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Joran Jakur Belar was the commander of the space station Unity One and the USS Escort A. (Star Trek: Unity One) At the age of 16, he attempted Starfleet Academy. Belar was one of the first people who successfully completed the Kolvoord Starburst maneuver. After he graduated from the academy, he got a post at a space station near the Romulan Neutral Zone. Later, he became a member of the crew of the USS Sahaladin and a close friend of Captain Ahmed Bin Hassad. In 2356, he became the first officer of the USS Sahaladin. Later, he got the rank of a Captain and the command over the USS Tigershark. The Tigershark was destroyed during the Battle of Wolf 359, but Belars life was saved by Captain Sven Torias Sovrane. Because of the traumatic events of the battle, Belar started to suffer from clinical depression and left Starfleet . In 2367, Starfleet reactivated him and he became involved in the Defiant Project. In 2373, he requested the command over the USS Escort, the second ship of the Defiant Class. During the Dominion War, he became a war hero and was promoted to Admiral.[1]



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