returned to the beach where she successfully treated Claire. Jack gave her a tarp and a few blankets and pillows to set up her own tent. He told her that many of the people in the camp were ready to give her the benefit of the doubt. No one had seen through her ruse. ("One of Us")

Juliet reports back to Ben about Sun's pregnancy. ("D.O.C.")

After a few days, Sun angrily confronted Juliet and asked her what happened to pregnant women on the Island. Juliet told her they all died, and later that night woke Sun and told her there may still be hope for her. She took her to the Staff, telling Sun the last nine pregnant women she had examined were dead, and she wanted to give someone good news for once. She examined Sun, hoping to find she had conceived off the Island, and was devastated to learn otherwise. Sun, however, was happy to know the baby was Jin's and thanked Juliet for giving her good news. ("D.O.C.")

Juliet took Sun outside, then said she had to go back in to make sure their tracks had been covered. Once inside, she opened a locker and picked up a tape recorder. She left a message for Ben telling him Sun was pregnant and that she would have Kate's sample soon. She turned the recorder off before adding, "I hate you." ("D.O.C.")

During a heart to heart talk with Jack, Juliet said his friends' distrust was justified. She told him Ben had sent her to the beach camp to find out which of the women were pregnant so he could send a team to kidnap them. She described seeing Sun's baby on the ultrasound and told Jack she was tired of living Ben's dream. ("Operation: Sleeper")

Juliet reveals Ben's recorded plans. ("The Man Behind the Curtain")

Later, Kate approached Jack, wanting a private word with him. Juliet started to leave to give them privacy, but Jack insisted she stay. Kate told them a woman had parachuted onto the Island and none of Jack's friends trusted him enough to tell him about it. Juliet told Jack they should tell Kate about Ben's plan, but Jack refused. However, Sawyer came into possession of the tape recorder, and played Juliet's message to Ben for the survivors. Juliet said he could burn her at the stake if he wanted to, but asked him to turn the tape over first. Sawyer did, and Ben's voice was heard detailing his plan to kidnap Sun and any other women who might be pregnant. Jack told the survivors that Juliet had already come clean to him, but he hadn't wanted to say anything until he figured out what to do about it. ("The Brig") ("The Man Behind the Curtain")

Jack and Juliet revealed their plan to blow up the Others with dynamite when they came to take the pregnant women. Sayid wanted to use Naomi's phone to call her boat, but Juliet said the Others were blocking all transmissions off the Island from an underwater station called the Looking Glass. She started toward the radio tower with Jack to turn off Rousseau's distress signal, then split with the group to join Sawyer as he went back to the beach to help Sayid, Bernard and Jin, who had stayed behind to blow up the tents. Hiding at the beach, Juliet and Sawyer tried to formulate a plan, but Hurley took matters into his own hands by driving the DHARMA van out of the jungle and onto the beach, killing Pryce. Sayid then snapped Jason's neck using his feet. Tom tried to grab a gun but Juliet stopped him, pointing the gun to his head. Tom surrendered, but Sawyer shot him anyway. ("Greatest Hits")  ("Through the Looking Glass")

Days 91-100 (Season 4)

Juliet and Sayid aim at Miles and Faraday ("Confirmed Dead")  (promotional still)

With Sayid, Bernard and Jin safe at the beach, Juliet began to dig graves for her former comrades. Before she could finish, Desmond arrived at the beach to tell everyone that whoever was coming to the Island could be harmful. Juliet armed herself and traveled with the rest of the group to the radio tower to warn Jack. ("The Beginning of the End")

Hurley fell behind and they stopped a few miles inland at the cockpit to wait for him. Hurley had met Locke in the jungle and brought him along. When Jack showed up with his group, he attacked Locke and the survivors split into two groups, one led by Locke, the other led by Jack. ("The Beginning of the End")

Juliet and Sayid took Jack's group to the beach while Jack and Kate waited for the people from the freighter to arrive. They became anxious while waiting for their return and ventured into the jungle. They came upon Jack and Kate being held hostage by Daniel and Miles. They shot at the men and disarmed them, and the group moved on together. They found Frank Lapidus, the pilot of the freighter's helicopter, and Juliet tended to his wounds. When she introduced herself, Frank realized she was not on Oceanic 815. Miles became aggressive and demanded to know where "he" was. He showed her a picture of Ben and said his team was on the Island to capture him. ("Confirmed Dead")

