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Jonathan Masters was a Starfleet officer from the 24th century. From a Starfleet family he was almost destined to join the organisation as it was all he ever wished to do. A career officer he has served on several vessels and has earned himself a Christopher Pike Medal of Valor. In 2373 he was given his first command, the USS Swiftfire (NCC-76125-A). (Star Trek: Swiftfire)


Early years

Jonathan was born in 2337 in the city of Canberra, Australia, Earth. He was born into a Starfleet family with his parents, Claire and Dalton Masters, both career Starfleet officers.

While playing in any old wooden fort Masters had a ten centimetre piece of wood go through his hand. He was taken to hospital where his hand had to be cut open to remove the splinter. ("The Front")

Masters played rugby union while at high school usually as a flanker of No. 8 where he would represent Australia as part of a schoolboys side. ("The Only Thing Necessary")

No doubt somewhat influenced by this Masters started to dream of travelling out to the stars at a young age. As he grew older his dream and goal was to join and serve in Starfleet. In 2355, he applied and was accepted to Starfleet Academy.

Starfleet Academy

Masters' time in the Academy would forever change him. Not only did it teach him a lot about himself but it taught him a lot about life, love, responsibility, duty, and friendship. In particular his relationship with a woman by the name of Melissa McKenzie would shape his future. It came down to a choice between the woman who was possibly the love of his life and his long term dream of being a Starfleet officer, in the end it was his career that won out. ("Unfinished Business")

During his time in the Academy he was part of the Starfleet Academy volleyball team that won the Hawaiian Classic volleyball tournament. He was also part of the Academy swim team in 2356. ("Over the Horizon", "Waiting for the Sun")

While at the Academy Masters would become friends with Jase Collins, Hadris and Aida Lutz. ("Into the Fire", "Always on My Mind", "A Magnificent View")

Starfleet Service

In 2359 Masters' first tour of duty was on the newly commissioned Norway-class, USS Winston (NCC-63199). ("Unfinished Business") On the Winston he served as a junior flight controller and would meet Alexander Whiting, where the two would become good friends. ("Vengeance") He also manned the tactical station on occasions, though his primary station was at the helm.

The Winston was involved in the Federation-Tzenkethi War, which would leave a substantial impact on the young Masters. It was his first experience of war as well as the first time in his career where he came to believe that he would be killed in service. The event that had the biggest impact on him was his ship's involvement in helping the Kolbiad after the Tzenkethi attacked their world. Faced with a highly stressful and dangerous situation it was the first time he had been forced to defend himself and it had been against civilians. This left him somewhat bitter about the experience and the Federation's role in assisting the needy Kolbiad. ("The Only Thing Necessary")

Four years after joining the crew of the USS Winston he was promoted to lieutenant. That year the chief tactical officer was killed when the Winston was ambushed by pirate vessels belonging to the Orion Syndicate and Masters made a switch from flight control to tactical.

In 2364, Masters led an away team to extract the Federation scientist, Maxwell Dirit, from the planet Lanzling after Dirit started to actively break the Prime Directive. The mission was a success, however the fact that he might have doomed the civilisation on the planet after preventing Dirit from solving their global warming problems played on his mind after the mission. ("The Horseman of the Apocalypse")

After six years on the USS Winston he was transferred to the Excelsior-class, USS Sherman.

In 2365. while on leave on Earth Masters would meet then then non-joined, Jadzia Idaris. ("Waiting for the Sun")

Masters' time on the USS Sherman did not even last two years. In 2366 the ship was involved in the Hyralan Incident in the Alpha Caeli system (also known as the Hyralan system. During the incident the Sherman and a Romulan D'deridex-class warbird engaged in combat. Masters stayed on the heavily damaged USS Sherman to protect the retreating shuttles and escape pods after the ship was abandoned due to damage. Masters then went to sacrifice himself by ramming the Warbird but was rescued at the last moment by the arrival of the USS Swiftfire, which beamed him off the vessel before it impacted with the Romulan vessel. Badly injured in the battle he would spend over six months in a comatose state. He was awarded the Christopher Pike Medal of Valour for his actions during the incident. ("The Darkness Within", et al)

Masters returned to duty in the middle of 2367 as a Lieutenant Commander and was assigned to the recently launched USS Bonestell (NCC-65702). He was made the First Officer of the ship, which was built to replace the USS Bonestell destroyed earlier in 2367 in the Battle of Wolf 359. It was here that he would meet the then Lieutenant Susan Core, who served as the ships tactical officer. They would form a close friendship that would see them serve together again in 2373. ("Vengeance")

At the request of Captain Jeri Allston, Masters was promoted to Commander and transferred to the USS Swiftfire to serve as First Officer in 2369. He would form a strong bond with the Swiftfire and its crew.

