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EverQuest II NPC Information
Purpose Ecology
Race Ratonga
Zone East Freeport (Shattered Lands)
Location Wanders the zone ( -87, -37, 27 ) /waypoint -87, -37, 27

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Final Fantasy

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Artwork from the Dawn of Souls version.
Sprite(s) Portrait - NESPortrait - PS/GBAPortrait - PSP
Battle sprite - NES Battle sprite - PS/GBABattle sprite - PSP
Map sprite - NESMap sprite - PS/GBA Map sprite - PSP
A.K.A Joseph
Kana ヨーゼフ
Romaji Yōzefu
Hometown Salamand
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Blood Type O
Laterality Right-handed
Voice actor None
Final Fantasy II character

Josef is a playable character from Final Fantasy II. He joins the party soon after they arrive at Salamand.



Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. (Skip section)

Originally a soldier for the Palamecian Empire, he escaped during his youth to the town of Salamand with a nameless young woman who becomes his wife. There, he had a daughter named Nelly. Ever the explorer and the handyman, he built an ice sled to take advantage of the snow fields north of Salamand. Sometime later, Josef retired his sled in the nearby Semitt Falls. Though the reasons for his fleeing the empire are unknown, his view of it and its citizens are quite sour.

Josef sacrifices himself to save the party.

When Firion and his allies arrive, Josef is quite cold to them. It is not until Firion and the others rescue the men of Salamand and Nelly from slavery in the Semitt Falls that Josef becomes helpful. When Firion learns that the Goddess's Bell is in the snow cave north of Salamand, Josef tells him of his old ice sled. He accompanies them to recover the sled, to the ice fields, and finally to the ice cave, where they eventually recover the Goddess's Bell. On their way out, they are attacked by Borghen. The heroes defeat him, but as he dies, he triggers a trap mechanism, causing a boulder to come falling toward the party. Josef blocks the boulder, but cannot hold it for long. He tells Firion, Maria, and Guy to get out of the way, and as they get clear, Josef runs out of strength and is crushed by the boulder but, in the process, he was able to save Firion, Maria, and Guy.

Artwork by Yoshitaka Amano.

In death, Josef found himself in the afterlife, confronted by a hideous zombie version of Borghen. Scott and Minwu, who had also died, assisted him in defeating the zombie. Later, they find the spirit of Ricard, who also joins them. At the end of their journey through the afterlife they believe to be Hell, they are confronted by Emperor's light half, who informs them that they are actually in Heaven. The Emperor's light side had brought them to him to ask for their forgiveness for his dark half's actions. However, the subconscious souls of our heroes's still-living friends and family appeared, and warned them not to be fooled, for the Light Emperor is just as evil as the Emperor's dark side. Josef, along with Minwu, Ricard, and Scott, fought and defeated the Light Emperor. After the defeat of the Light Emperor, the fallen heroes can finally rest in peace.

Stats and Traits

Josef's stats when he joins the party.

Josef has high Strength and Vitality, which makes him the perfect person to turn into a Monk. Being a Monk, Josef can become your strongest physical attacker. Giving him healing magic like Cure and status effect magic like Poison or Silence are good ideas, too.

Initial stats

Stats Level
HP 235
MP 5
Strength 24
Agility 24
Vitality 24
Intelligence 10
Spirit 10
Defense 0
Attack 20


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Does not appear in game
Release date 14 November 2005 (Update)
Race Unknown edit
Members NPC? Yes
Quest NPC? Yes-Shadow of the Storm
Location Uzer
Sells items? No
Skill requirement? No
Quest requirement? No
Gender Male
Examine Does not appear in game
Notable features Dark mage who betrayed Agrith-Naar.

Josef was a follower of Agrith-Naar in the Shadow of the Storm quest and was one of the dark wizards recruited by Denath to summon the demon. You can find the book he found in one on the ruined kilns around Uzer.

Joseph run away from the temple in the background of the quest and his friend Matthew is worried about his fate. You'll figure out what happened to him: he turned to dust because of a Denath's spell.

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Josef Grunger
Biographical information

Alderaan (possibly)


6 ABY, Tralus

Physical description




Hair color


Eye color


Skin color


Chronological and political information

Josef Grunger was a Grand Admiral in the Imperial Navy. Possibly a native of Alderaan, he was one of the original twelve Grand Admirals, elevated by Emperor Palpatine two years before the Battle of Yavin.



Grunger was neither a loyal nor a subtle man. While Grand Admiral Miltin Takel was making preparations aboard the second Death Star, Grunger was aiding Takel's second in command with patrol of the planet Gargon due to reports of "albino-skinned marauders", presumably the Nagai. After learning of the debacle at Endor, Grunger immediately disabled the other officer's vessel. He seized Gargon, an important spice producer, and Grunger's reputation and prowess drew alienated and ambitious ships by the dozens; within a year of setting himself up as a warlord, Grunger had a fleet of 30 Star Destroyers, 60 Strike-class cruisers, 100 Carrack-class cruisers, various other vessels, and Admiral Roek's Super Star Destroyer Aggressor.

After his coup, Ysanne Isard ordered Grand Admiral Takel to recover his lost holdings and punish Grunger for his rebellion; Takel failed, earning himself a sure death sentence, but events intervened, and he met his end rather at the hands of Trioculus, Isard's rival for the Imperial throne. After Trioculus and the Central Committee of Grand Moffs came tumbling down, Grunger re-proclaimed himself the new Emperor (he had previously attempted to be seated as Emperor, but Trioculus's initial success forced Grunger to pledge his loyalty to Trioculus, contingent on his receiving the blessing of the pseudo-Kadann; the quest for that blessing eventually undid Trioculus) and began securing systems in the Core, preparing for a move on Imperial Center. But first, he had to capture the strategically placed Corellian system and its shipyards. The system had already been unified and pacified by Grand Admiral Danetta Pitta, who was loathe to surrender the system without a fight. In the Battle of Tralus, named after the Corellian planet nearest the engagement, Pitta's fleet, led by a torpedo sphere that Pitta had acquired, utterly devastated Grunger's armada. In fury and desperation, Grunger ordered Aggressor to ram the torpedo sphere. The ensuing destruction killed both Grand Admirals and both war engines. This, incidentally, marked only the second time ever that two Grand Admirals engaged in battle.



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