Juliet demands from Charlotte to call the freighter. ("Eggtown")

Sayid found a picture of Desmond in Naomi's backpack and showed it to Jack. Juliet went to the beach, where she retrieved Desmond and brought him back to the helicopter. ("The Economist")

When it had taken off, Sayid and Desmond on board, Juliet returned to the beach with Jack, Daniel and Charlotte. Jack spent the day trying in vain to get in touch with the freighter, and when night fell he and Juliet confronted Daniel and Charlotte. Charlotte called an emergency number and Regina told her the helicopter had never arrived on the freighter. ("Eggtown")

The next day, Juliet continued to question Charlotte about the helicopter, but Charlotte said she had no idea what was going on. Juliet pointed out that if she was really in the dark, she should have been worried. Daniel, despite Charlotte's protests, revealed that time was perceived differently on the Island and that the helicopter hadn't really been gone as long as they thought. ("The Constant")

Juliet fights Charlotte at the Tempest station. ("The Other Woman")

That night, after learning from Jin that Charlotte and Daniel had gone off into the jungle, Jack and Juliet set off to look for them. They split up and Juliet began to hear whispers. She turned around to face Harper, who gave her orders she said came directly from Ben. She said Charlotte and Daniel were going to the Tempest to deploy a gas that would kill everyone on the Island, and it was Juliet's job to kill them. Jack found them and Harper introduced herself as an old friend of Juliet's. The whispers stopped suddenly, and Jack and Juliet turned their backs to look for their source. When they turned back around, Harper was gone. ("The Other Woman")

They continued their search and found Kate, who'd been knocked unconscious by Charlotte. While Jack was busy tending to her, Juliet offered to get Kate some water but instead went off on her own to look for Daniel and Charlotte. She arrived at the Tempest and found Daniel inside typing frantically on a computer. He told her he wasn't trying to deploy the gas, but to disable it. Before Juliet could do anything, Charlotte attacked her from behind. The women fought as Daniel worked, and Juliet eventually got the upper hand and recovered her gun. Charlotte desperately told her Ben had used the gas before to kill everyone on the Island, and they were trying to prevent him from using it again. Juliet let Daniel continue, and he finally succeeded in his mission. ("The Other Woman")

Upon leaving the Tempest, Juliet and Charlotte were greeted by Kate and Jack. Juliet defended Charlotte when Kate pulled a gun on her, and Charlotte took Kate inside to show her what had happened. Alone with Jack, Juliet said she was afraid Ben was going to win the war against the freighter team and when he did, Jack would want to be far away from her. When Jack asked why, Juliet told him Ben thought she belonged to him and that he knew how she felt about Jack. Unafraid, Jack kissed her and said Ben knew where to find him. ("The Other Woman")

Juliet attempts to stop Jin and Sun from moving to Locke's group. ("Ji Yeon")

Juliet found Sun rifling through her medical kit, looking for prenatal vitamins, and told her that all she had to do was ask. Juliet surmised that Sun was going on a trip somewhere because she should still have two weeks worth of medicine left. Upon discovering that Sun was indeed planning to journey with Jin to Locke's group in the Barracks, Juliet urged her to stay, reminding her that not leaving the Island would mean death for her and the baby. When nothing seemed to be working, she broke her confidence with Sun by telling Jin that his wife had an affair with another man, leading Sun to slap her. Her goal of preventing Sun's departure accomplished, Juliet apologized to her, telling her that it was the only way she could ensure that she stay. She admitted that she didn't trust the people from the freighter either, but that they were their only hope. ("Ji Yeon")

A day later, Juliet responded to Bernard's cries for help when a body washed up on shore. After the body was identified as that of the freighter's doctor, Ray, Juliet insisted that Daniel fix the satellite phone. After the truth came out that rescue was never part of their intentions, Juliet was visibly shaken. ("The Shape of Things to Come")

Juliet realizes Jack's appendix must be taken out, after he collapses. ("Something Nice Back Home")

The next day, Jack collapsed because of the pains in his stomach. Juliet diagnosed his stomach pains as appendicitis. Jack and Juliet agreed his appendix required immediate removal, as it was only a matter of time before it ruptured. Following Jack's absence as leader, Juliet took charge of the camp. She required a list of medical appliances for the operation. She put Sun in charge of gathering them from The Staff station; however, Sun only knew the location and not what the utensils looked like. Daniel offered to help identify the equipment. Despite all the distrust surrounding him and Charlotte, Juliet allowed them to go with Sun, so long that Jin was there for protection. Juliet later shaved Jack's stomach for the operation and explained she had knowledge of surgery. Jack seemed reluctant and demanded to be awake during the surgery. He insisted on having Kate present to hold a mirror so he could monitor the procedure. Juliet did not like the idea, but agreed nonetheless. ("Something Nice Back Home")