In 2372, the Klingon invasion of the Cardassian Union and the subsequent attack on Deep Space 9 saw the Swiftfire moved to the Bajor sector to bolster Starfleet's presence near the Federation-Cardassian border. During a battle with the Klingons the Swiftfire was boarded and Masters was severely injured. Upon the ships return to Deep Space 9 he was transferred off the ship and to the medical facilities on the space station. While on the station he was attacked by Ivan Domique who invaded his mind and attempted to kill Masters. The attempt was foiled thanks to the efforts of Constable Odo. ("The Darkness Within")

As Masters recovered he was notified that the Swiftfire had been destroyed for violating Klingon territory leaving him as the sole survivor of the crew of the Swiftfire. He subsequently found out that Captain Allston had placed a recommendation with Starfleet Command that he be given a command of his own. With his posting destroyed the decision was made to have him return to Earth to attend the Advanced Tactical Training at Starfleet Academy prior to receiving his first command. ("The Darkness Within")

The destruction of the Swiftfire weighed heavy on Masters and he considered leaving Starfleet. The intervention from his old Academy friend, Hadris, helped to keep him in Starfleet. ("Always on My Mind")

In mid-2373 he was given command of the USS Swiftfire-A, an Akira-class heavy cruiser. With his new command Masters decided to get rid of his apartment in the city of Brisbane, Australia. ("No Rest for the Wicked")

Service on the Swiftfire-A



The Swiftfire-A was not yet fully ready when it was officially commissioned for its first mission under Masters' command. The now Captain Masters was tasked with hunting down his old friend from the USS Winston, Alexander Whiting, who had gone rogue with his ship the USS Fury and was attacking the Klingons who were once again allies. Masters and the crew were able to track down the Fury and pursued it to its final target. Masters then made the fateful decision to disable the Fury using the ship's prefix codes. Despite his efforts to convince Whiting to abandon his vessel his old friend instead chose to self destruct the ship, killing him. ("Vengeance")

The Swiftfire was assigned to the 268th Tactical Wing, Fifth fleet at the start of the Dominion War. On the way to the front Masters organised a war game between security and Marines as a way to ease tensions between the two groups. ("Deployment")

During the crew's attempts to collapse a subspace tear that had frozen time and trapped a Klingon fleet Masters ventured to see the tear, which was contained with the hull of a Son'a warship. While collapsing the tear he was knocked unconscious and was dragged to safety by Doctor Carol Murphy. In the process both officers were exposed to various doses of metaphasic radiation that resulted in making both officers' bodies younger. ("Regression")


During the Battle of Guyra the Swiftfire was fell under the command of Masters' father, Admiral Dalton Masters. While trying to protect Guyra III Admiral Masters' ship was forced to crash land and the Swiftfire was ordered to retreat with the rest of the fleet. Overwhelmed with grief over watching what he believed to be his father death, Masters had a mini-break down on the bridge and had to be forced to leave the bridge by his First Officer, Commander Susan Core. ("Over the Horizon")

Masters was invited onto the USS Enterprise-E for a personal briefing with Captain Jean-Luc Picard of an upcoming mission involving the two ships. Following the mission he would return to the Enterprise and received a personal thank you from Captain Picard for his and his crew's involvement in the operation. ("Moral Actions", "No Rest for the Wicked")

Masters was able to get his hands on sensor recordings that revealed some of what went on during Lt. Commander Nikki Whitechapel and Lieutenant Terri Letac's time on the supposedly destroyed colony of Nathan's Gap. Neither officer were aware that he knew they were lying to him. In the end he agreed with the two junior officers' decision to keep Nathan's Gap's survival secret and destroyed the recording. ("Moral Actions")

