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Appearance / Type: Mechanoid / Human Cyborg
Also known as: Ultimate Service Robot
Affiliated with: Davros
Necros Daleks
Melanie Bush
Place of origin: Lethe
Appearances: BFA: The Juggernauts

The Juggernauts were cyborgs created by Davros under the guise that they were to be the "ultimate service robots". Based on the planet Lethe, and with the help of fellow scientists, including Melanie Bush, Davros attempted to create another race of cyborgs, having escaped from his Daleks who considered him an enemy.

The Juggernauts were created by installing the DNA of Humans into the mechanical shells of Mechanoids, robots whose original purpose was to serve Humans and prepare planets for Human colonization. These cybernetic creations were to be self serving, self repairing and self replicating. The Juggernauts were capable of creating more of themselves as long as the right resources were available. These Juggernauts were divided into different types which included one's that focused exlusively on the manufacturing process while another security class dealt with threats or intruders.

The Daleks recruited the Doctor in order to get his help in capturing Davros. When he called in the Dalek forces, they swarmed in and killed the Daleks loyal to Davros as well as the few Juggernauts present. It was at this point that more Juggernauts arrived to aid their master and succeeded in repelling the Dalek forces. However, the Doctor's Companion Mel used a backdoor command to take control of the Juggernauts and told them to designate Davros as a threat. After they turned on him, the newly arrived Dalek reinforcements succeeded in wiping out the Juggernaut threat. (BFA: The Juggernauts)

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Series: Voyager
Story by: Bryan Fuller
Teleplay by: Bryan Fuller and Nick Sagan and Kenneth Biller
Directed by: Allan Kroeker
Production information
Episode no.: 5x21
Production no.: 215
First aired: 26 April 1999
Date: 2375



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EverQuest 2 Spell Information
Spell Icon
File:Wheel none.png
The berserker's attacks have a chance at critical damage, and all of the berserker's combat arts gain a damage bonus that matches their critical bonus percentage granted by Juggernaut. While in effect, the berserker's defenses and resistances are greatly reduced, and it costs health to maintain. This ability can only be activated while berserk but will not suspend if berserk ends before Juggernaut expires.

Target Self
Health 1 percent
1 percent every 2.0 seconds
Casting 1.0 second
Recast 3 minutes
Duration 24.0 seconds
Level 65

  • All combat arts have their base damage increased.
  • Increases Melee Crit Chance of caster by (X)
  • Decreases Defense and Parry of caster by (Y)
  • Decreases Mitigation of caster vs all damage by (Z)
  • This ability can only be used while berserk!
This spell has no higher-level versions
Spell Effects by Spell Rank
Effect Apprentice Journeyman Adept Expert Master Grandmaster
Increases Melee Crit Chance by (X) 15.3% 20% 24% 27%
Decreases Defense & Parry by (Y) 43 33 28 24
Decreases Mitigation vs all damage by (Z) 1444 1083 929 813

Gray cells correspond to unavailable ranks of the spell.


  • The crafting recipe for this spell comes from Ancient Teachings of: Alchemists Volume 6

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Juggernaut may refer to:


Juggernaut, a common English word meaning an unstoppable force that crushes anything in its path, is derived from the Sanskrit "Jagannātha" meaning "lord of the universe".

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The Juggernaut, as depicted in Grand Theft Auto 1.

The Juggernaut is a large truck in Grand Theft Auto 1.

See also

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The Icon for Juggernaut.



Juggernaut is a multiplayer game type available in all three games of the Halo trilogy. It was originally a version of Oddball in Halo CE. This was later changed.

Basic Setup

  • There are two teams, the Juggernaut alone, and the players hunting him.
  • The only person who can earn points is the Juggernaut (hence the title).

Juggernaut is a somewhat perverse and twisted form of tag. Although it resembles Slayer in that one must amass so many points to win, there are two major differences.

The goal is to kill as many people as you can if you are the juggernaut, and to kill the Juggernaut if you are not. To counteract the angry mob of Spartans and Elites out to spill his blood, the Juggernaut is sometimes blessed with greater shielding power after assuming his title, plus a variety of other customizable things, such as Active Camo, running faster, increased damage, damage resistance and infinite ammo (this doesn't mean he does not reload it just means he always has the same amount of ammo in reserve). This is one game variant where alliances can quickly go sour.

Popular Gametype(s)

Hide 'N Seek

The objective of this game is to not get killed by the juggernaut, hence the name. The juggernaut has an overshield, and the players have active camouflage. The juggernaut radar is turned off, but player radar is turned on. Map Default or Pistols for map weapons, and the sword and pistol for the juggernaut & players. A suggested level for this is a small level (eg. Lockout)


In 2 vs 1 or 3 vs 1 game variants, it would be best for the team of two to stick together. Non-juggernauts are encouraged to use quick firing weapons, especially the Plasma Pistol (The plasma pistol drains the Juggernaut's shields with an overcharged shot). Don't go for power weapons all the time or the Juggernaut is gifted these should you be killed. Plasma grenades will come in handy as it is an instant kill with a grenade stick.