When Sun and the group came back from the Staff, Juliet started the surgery immediately. Bernard was also present for the surgery to assist Juliet. He numbed the stomach area as Juliet started with the first incision. Kate held the mirror for Jack to see the procedure. After the incision becomes deeper, Jack could not stand the pain, which made Kate upset. Kate was too hysterical, so Juliet ordered her to leave the tent and ordered Bernard to knock out Jack with a chloroform rag. When the operation was finished, Juliet told Kate she could come back in the tent. After she assured Kate that Jack would be fine, Juliet confessed to her the kiss she shared with Jack. Kate looked tearful but Juliet told Kate that Jack was just trying to prove he didn't love someone else (i.e., Kate). Kate appreciated this and thanked Juliet for saving Jack. After Kate left, Juliet told Jack she knew he was awake and he opened his eyes. ("Something Nice Back Home")

That night, Juliet scolded Jack for being up so soon after his surgery. Suddenly, a helicopter was heard. Juliet, like the rest of the camp, was over-joyed to see rescue may now be possible. However, the chopper flew over the camp and dropped a sat phone. Jack picked up the phone and told the group that he thought the people in the chopper wanted them to follow it. ("Cabin Fever")

Drowning her sorrows, Juliet delivers the news of the explosion to a stunned Sawyer ("There's No Place Like Home, Parts 2 & 3")

Juliet implored Jack not to follow the helicopter, reminding him that he just had surgery and needed to recover. Jack told her he had to go; he had made a promise to rescue the survivors. This upset Juliet and she tearfully asked him not to "bleed to death." Juliet was later present on the beach when Sayid arrived on-shore in a raft, informing her that the people on the helicopter were dangerous. When Daniel began to ferry people from the Island to the freighter, Juliet insisted that Sun should be one of the first to escape the Island due to her pregnancy. As the raft sped away from the shore, a hopeful Juliet looked on. ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 1")

After awhile Daniel returned with the raft, ready to transport more survivors to the freighter. Juliet thanked Daniel for helping them and she assisted more survivors into the raft, saying she promised not to leave until everyone else had made it off the Island. Later, when Sawyer swam back to shore after jumping out of the chopper, Juliet was sitting on the beach, drinking DHARMA rum. Sawyer asked her what she's celebrating and she said she wasn't celebrating, prompting Sawyer to look back to the freighter, only to see a smoking wreck. Sawyer and Juliet were both still sitting on the beach when Ben moved the Island. ("There's No Place Like Home, Parts 2 & 3")

Season 5

Time Flashes

Sawyer and Juliet are amazed at the disappearance of the Kahana.("Because You Left")

Immediately after the movement of the island, Juliet and Sawyer both noticed that the Kahana had disappeared completely, though it had been quite visible moments before. After questioning where the helicopter could be, Juliet and Sawyer were interrupted by a frantic Rose and Bernard, who informed them that the beach camp had disappeared, which was later attributed by Daniel Faraday to time travel to the past. When Daniel asked where a nearby landmark was, Juliet suggested the Swan station. Upon arrival at the remains of the imploded hatch, Juliet questioned whether they could change history, which Daniel insisted would never work, due to course-correction. After traveling through time once again, they discovered that the hatch before them was intact at that point in time, but Juliet decided to return to the beach with the rest of the survivors. Her abruptness to Miles led him to believe that she was attracted to him. ("Because You Left")

Juliet and Sawyer are caught by Cunningham, Mattingly and Widmore. ("The Lie")

After returning to the beach camp, Juliet spied the Zodiac raft and inspected it, finding it to be in good condition. From this Juliet determined that anything that the survivors had with them was "along for the ride." Soon afterwards, Daniel returned from the jungle after a mysterious absence and was interrogated by Juliet and Sawyer, lying about where he was. Juliet suggested using the raft to find a shipping lane and leave the island, but Daniel argued, stating that that he would need to find a new heading to go by, which would only be possible if he could discern what time the island was in.