During the Raid on Sector 432 Masters volunteered his Marines for a boarding mission to destroy a Dominion repair facility. When it looked like the fleet would be forced to retreat he convinced his superiors to give his Marines more time to complete the mission so he did not have to leave them behind in the retreat. ("Pressure Points")

While reviewing the records of a candidate for ship's counsellor Masters came across information about an old flame, Melissa McKenzie. Upon learning she had also recently been killed he fell into depression. He was brought out of it thanks to the help of his senior staff and another old friend, Jadzia Dax. He then attended Dax and Worf's wedding on Deep Space 9. ("Unfinished Business")

After accidentally getting involved in an operation by Starfleet Task Force 59, Masters offered the services of his ship in their mission to destroy a Jem'Hadar super carrier. At a pivotal point in the engagement, inspired by a reporter on the bridge, Masters ordered one of the ship's warp cores to be ejected and flung into the enemy carrier, destroyed the vessel and successfully completed the mission. ("Task Force 59")

The Swiftfire was then pulled back to Sol for repairs and the crew was given leave on Earth. Masters returned to his parent's home in Australia. He was invited to speak to one of his mother's class at the Academy during his leave. He was also taken to met several of his father's contacts. Prior to the end of their leave he organised a crew gathering in Fiji a few days before the ship was scheduled to leave. ("No Rest for the Wicked")

On the way to their new assignment with Task Force 59 the ship got stuck in a temporal causality loop. Masters was the only person on board who realised what was going on. After several loops he realised that a cloaked Jem'Hadar strike cruiser was responsible and managed to briefly capture that ship. Several Jem'Hadar had already boarded the Swiftfire and started to cause havoc in an attempt to destroy the ship. The First managed to rig a fully loaded fighter to explode in the shuttlebay and in an act of heroic stupidity Masters flew the craft off the ship. He was saved by the intervention by the being known as Q, who had been observing the time loop with Masters. ("Q, Time and Again")

Once with Task Force 59 Masters was given the task of infiltrating the Rough Necks pirate group and bringing down the organisation. During his mission he had a sexual relationship with the leader of the group, Stephanie Luckhurst. Masters eventually succeeded in his mission despite blowing his cover thanks to the timely arrival of the Swiftfire. Following the mission he confronted Brendan Patol suspecting that he was also a Starfleet Intelligence agent how was not only behind his timely rescue but the escape of a small group of Rough Necks, including a deep cover intelligence operative. Patol did not confirm his suspicions. ("A Rough Time")

Masters was seriously injured in a battle with Dominion forces near the Kalandra sector. The ship was then trapped behind enemy lines, but thanks to Commander Core with help from the USS Sparrow and USS Sherman he was transported to a starbase to receive the medical attention he required, which included a new heart. ("Change in Command")

Masters devised an operation to raid the captured planet of Nthony C. He asked fellow captains Megan Amphlett and Xavier Werfel to join in further planning for the operation based around their vessels. The Romulan Star Empire's inclusion into the war changed their plans slightly with the warbird IRW Imperial Fist joining the attack. The battle did not go as planned with Wing Commander Maxine Benton acting in cooperation with a Tal Shiar operative instead leading to the Romulan liberation of the world. Due to Benton's actions and ignoring orders from her superiors, Masters assigned her to milk runs. ("For the Federation")

In a mission to find a hidden Maquis base in the Badlands the Swiftfire run afoul of the Vendoth. Masters was captured by the Vendoth but later freed by a member of a rebel faction, Che'va. In order to save the Swiftfire he once again went to sacrifice himself by blowing a Vendoth battle cruiser while he was still onboard. He was saved by the timely intervention of Q. ("The True")

After the Swiftfire made its way back to Deep Space 9 he spent some time watching over the repairs on the ship from an observation lounge on the station. ("A Dreadful Operation")

Masters eventually took some time off on Bajor as repairs to the Swiftfire continued. He even stayed in a monastery and was privileged to be allowed an orb experience with the Orb of Time. He was given glimpses of possible future events, these included:

  • Him standing with a Fleet Admiral surrounded by a scene of devastation talking about belief.
  • Him standing over the coffin of someone close being comforted by Commander Core.
  • Him standing on an unfamiliar bridge arguing with a now Captain Core on the viewscreen over the morality of his actions.
  • Him speaking with Karak who offers to help him get his quarry but at a cost.
  • Him standing over the body of a Starfleet officer his had killed questioning his own actions.
  • Him standing over a blonde woman with phaser drawn prepared to kill her even though she is at his mercy.
  • Him trying to convince an alien to betray his people to help Masters end a war and save the galaxy.
  • Him viewing two versions of himself from both their points of view simultaneously and feeling their sense of peace and happiness.