Juggernauts can play around with weapon combinations, but are encouraged to move stealthily and swiftly. Juggernauts can hog the power weapons, or go for the conventional noob combo. Juggernauts must try to avoid grenade sticks and assassinations at all cost, as these cause instant kills, even for a well shielded Juggernaut.


  • Juggernaut was originally planned to be in the first Halo, under the name "OGRE".
  • As of February 2008, the only Halo 3 playlist including Juggernauts is Rumble Pit.
  • Juggernaut is one of the least popular gametypes regarding multiplayer in the Halo trilogy.
  • In Halo 2, you can use the Juggernaut gametype as a type of training simulator by playing as one player and setting all the options that you want like turning up your shields for a glitch that would usually kill you.


  • When you're the juggernaut, it is important to take cover whenever under heavy fire.
  • When attacking the juggernaut, try to let other players live, and get the final shot on the current juggernaut. Then just shoot everyone else.
  • Try not killing someone just as you become Juggernaut, as you are not Juggernaut until a moment after you kill the Juggernaut, if you do, you accidentally betray that person, and you might get booted if betrayal booting option is enabled.


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Cain Marko
Mainstream Continuity

Alternate Reality Versions · Juggernaut's Comics · Movies · Television · Video Games



Alternate Reality Versions

File:Cain Marko (Earth-2988).jpg





Video Games

File:Cain Marko (Earth-7964).jpg


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The Juggernauts were a line of military vehicles made by Kuat Drive Yards.

It could also refer to:

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Production information

Despot-class Star Destroyer


13 ABY


Grekins Heirarchical Empire

The Juggernaut was a Despot-class Star Destroyer manufactured on Magrex to serve the "Grekins Heirarchical Empire". It served in the Clantosh campaign, and was later called back to its home planet to defend from New Republic forces.

The Juggernaut was assigned to escort the Conqueror-class Star Destroyer Ravager. It was overwhelmed and destroyed by Republic forces.

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From TibiaWiki

This creature is in the Demons class.

20000 Hit points
8700 Experience points per kill

Summon/Convince: --/--
Abilities: Melee (0-1480), Distance Fighting (Boulder 0-780), Self-Healing, Strong Haste.
Pushable: ?
Push Objects: ?
Est. Max. Damage: 2260 hp per turn
Immune To: Invisibility, Paralysis.
Strong To: Physical (-50%), Fire (-30%), Ice (-10%), Earth (-20%)
Neutral To: Death, Drown?, Life Drain?
Weak To: Holy (+1%?), Energy (+10%)
Behavior: It only wishes death to intruders of it's domain, so it will charge on you with all haste.
Field Notes: The most powerful creature with normal spawn since the Christmas Update 2006. In the official website it says that it can smash the head of a Dragon with one hit, while fighting back a half-dozen of other Dragons, which suggests attacks of 1000+ and very high defense. It is also known as the creature (with a normal spawn) with the highest HP.
Location: Deep in Pits of Inferno (Apocalypse's throne room), The Dark Path, The Blood Halls, The Vats, The Hive, The Shadow Nexus, a room deep in Formorgar Mines, It's also one of the minions of the Demon Oak.
Strategy: The Juggernaut's strategy is fairly easy. All that is needed is a blocker with very high skills, health over 2500, and a mage to heal the blocker with UH or a druid with exura sio (Heal Friend Spell), while the rest of party attacks the Juggernaut with SD or Explosion. They are found in proximity of Furies, Destroyers and Demons, so you can't hunt only Juggernauts. The best place to hunt plain Juggernauts would be the single spawn. They are also very fast, but since they have no wave attacks you can let the blocker lure them to a small 1sqm wide bridge in the Apocalypse's throne room, and just let the shooters attack it with SDs. The Juggernaut's boss is Massacre also located in Apocalypse's throne room.
Loot: 0-400 gp, 0-5 Platinum Coins, Bag, 0-8 Meat, 0-8 Ham, 0-3 Dragon Ham, 0-4 Concentrated Demonic Blood, Rusty Armor (Rare), Dirty Fur, Broken Pottery, Demonic Essence, Soul Orb, Great Mana Potion (semi-rare), Great Health Potion, Dragon Hammer (semi-rare), Spiked Squelcher (semi-rare), Gold Ingot (rare), Demonbone Amulet (rare), Golden Legs (rare), Golden Armor (rare), Mastermind Shield (very rare), Skullcracker Armor (very rare), Heavy Mace (very rare). (Loot Statistics)
See also: Creatures.
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