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Joshua Naismith
Also known as:
Race: Human
Home Planet: Earth
Home Era: 2010
Appearances: DW: The End of Time
Actor: David Harewood

Joshua Naismith was a 21st century Earth billionaire. He lived in Great Britain and was known to employ a private army. He was responsible for Neon, a phone advertised on the side of the 200. (DW: Planet of the Dead). He also wrote the book Fighting the Future.

After the fall of the Torchwood Institute, he aquired the Immortality Gate, a device of Vinvocci design. He captured the Master and forced him to repair it. He wanted to use it to give his daughter Abigail immortality. Instead, the Master used it to turn everyone in the world into a copy of himself, including Naismith. The Master's work was undone by Rassilon, and Naismith and his daughter fled from their mansion, witnessing Gallifrey about to crash into Earth. Naismith and Abigail were later mentioned to have been arrested for "crimes undisclosed", and put into prison. (DW: The End of Time)


When first introduced, Naismith appeared to be a sinister and malevolent manipulator. When events spiralled out of his control however, he was ultimately revealed to be a cowardly fool who had picked a fight with an even bigger bully than himself, namely the Master. While he was certainly intelligent, Naismith was essentially a vain, arrogant meddler who was out of his depth.

Behind the scenes

'Naismith' is another instance of Russell T Davies reusing names; his earlier Century Falls features a Dr. Josiah Naismith.

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