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This article is about the Judgemaster Job class. For more information about the storyline character, see Cid Randell.
Judgemaster Cid using an Advanced Law in battle.
"Head judge in Ivalice, and a strong fighter."
—Job Description

Judgemaster is a Job in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance available only to Judgemaster Cid Randell. Cid's stats growth is similar to that of Paladins and he also wields Paladin equipment in battle. Cid uses Advanced Laws, similar to the way he does on two occasions in the story, in battle to tilt the odds in your team's favor.


Advanced Law

Judgemaster command. Laws reserved for Judgemaster.

Skill Effect MP Use
Abate Inflict Stop on the Judge in charge of the battle to allow violation of the laws. Upon the Judge's next scheduled turn, he returns into time. 32
Judge Sword Damage and may steal up to two Judge Points.
Bind Inflicts Immobilize and Disable. 16
JP Gift Give one or two Judge Points to an ally. Requires Judge Points to work.
Yellow Clip Remove a Yellow Card obtained during battle from an ally. 8
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