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Joshua Corrinne Bardorba (ジョシュア・バルドルバ, Joshua Barudoruba) is the young son of Duke Aldous Byron Bardorba in Vagrant Story. The Duke sired the boy at an elder age, but considers the child to be his "soul", threatening to kill anyone who harms his Joshua. Interestingly, Joshua looks almost exactly the same as the Duke's first son when the elder son was his age.


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Joshua tearfully begs Hardin not to die

The cult, Müllenkamp captures the boy in the beginning of game, though the exact reason is never revealed why. The timid boy remains mute for most of the game out of fear. The Müllenkamp leader, Sydney Losstarot, places Joshua in the hands of his second-in-command, John Hardin. Hardin, out of love for his long-lost little brother, shows Joshua much affection despite their situation. When Hardin dies at the end of the game, Joshua finally speaks, beging Hardin not to leave him. In the end, he goes off with Callo Merlose, though their fates after the end of the game are never shown.


  • Joshua shares his name with a character from The World Ends With You, another Square game

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