That night, the beach camp was attacked by an unknown group who fired volleys of flaming arrows, which Juliet and Sawyer narrowly escaped. Juliet was nearly killed attempting to save a wounded survivor. After escaping from the attack, Sawyer and Juliet trekked through the jungle to meet up with those who survived the attack. When startled by rustling footsteps, they unsuccessfully hid from a gang of three men, led by young Widmore, who asked them what they were doing on "their" island, as well as asking many other questions about Juliet and Sawyer's identities. He ordered one of his men, Mattingly to amputate Juliet's hand to show their seriousness, despite Sawyer's attempts to reason with them. However, Juliet was saved by Locke, who knocked Widmore and another man unconscious and killed Mattingly. ("The Lie")

Juliet convinces Cunningham to lead them to their camp. ("Jughead")

After this confrontation, Locke began questioning Widmore and the other man Cunningham, however they would not answer him, though they did communicate with each other in Latin. Unbeknown to them, Juliet had understood them as she too is fluent in Latin as it is a requisite of the Others' training. Revealed to be Others, Juliet pleaded with them in Latin to take them to their leader. Persuaded, Cunningham began to give directions but he was suddenly attacked and his neck broken by Widmore, who then ran off into the jungle.

Juliet and Sawyer traveled with Locke who tracked Widmore back to the Others' camp. Locke and Sawyer argued about their next course of action, and Juliet stuck with Sawyer. They went to rescue Faraday from Ellie who was holding him at gunpoint. They managed to surround Ellie and force her to drop her gun, however soon after there was a time shift, and as the time changed, Ellie and the Others' camp vanished. Juliet and her group were left standing on an empty plain where the camp had been moments before. ("Jughead")

Juliet fires back at their canoe-chasers. ("The Little Prince")

Soon after the time shift, Juliet rushed to the aid of Charlotte who had fainted after a heavy nosebleed. She questioned Faraday about what he knew of Charlotte's condition, and he explained to her that he might have some idea about what it is, but that he wasn't sure. After Charlotte was revived, the group set out for the beach camp (to get the zodiac so they could sail to The Orchid), enduring another time shift as they went. They found the beach camp deserted and disheveled, and also noticed two outrigger canoes lain ashore. In one of them, Juliet noted a bottle of water which had an Ajira Airways label. The zodiac was missing and believing that whoever arrived in the canoes could be dangerous, the group took one of the vessels and began paddling around the horn of the island. ("The Little Prince")

Juliet suffers a nosebleed. ("The Little Prince")

During the journey Juliet asked if Sawyer was ok, and he revealed to her that during the previous time shift he had seen Kate in the jungle. Before they could continue their conversation, shots were fired at their canoe by unseen assailants on another canoe. Juliet returned fire with a rifle, but before the confrontation could escalate further another time shift occurred, throwing the group backwards in time to 1988. They reached a shore of the Island, and taking shelter from the storm, Sawyer and Juliet continued their conversation about Kate, and how Sawyer didn't approach her because "what's done is done." Suddenly Juliet's nose started to bleed but she was distracted by Charlotte who had just found some scattered items and what seemed like the recent wreckage of a ship. ("The Little Prince")

Juliet confirms Sawyer it's too late to save Locke. ("This Place Is Death")

On their continued journey to reach the Orchid Juliet and her group stumbled upon Jin, who they thought was dead, just moments after another flash through time. He joined the group. With the time shifts becoming much more frequent, Charlotte collapsed and Juliet went ahead with Locke, Miles, Sawyer and Jin while Daniel stayed behind with Charlotte. They managed to reach the Orchid and Juliet expressed her wonder at how they showed up in a time period when the Orchid is still there. There was another time shift though, and the station disappeared. They quickly found a well Charlotte had mentioned, and Locke then began to descend. Juliet told Locke that she was thankful Locke was trying to help them by doing whatever it is he was doing. There was another time shift and the well disappeared while Locke is down in it, cutting off Locke's contact with the group. Sawyer desperately tried to dig to get to Locke but Juliet told him they couldn't help him now. ("This Place Is Death")

The group noticed a giant statue looming in the distance. As Locke turned the wheel beneath the well, they experienced a flash, transporting them to 1974.

