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Jovik at the Battle of Bespin.
Jovik at the Battle of Bespin.
Jovik Omtar
Biographical information



23 BBY, Alderaan


Unknown: Sometime after 4 ABY, probably KIA somewhere

Physical description





6' 3 3/4"

Eye color


Chronological and political information

Galactic Civil War


Rebel Alliance

Jovik Omtar was the youngest of the three Omtar brothers. He was born in 23 BBY on Alderaan.

Jovik grew up with his two other brothers, Thrak and Riels, on Alderaan. Thrak loved the Galactic Empire, and tried to get Jovik to enlist in the Imperial Army or navy. Riels disliked the Empire, and tried to keep Jovik from enlisting.

Riels did good, and kept Jovik's view on the Empire negative.


Jovik moved out to Coruscant to help head a business founded by one of his childhood friends in 2 BBY. Around 18 months later, with the business growing, Jovik's friend and business partner skipped planet. The next week, the building that the business was stationed in was stormed by Imperial police. Jovik and all of the other co-workers were apprehended as criminals and temporarily booked in jail for "supplying the Rebels with supplies [(Redundant, no?)]", as the arresting officer said.

They were all released the next day, and were going to be put on trial in the next month. Once released, Jovik had absolutely no plans on be tried, and skipped planet too. One of his co-workers, Jaege Borovian, took a freighter to Yavin IV with Jovik, where they heard the Rebel Alliance was stationed. They were wanted by the Empire, and sure didn't want to go down without a fight. Belonging to the Rebel Alliance could reward them with helping destroy the Empire.

Rebel life

Jovik and Jaege enlisted in the Rebellion's army.

The Omtar family
Thrak Omtar - Riels Omtar
Jovik Omtar

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