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Jor Torlin
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137 ABY

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Legacy era

"I've read your dossier. Force sensitive. Trained on Korriban by the Sith, though not strong enough in the Force to truly be Sith. Sith at heart, though, and good at what you do—and I know how the Sith value retribution and revenge."
Morrigan Corde

Jor Torlin was a Force-sensitive raised on Korriban by the One Sith, and was the foremost agent of Sith Intelligence and Assassination. Though he was trained in the ways of the Sith, he did not have enough Force-sensitivity to be a full-fledged Sith.



"Story of your life, Torlin. Good, but not good enough"
―Morrigan Corde
Jor Torlin

Torlin was one of the first agents of the Sith active in the galaxy, and was performing missions before their existence had been revealed. In 137 ABY, Darth Maladi assigned him to hunt for Cade Skywalker on the Wheel.

After receiving confirmation from Haako on the Wheel, he encountered a band of hoodlums who jumped him, but was saved by Morrigan Corde and carried off.

At the time, Torlin was carrying Command Override Limpet Droids, which attached to Captain Mingo Bovark's shuttle, took control of a turbolaser on it, and targeted the shuttle of Admiral Gar Stazi. Later, the pair went to Ossus to look for Cade Skywalker, despite Corde's suggestion that Skywalker might have gone to Hapes.

Having distrusted Corde from the beggining, Torlin began shooting at her shortly after landing on Ossus. The Imperial Intelligence agent managed to evade all of his attacks. She then activated a "nerve toxin" encased in a micro-impule that she inserted into Torlin when he was unconscious on the Wheel, leaving him dead in the middle of the jungle and taking his personal Gladius-class light freighter, the Raider.

Behind the scenes

His last name is also spelled "Tolin", incorrectly stated by Morlish Veed in Star Wars Legacy 9: Trust Issues, Part 1. John Ostrander has confirmed that "Torlin" is correct.


  • Star Wars Legacy: Trust Issues



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