With DHARMA (1974-1977)

Sawyer convinces Juliet to stay on the Island with him for two more weeks. ("LaFleur")

The group headed back to find Daniel and Charlotte, but found Daniel alone. He explained Charlotte had died and not travelled through time with them, and Juliet caringly consoled him and he cried. Lacking a better plan, Sawyer suggested returning to the beach. While Miles argued against this plan, Juliet backed Sawyer up and so the group agreed. While walking, Sawyer thanked Juliet for backing him up, to which she replied "You should thank me, it was a stupid idea." Along the way they heard gunshots, and moving to investigate encountered Amy being held captive by two Others. When the Others refused to surrender, and attacked Sawyer, Juliet shot and killed one of them, and Sawyer the other. Taking Amy back to the Barracks, she was captured along with Sawyer, Miles, Jin, and Daniel, and taken into DHARMA Initiative custody. When Horace Goodspeed offered to send them back to the mainland either the next day or in two weeks Juliet initially intended to leave immediately. Despite the fact that her old life no longer existed, she reasoned she had been trying to get off the Island for three years and even though she had nothing to go back to, this wasn't a reason not go to. Sawyer managed to convince her to stay two more weeks, to see if they could locate any of their people, and she agreed.

Juliet agrees to deliver Amy's baby. ("LaFleur")

For undisclosed reasons, two weeks turns into three years. In 1977 Juliet was working for the DHARMA Initiative as a mechanic. When Amy went into labor, Sawyer convinced Juliet to deliver the baby, which turned out, to her joy, to be the first successful birth she had ever attended on the Island. At some point during the intervening three years, Juliet has become romantically involved with Sawyer, which is shown as Sawyer brings her a flower after she has saved the lives of Amy and her baby son. The next morning, however Sawyer left abruptly after receiving a phone call from Jin. He left Juliet, without saying why, to see the return of Hurley, Jack and Kate. ("LaFleur")

Juliet holds baby Ethan. ("Namaste")

Juliet was left in the dark regarding the arrival of the Oceanic Six back on the Island until she and Miles saw Sawyer ransacking his closet in need to clothes for the new arrivals. Juliet discovered that they had returned and gave Sawyer a way to get them into the Barracks - the submarine was arriving with new recruits. Juliet managed to add Jack, Kate and Hurley's names onto the sub manifest which she took from Amy (at the same time discovering that Amy had named her child Ethan.) Juliet's plan seemed flawless, but during processing Phil failed to find Kate's name on the manifest, but Juliet came to her aid with a new list and she herself processed Kate; introducing herself formally to keep up appearances. That night, Jack came to visit Sawyer and learned he and Juliet were living together. The two had a heartfelt greeting before she left him to talk with James. ("Namaste")

Juliet discusses hers and Sawyer's relationship with Kate. ("He's Our You")

The next morning, Juliet expresses her concerns that their life with the DHARMA Initiative could be severely jeopardized with the arrival of Jack, Kate, Hurley, and Sayid back on the Island. She was worried that Sayid would tell DHARMA who they actually are. Sawyer told her not to worry about it and that everything is under control. Just after that, Horace walks in an informs Sawyer of their status with Sayid, their prisoner. Later, after Kate finds out that Sawyer and Juliet are together, she discussed this with Juliet as Juliet gave her a tour of the garage, and Kate told her that she realized that Juliet and Sawyer were together, and that she respected that. Juliet told Kate that she is relieved because she wasn't sure how to let Kate know that she and Sawyer were in a romantic relationship without sounding like she was telling Kate to back off. ("He's Our You")

Juliet tries to save Ben ("Whatever Happened, Happened")

After Ben was shot by Sayid, Juliet was called to operate on him, with Debra, due to the doctor being away at the Looking Glass. With his wounds too complex for her limited surgical expertise she called upon Jack but he refused to help save the life of the man who will grow up to cause so much pain. Kate, however, stepped forward to help and gave Ben blood. With this failing, Juliet suggested the Hostiles could help and told Kate to take Ben to Richard Alpert. After Kate left to find him, she persuaded Sawyer to help telling him that a child doesn't deserve to die. With Kate and Sawyer gone, Juliet visited Jack and yelled at him for not helping her. Tearfully, she told him that he didn't need to come back to save them, because they were doing fine without. ("Whatever Happened, Happened")

Kate visited Juliet to tell her that she and Sawyer had successfully delivered Ben to the Others. Just then, Roger Linus entered the house and saw that Ben was missing.
Juliet prepares her exodus from the Barracks. ("The Variable")
Juliet lied and told him that she left for 10 minutes and Ben disappeared. Later that day Jack told Juliet and Sawyer that Roger thought Kate was involved in Ben's disappearance. Sawyer is then confronted by Phil, who presents the security tape that shows what Sawyer and Kate did. Sawyer punched Phil, knocking him out, and told Juliet to get some rope. ("Some Like It Hoth")