Masters found the brief glimpses confusing and considered that the visions might have been trying to tell him that despite the violence and conflict that might come that it was possible for him to still reach a level of peace within himself and life. ("Into the Fire")

Following the First Battle of Chin'toka Master attended Jadzia Dax's funeral on Deep Space 9. On the voyage back to the Swiftfire his shuttle crashed on an uninhabited planet, the only survivors were Marine Captain Rachel Daley and him. Masters was bitten by the local wildlife and was rendered unconscious by the toxins in his body. He had a third encounter with Q in this state while Captain Daley carried him to safety from an approaching severe weather system. He later awoke on the USS Covington, which had rescued both officers from the planet. ("Waiting for the Sun")


Early in 2375, Masters was contacted by Odo who implicated his chief medical officer, Doctor Murphy in the attempt on his life on Deep Space 9 three years previous. Acting on information from the doctor Masters went hunting for Section 214C. He found the group and some answers for what happened in the past before he was kidnapped by a rogue member of the group. While attempting to flee capture their shuttle was shot down and Masters was reported killed. ("Section 214C")

Masters and his kidnapper, Lt. Commander Kristin Sela, survived the crash and went on the run on the surface of the planet. They managed to accidentally uncover a covert Dominion listening post as well as capture the Vorta Jasis who was in command. Masters was then forced to kill the Vorta to stop Sela from using her to escape into Dominion hands. During the rescue attempt Sela was killed by Section 214C Enforcers and Masters nearly met the same fate but was rescued by Marines from the Swiftfire. Prior to Sela's death she slipped her combadge into his hand, which he took back with him to the Swiftfire. ("Crossfire")

During a meeting with Amphlett and Werfel he learned that their plans for Operation Chestnut were under consideration by Command. Three flag officers from the three main Federation Alliance members travelled to the USS Venture to receiving a briefing from them. Masters was selected to explain the plan to the flag officers. By the end of the briefing the flag officers had agreed that the operation had merit and that official preparations to launch the mission would begin soon. ("Always on My Mind")

Masters and his ship were given the task of making first contact with the Echlans. It was his third first contact mission and first as a captain but he was not pleased to receive the mission due to it been inside the Helaspont Nebula, close to a battle site he fought at during the Tzenkethi war. Masters clashed with Ambassador Dylan Whitechapel, who was placed in command of the diplomatic mission, over the direction of the mission. In the end he decided to pull the Swiftfire out of the mission, partly influenced by Wendell Greer he left Echla to face the consequences of a nuclear war. ("The Only Thing Necessary")


In 2376, the Vendoth finally arrived for their attack on Earth. The Swiftfire was in the Sol system completing a post-war overhaul. During the battle Masters was transported to the enemy command ship by rebel Vendoth. They were not expecting him but he nevertheless helped the rebels as he promised Che'va he would. He was once again captured by the Vendoth and brought before the Roj Che'dak. He was rescued from the ship by the USS Enterprise before the Vendoth vessel was destroyed. ("United We Stand")


Academy friends

Masters was good friends with Jase Collins at the Academy. Over the years he lost touch with Collins until 2374 when he learned about Collins' fate with the discovery of the wreckage of the USS Olympia. ("Into the Fire")

Aida Lutz was a close friend of Masters from not only the Academy but also from high school. The two had been close until around the mid-2360s when they had a falling out and no longer spoke to each other. Both kept the details of their falling out very private even from their close friends. ("A Magnificent View")

One person Masters did keep in contact with from the Academy was Hadris. Hadris helped convince Masters to remain in Starfleet on two occasions when he considered leaving, the second occasion been after the destruction of the USS Swiftfire. In particular was her use of the saying, "Those who lose dreaming are lost", which Masters would later use for the dedication plaque for the USS Swiftfire-A. In early 2375, he was upset to learn that Hadris had been killed in a skirmish with a Cardassian Aberax-class destroyer. He had last talked to her following Operation Return and last seen her prior to the commissioning of the Swiftfire-A. He added an image of her to the memorial in the Swiftfire's Room of the Dead. ("Always on My Mind")


Masters' relationship with his parents, like any child, is complex. Most of his youth was spent with his mother as his father served away from Earth. This has meant that he developed a much closer relationship with his mother then his father.

