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image:USA.gif Julera
Type: Open PvP
Online Since: November 05, 2003
Location: USA
Server Save: 12:00 CET

Top players by skill area:
LevelMagic LevelFistClubSwordAxeDistanceShieldingFishing

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Additional info

  • Top Paladin: Kako Paladino
  • Top Knight: Angel of Dreams
  • Top Druid: Helidus
  • Top Sorcerer: Jules-Winnfield
  • Streeck was the first level 100. After reaching level 168 he was hacked.
  • Setzer Gambler was the first level 200.
  • The first time that Ghazbaran appeared after the test server was on the server of Julera on July 4, 2007.
  • The first Inquisition Quest was completed on july 16, 2008.
  • Orshabaal has been killed three times, it only droped an Orshabaal's brain
  • Kako Paladino was the first Level 300.
  • Led by Jules-Winnfield and Mid Darksoul, Julera is one of the 19 servers where the Lightbearer Event was succesfully completed.
  • Barthory was the first to block and succeed Morgaroth and Ferumbras.



  • Low items prices for beginners players, good for a start in the world.
  • Some part of the community speaks English, good for the communication.
  • Multicultural Server, Many nationalities. No nationality of players has more power than the other.


  • Lack of community events
  • Constant War

The Conflict of the Holy Union and Brutality

For two years now Holy Union has battled against Brutality. It started out because many people were getting sick of the amount of power abusing made by Brutality. The Holy Union banded together under the leadership of Agente kidanu. The server was thrown into chaos as the war raged. It was time for the people of Julera to take sides, and allies were made. Low level mages were hunted. If you didn't hide you were to fight, if you didn't fight you were to die. Brutality, finally out skilled and out fragged, became hunted. And yet they didn't not just take to the shadows. Wanting control again they attacked Holy Union again. Did they stand a chance? No, Holy Union stood their ground and fended them off time after time and yet they still continued to try to win Julera back. Now in the year 2009, they continue to sow the chaos of what they started. Now with allies such as Elemental Gods and some of the members breaking off to become Elementality they rage war against Holy union, Afterdawn, Dream Regime and Animus Necandi. While the server takes sides, Brutality fights another day and Holy Union does all the more to defend Julera from becoming what it used to be.

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