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Joseph Dodge
race: Human
affiliation: New California Republic
role: Governor of Hoover Dam
location: Hoover Dam
appearances: Van Buren
The following is based on Van Buren and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

Born in 2201, governor Joseph Dodge is the leader and one of the founders of the town of Hoover Dam and of all what is presumably left of the New California Republic as of 2253.

War, no matter the longevity, can rattle the feathers of the easiest going souls. As one of the founders of current Hoover Dam, there was a time when Governor Dodge was proud of what he and the community did with Hoover Dam. But then the war with the Brotherhood of Steel hit and everything started to go downhill. Dodge tried to keep a stiff upper lip, but the constant state of alert, coupled with the infrequent attacks on the front gate, and then on the caravans, wore heavily on Dodge. When regular supplies ceased from NCR proper, almost all hope was lost.

However, Ailis McLafferty, of the Crimson Caravan, brought glimmers of hope. She found a good source of weapons and firearms to help Hoover Dam defend itself from BOS attacks. This put Crimson in a very favorable light with Dodge. However, even though the extra equipment would prove to help in the war effort, Dodge knew that he was living on borrowed time. The water filtration system was failing, and that had a far reaching impact on Hoover's crop growth. In addition, the crops that were growing were not enough to maintain the citizenry and trade. Dodge needed a larger area to grow crops. The area known as the Scum Pits was mentioned as a good location for a hydroponics farm, but Dodge knew that materials would be needed to construct such a thing, never mind the fact that the Scum Pits were filled with creatures that claimed the lives of several NCR troops. In addition, power from the two working power generators is slowly decreasing. Dodge has Pierre LaPoubelle and Otto Steed working on the problem, but a solution does not seem like it is in sight. Dodge is on the brink of giving up, not only because of the internal problems, but the war, too. Fighting a war when there is so much falling apart around just slinks Governor Dodge into deeper funks.

Appearances in games

Joseph Dodge was to appear only in Van Buren, the canceled Fallout 3 project by Black Isle.


Hoover Dam

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