The next morning, Jack knocked on Sawyer's door to inform him Daniel had returned and had headed to the Orchid. Juliet pursuaded Sawyer to explain to Jack his predicament - Phil, tied up in the closet. Later, Juliet and Sawyer met Jack, Kate, Jin, and Hurley at their house to discuss their options. Sawyer suggested that they either leave the Island by submarine before they are caught, or head into the jungle to "start from square one." The group is interrupted when Miles and Daniel arrived asking where he could find the Hostiles. Sawyer refused to assist Daniel, but Jack enlisted Kate's help. Juliet provided the code to the sonic fence and made the case that they should help Daniel as "it is over for us here, anyway." Juliet, Sawyer, Jin, and Hurley decided to pack and go to the beach.

Later, Sawyer and Juliet were packing when they were interrupted by the alarm set off after the firefight involving DHARMA security and Kate, Jack, and Faraday. Radzinsky and his assistants came into Sawyer and Juliet's house while they were packing to get away to inform Sawyer of the situation that was brewing. He heard Phil make a bumping noise in the closet and opened it to discover him tied up. He forces Sawyer and Juliet to surrender at gunpoint. ("The Variable")

Phil hits Juliet to get Sawyer to talk. ("Follow the Leader")

Radzinsky took Sawyer and Juliet to the security office where he interrogated Sawyer about the location of Kate while Juliet sat off to the side watching. She begged them to stop beating up Sawyer, and Radzinsky told her that he would if she told him what he wanted to know. She said that despite what they may think, they were not bad people and they weren't out to hurt them, and that they had known Sawyer and Juliet for three years. Sawyer told her not to talk and that whatever she said they would not believe and that it would only lead to more people getting hurt. Horace demanded that they stop hurting Sawyer because it was pointless, since he was not going to talk no matter how much they beat him. Phil claimed that he had a way to make Sawyer talk, and Radzinsky stepped aside for him. Phil at first made it seem like he was going for Sawyer, but instead hit Juliet across the face, angering Sawyer. They were then interrupted by a DHARMA security officer, who updated Radzinsky on the situation brewing.

Juliet and Sawyer prepare to leave the Island on the sub. ("Follow the Leader")

Later, when Pierre Chang came in and demanded that everyone be evacuated from the Island because of the things that Daniel had told him, Sawyer agreed that all women and children should be evacuated via submarine, and proposed a deal to Radzinsky saying that he would tell him everything he wanted to know if he and Juliet would be allowed to leave the Island with everyone else. Juliet said she was fine with that. Radzinsky accepted Sawyer's proposal, and he let Sawyer and Juliet go on the submarine after he drew them a map to where the Hostiles were residing.

Miles, Hurley, and Jin saw Sawyer and Juliet walking toward the sub, when Hurley said that Sawyer always has a plan. Sawyer sarcastically quipped that he'd buy Microsoft and bet on the Cowboys in the 1978 Superbowl. He apologized to Juliet and said that she was right three years prior to this conversation, that they should have gotten on the submarine. Juliet told Sawyer she was glad that she stayed behind, and got on the submarine first.

Juliet takes over the Galaga. ("The Incident, Parts 1 & 2")

On the submarine, Juliet and Sawyer were handcuffed to a table in the ship's gallery. Juliet asked Sawyer what they would do when they got to Ann Arbor, and Sawyer replied that they were not going to Ann Arbor, and that they would be free in the "real world". Juliet chuckled and told Sawyer that she didn't even know what that meant anymore. Sawyer took her hand and told her that he had her back, and both said that they love each other. Just after this, Phil brought Kate to the submarine, where she was cuffed with Sawyer and Juliet. Kate said hello, and the submarine departed from the Island with Juliet, Sawyer, and Kate on it. ("Follow the Leader")

While on the sub, Kate informed Juliet and Sawyer that Jack was planning on blowing up Jughead, killing everyone on the Island. Kate tried to convince Sawyer to go back and help everyone, but Sawyer said that they weren't leaving and that it wasn't their problem. Juliet, however, realized they could not let their friends die, and managed to break free when a member of the submarine crew came in. She, along with Kate and Sawyer, forced Captain Bird to return them to the Island, and she told him not to bring any of the people on the sub back. Captain Bird complied, and the three of them headed back to the Island. On the canoe back, Juliet looked back wistfully at the sub, an opportunity that she missed once again to get off of the Island.

