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Judges enforce the Laws of Ivalice in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. One appears every time a battle occurs. They award Judge Points to combatants who perform recommended actions in combat, but also issue Yellow and Red Cards to any unit successfully performing forbidden actions. They also teleport all units that receive Red Cards to prison. The judges are led by Judgemaster Cid, who also has the power to issue Advanced Laws. Judges can also move corpses out of the way to avoid battlefield gridlock. They cannot, however, enter Ivalice's three Jagds.

Not to be confused with Judge, a Bishop's A-Ability which steals the amount of Judge Points.

Corrupt Judges

After completion of all 300 missions, a string of missions will appear named the Corrupt Judges missions. Judgemaster Cid will appear and help out too, and then join your Clan.


When encountering Judges in actual combat in the above strand of missions, they come equipped with a decent set of skills. The same skillset applies to the standard judges, and the Special Judge in Decision Time.



Skill Effect
Yellow Card Adds a Yellow Card to the target. If not removed by Judgemaster Cid's Yellow Clip ability, a penalty will result like the unit was actually carded normally. The reason for being carded will be random. Despite no weapon damage being dealt, it is counterable with Bonecrusher.
Judge Sword Damage and steals up to two Judge Points.
Palaistra Damage to surrounding units.
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