For most of his time in Starfleet he has felt overshadowed by his father and the expectations that come with been the son of a high ranking officer. At one point he hardly had any contact with his father as he distanced himself from the man's shadow. Their relationship became much closer following the Battle of Guyra when it appeared his father had been killed. After finding out that his father was still alive their relationship greatly improved. ("Over the Horizon", "Moral Actions", "No Rest for the Wicked")

In early 2375, his father returned to Starfleet following a brief retirement. Masters admitted that he was pleased that his father had returned to the fleet. ("Always on My Mind")

Apart from his parent at least two previous generations of Masters have served in Starfleet. Jonathan's grandfather, John Masters, spent two decades in the service before leaving and his great-grandmother, Charlene Masters, also served in Starfleet. ("No Rest for the Wicked")

Melissa McKenzie

Melissa McKenzie was the first love of Masters' life. He met her in his first year at the Academy when he helped her back to her apartment after she injured herself due to a shoe malfunction. There was an instant connection between the two and for two weeks he wandered the streets of San Francisco hoping to run into her again. He did and the two started dating.

Their relationship developed up to the point where he moved into her apartment in the city. There was however one big problem in the relationship. Melissa had a career and life on Earth, when Masters graduated he could be assigned anywhere in the Federation and neither of them wanted a long distance relationship. For both of them to follow their careers would spell the end of their relationship.

The only way to save their relationship seemed to be if Masters left Starfleet. He decided that he would but he wanted to graduate from the Academy so following his graduation he was going to resign his commission. He came very close to doing this but after much soul searching he decided that he could not give up his dream. He instead ending his relationship with Melissa.

Unbeknownst to him the breakup would have serious consequences for Melissa. It sent her into a spiral of depression that ruined her life and would require her been placed in an institution. It was fifteen years before he would learn about these events. The guilt over his actions and the discovery of her very recent death during Operation Return, which he was involved in, threatened to send him down a similar path. But thanks from help from Jadzia Dax he came through. ("Unfinished Business")

Even after this he still felt a need for closure on the relationship, he needed to say sorry. Melissa's death during made that impossible. After suffering a bite from a poisonous animal he had an experience where he was able to confront Melissa, at least in his mind, with what he had done. This symbolic event finally released the last of his demons. ("Waiting for the Sun")

Jadzia Idaris/Dax

Masters met Jadzia Idaris in 2365 on Earth. He literally ran into her while rushing to catch a shuttle to London. The accident resulted in him missing his flight so Jadzia offer him a lift there on her shuttle in exchange for him acting as a tour guide of the city. The two young Starfleet officers were attracted to each other, though nothing more then friendship would come of their physical attraction. ("The Darkness Within", "Unfinished Business")

Masters met Jadzia prior to her joining but while she was in the initiate program. He described her as a more shy and reserved person then she was after the joining with Dax (symbiont). His first meeting with Jadzia Dax was in 2367, which he was as a process that essentially freed the Jadzia that had been lurking below the surface. ("Waiting for the Sun")

They would maintain contact over the years following their initial meeting on Earth and remained good friends. Masters was fortunate enough to be stationed close to Deep Space 9 in mid-2374 and was able to attend her marriage to Worf. He presented them with a bat'leth as a wedding gift. ("Unfinished Business")

At the end of 2374 he was notified of Jadzia's death. He was shocked and devastated by her passing and attended her funeral on Deep Space 9. While there he said a personal goodbye over her coffin. ("Into the Fire")

Susan Core

Susan Core is most likely Masters' closest confidante. The two officers first meet in 2367 when they served on the USS Bonestell together. Both officers had just been through traumatic experiences, Masters had been in a coma for several months following the Hyralan Incident and Core had recently lost her father in the Battle of Wolf 359.