Juliet politely declines Bernard's offer for tea. ("The Incident, Parts 1 & 2")

Once on the beach, the three were greeted by Vincent sprinting out from the jungle. Rose and Bernard followed behind him, and expressed shock to see them after three years. Rose and Bernard led everyone back to their place of residence for the past three years, where they had been living in exile. Upon receiving the news that Jack was planning to detonate Jughead, Rose and Bernard did not express shock or worry about this, saying that in the end, all that mattered was them being together. Sawyer looked at Kate, and Juliet sadly realized that Sawyer's feelings for Kate were as strong as ever. After Kate received the location of the Barracks, Rose and Bernard offered Juliet tea, and she politely declined, mysteriously holding her stomach.

After breaking up the fight with Jack, she told Sawyer that she saw him looking at Kate, and said that perhaps they weren't meant to be together at all. She then told him that she would be going along with Jack's plan to "reset" the past three years, saying that she would rather never know him at all than to lose him.

Juliet attempts to detonate Jughead. ("The Incident, Parts 1 & 2")

During the firefight between the Dharma Initiative and the survivor's faction, Juliet was entangled in a metal chain. Due to the strength of the electromagnetism emanating from the hole, Juliet was pulled towards it. She screamed for help, and Kate managed to grab the chain and hold on, preventing her from falling further. However, she couldn't support Juliet's weight and the pull of the EM force, but Sawyer heard Kate's cries for help and rushed to grab Juliet's hand as she slipped. As Sawyer held on to Juliet, and Kate tried to free the chains, the scaffolding supporting them began to bend as the electromagnetic forces pulled it down. Realizing that the chain would continue to pull her down and that Sawyer would never let go, she told him that she loved him and let go of his hand, disappearing into the darkness.

Later, Juliet revived at the bottom of the well, alive, but alone and fatally[1] injured. She coughed up blood and rolled over, seeing the core of the Jughead just to her side. She grabbed a loose rock and hit it a total of 8 times before it was finally detonated. ("The Incident, Parts 1 & 2") File:Example.jpg

Season 6


Juliet dies in Sawyer's arms. ("LA X, Parts 1 & 2")

Following the detonation of the bomb, Juliet and the survivors were transported through time to 2007, however this left her pinned under the wreckage of the Swan station. Kate hears her crying for help, and the group frantically dig through the rubble. When a heavy metal beam is removed, Sawyer then manages to dig into the rubble and locate her. As Sawyer cradles her, Juliet began to mumble about purchasing a cup of coffee before asking Sawyer to kiss her. The two kissed and Juliet attempted to tell Sawyer "something really really important" but succumbed to her wounds and died. ("LA X, Parts 1 & 2")


Sawyer, desperate to find out what Juliet had to say, had Miles stay with him and assist in her burial. Miles realized what he was really there for, but agreed to help. He reveals that Juliet wanted to say "It worked". ("LA X, Parts 1 & 2")


