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The Judicial Department (sometimes called the Judiciary or the Judiciary Department) was a branch of the Office of the Supreme Chancellor. It was headquartered at the Judicial Arcology. It existed as far back as the Indecta Era, when it developed assassin droid technology.

Following the Ruusan Reformation, the Jedi Order was, at least technically, a subdivision of the Department. Non-Jedi members of the Judicial Department were referred to as Judicials. The Department is presumably headed by an Attorney General. Judicial activities throughout the galaxy were headed by Sector Coordinators.

The duties of the Judicial Department were:

  • Providing legal advice to the Supreme Chancellor, Galactic Senate, or individual Senators or government beings who needed such help.
  • Providing government defenders or prosecutors in court cases involving the Republic or a Republic official.
  • Investigating criminal activities, suspect beings or organizations, and other illegal behavior occurring within Republic space or involving a Republic citizen.
  • Patrolling the Republic's borders, policing the Republic's space, apprehending wanted beings, and providing other law-enforcement services within Republic space.
  • Coordinating activities with the Jedi Council.
  • Maintaining a Judicial Starfleet

Following the disastrous Eriadu Trade Summit, the Senate passed restrictions on the Judicial Department, limiting the cases in which the Chancellor could use it without first gaining explicit approval from the Senate. These restrictions were presumably lifted sometime during the administration/reign of Palpatine.




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