Initially neither officer liked the other. Years later when discussing their past Masters agreed with Core when she said she regretted some of the things that occurred between them, Masters noted that their old relationship had been unhealthy for both of them. ("Vengeance", "No Rest for the Wicked")

Their friendship is shown by the fact that Core requested to be assigned to the Swiftfire-A upon hearing that Masters had been given that command. Masters was more then happy to accept her on the crew as his first officer. ("Vengeance")

Following the destruction of the USS Fury and the death of Alexander Whiting Core visited Masters with a bottle of alcohol. The two shared a quiet drink together, Masters appreciating Core's presence following a trying mission. ("Vengeance")

Following Masters recovery after the Swiftfire was trapped in the Tong Beak Nebula he expressed his appreciation for her actions that led to saving his life and his pride in her handling of the difficult situation. ("Change in Command")

Maxine Benton

Masters met Maxine Benton when she was assigned to the Swiftfire-A as the commander of the the ship's attack fighter squadrons. Due to Masters' interest in piloting the two officers got on well and even took part in flying on the holodeck together. ("Deployment", "The Front")

There was an attraction between the two and they started dating. Masters however realised that he was only attracted to Maxine and nothing more. Maxine would figure this out as well and despite the fact she had stronger feelings for him she knew that the relationship would not work and ended it. The two settled on being friends. ("Over the Horizon", "The Founder Ploy")

Maxine's involvement with the Tal Shiar in the Nthony C operation left Masters feeling betrayed. Maxine had ignored his orders and went behind his back during the operation. He punished her by grounded her from flight operations following the battle and then assigned her squadron to dull missions. ("For the Federation")

Rachel Daley

Masters met Rachel Daley outside the Outback Pub in Australia when the Swiftfire-A returned to Earth for repairs in 2374. She introduced herself as Natalie (her middle name) because to her he was just another random person outside a bar. He was attracted to her and arranged to meet her again at the same establishment a few days later. He found out she was also in Starfleet and was leaving the planet on assignment, given that he was also leaving soon the two agreed to met up after the end of the war. ("No Rest for the Wicked")

He was surprise to find out a few days after he had left Earth that Natalie had been assigned to his ship. He was even more surprised to learn that her first name was Rachel. The two agreed that at that point it was better for them both to keep their relationship strictly professional. ("Q, Time and Again")

Masters felt that Rachel was someone he could be happy with. He was however wary of taking the next step in their relationship. Rachel finally made the next move and the two entered a more intimate relationship. ("Waiting for the Sun", "Crossfire")


His relationship with Q can be best summed up as unwanted. Masters is wary of the powerful being given previous Starfleet encounters. Though one thing is for sure, he owes his life to Q. Twice in 2374 Q intervened and saved Masters from been killed due to self sacrifice. Both times Q stated that it was not Masters' time to die. While thankful Masters continues to be suspicious of Q's intentions. ("Q, Time and Again", "The True")

While in a fever induced coma Masters had Q appear to him. He was unsure as to whether Q was really there or it was all a figment of his imagination at the time. After recovering Masters believed that the experience was entirely in his imagination. ("Waiting for the Sun")

Alternate realities and timelines

In an alternate reality where Admiral James Leyton's coup against the Federation government was successful, Masters resigned his commission with Starfleet following the start of the Federation Civil War and joined the Maquis at some point in 2372.

Masters joined a cell led by Brendan Patol. The other members considered that the only reason he had joined was to kill Klingons. Following a mission where he was referred to as a ferryman on the Barge of the Dead Masters suggested that the cell adopt the name, Kortar's Ferrymen so to pay on Klingon mythology. He went as far as getting the symbol of Gre'thor (the upside down symbol of the Klingon Empire) tattooed on the right side of his face, which most of his fellow cell members considered disturbing.

In late 2373, he was involved in an act of sabotage against the Klingon run Torros III shipyards. After his shuttle was chased down by the IKS Brakt he and the two occupants of the shuttle laid an ambush for the Klingon landing party, killing all six members. Masters killed two of them, including the warrior Hasalt who he crossed off a list of names he carried around with him. (Other Knights: Star Trek: Swiftfire: "There's No Angels Here")

Service jacket


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