  • Juliet is the thirteenth main character to die, the third not to have been on Flight 815 (after Charlotte and Daniel) and the first member of the Others.
  • Juliet has appeared in one episode after her death, and that was as a corpse.
  • Juliet was the twenty-first character to ever have a flashback.
  • Juliet is one of the six characters to have their first flashback in the episode they first appeared in. The other five are Charlotte, Lapidus, Jack, Jacob and Miles.
  • Flight 815 crashed on the third anniversary of Juliet coming to the Island. ("One of Us")
  • According to their stories, Juliet and Desmond arrived on the island around the same time. (Around 2001)
  • Juliet's episode count is 47 as of "What Kate Does".
  • Juliet's mobisode count is 4, which makes her one of the three most appearing mobisode characters, together with Jack and Michael with 5.
  • Juliet has never met Boone, Shannon, Ana Lucia, Eko, Libby, Nikki, Paulo and Ilana. However, she has met the rest of the main characters.
    • Juliet has never been shown meeting Walt on screen, but their mobisodes suggest they've met.
  • Juliet is the only "Other" to actually refer to herself as an Other, usually in jest.
  • Juliet is the name of William Shakespeare's tragic heroine, who has a passionate love affair with Romeo, the son of a rival family. The hatred between the two families triggers a chain of events and misunderstandings. The story concludes when both Juliet and Romeo take their own lives due to complicated and secretive plans gone awry.
  • She is often featured bringing prisoners meals; she puts obvious effort into making them "nice."
  • She has some type of unarmed combat training, as seen when Jack, Kate, and Charlotte attack her.
  • She also demonstrates a very high proficiency in using firearms, both with handguns (when killing Danny Pickett), and with rifles (when shooting from the outrigger canoe in "The Little Prince").
  • According to the Season 3 DVD, the tank in the Hydra station where Jack was being kept prisoner, was used also for sharks and "Juliet's dolphins".
  • Juliet appears in the five episodes which feature the fewest number of main-characters (namely "A Tale of Two Cities", "Not in Portland" and "Stranger in a Strange Land" with 5 and "The Man from Tallahassee", "The Constant" and "Jughead" with 6) all of which include Juliet. "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham", featuring only six characters, and "Dead Is Dead", featuring only four, broke this pattern.
  • In the Season 3 DVD, in the menu of disc 3 the movie that is shown to Jack that tells him to kill Ben is shown. The second last card that she holds up states: "For the record your wife is much prettier than me."
  • Juliet may have been named after member of crew, Julie Carlson, as Juliet's maiden name was Carlson.
  • Like all Others, Juliet speaks fluent Latin.
  • Elizabeth Mitchell plays a character called "Julia" in 2000 film Frequency. "Julia" is a nurse, similar to Juliet being a doctor, and the film involves time paradoxes. The film also has a character called Jack Shepard.
  • So far Juliet is the only known character who was a member of all three major factions on the Island (The DHARMA Initiative, the Others and the survivors)
  • Marsha Thomason also auditioned for the role of Juliet. (Flashback)
  • In the sneak preview of the first hour of the premiere of the final season of LOST, the line that Juliet wanted to say to Sawyer was changed in order to sway viewers away from the true statement she would make in the actual episode. In the preview she says that she is Three Months Pregnant.

Additional casting

  • Young Juliet (age 10) is played by Rylee Fansler. The casting call described her as "Young Natalie. Caucasian. 10 year-old, blonde, blue-eyed. Strong personality and defiant. Her parents tell her they are divorcing, and Natalie becomes upset and strident. She doesn't want this to happen, and runs to her room crying." [2][3]

Unanswered questions

Unanswered questions
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More details...
For fan theories about these unanswered questions, see: Juliet Burke/Theories
  • Why was she required to undergo therapy sessions with Harper?
  • Who does Harper mean when she tells Juliet that she looks just like "her"?
  • What does Juliet's mark mean?
  • Why didn't Jacob touch Juliet?
  • Why did Juliet move in time unlike the rest of the "Others"?
  • At whom did Juliet shoot in "The Little Prince"?
  • How did Juliet know that the atom bomb worked and the plane landed in Los Angeles?
  • What is the significance of Juliet "buying a cup of coffee"?

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Release date Unknown edit
Race Human
Members NPC? No
Quest NPC? Yes - Romeo and Juliet, Defender of Varrock
Location Upstairs in the building West of Varrock's west bank
Sells items? No
Skill requirement? No
Quest requirement? No
Gender Female
Examine When alive: A tearful damsel, maybe I can help her? When assumed dead: Probably not dead. Although Romeo is none the wiser.
Notable features Former Girlfriend of Romeo.
A detailed image of Juliet.

Juliet Leptoc is a member of Varrockian Nobility, daughter to the rich Lord Draul Leptoc, who lives just outside Varrock's west gate. Juliet is a central character in the Romeo & Juliet quest, which, along with all of the NPCs involved, is a direct and blatant reference to the well-known Shakespearean tragedy, Romeo and Juliet.

Juliet can be found on the first floor of the Leptoc family home, generally standing on the balcony, although sometimes she can be found inside her bedroom with her cousin Phillipa. She is spoken to during the Romeo & Juliet quest, and the player must feed her a Cadava potion to make her appear dead in order for Romeo to come and rescue her, though this does not go entirely as planned.


  • Juliet's second name, revealed through the Varrock Census of 160, is Leptoc. This is because her father's name, Draul Leptoc, is an anagram of Lord Capulet, a character in the Shakespearean play.


  • Juliet is angry at Romeo after the quest because Romeo left her lying in the crypt, it seems she overestimated her lover's intelligence.

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