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Jonas Palmer
race: Human, African American
affiliation: Vault 101
role: Engineer/Medical Technician
location: Vault 101
family: Lucy Palmer - grandmother
Anne Palmer - mother
Joe Palmer - brother
appearances: Fallout 3
quests: Growing Up Fast
SPECIAL: 5ST, 5PE, 4EN, 5CH, 5IN, 5AG, 5LK
actor: Gregory Gorton
base id: see IDs
ref id: see IDs

Jonas Palmer (2238 - August 17, 2277) is a resident of Vault 101 in the year 2268.



In the late 2260's, James was appointed Jonas as an assistant by the Overseer in an attempt aimed at curbing the excesses of the vault physician by having the assistant act as a voice of reason. Jonas and James forged a friendship very quickly and together they worked at examining and treating patients, as well as conducting routine experiments testing the health of the Vault. For an unknown length of time, James deliberately kept his assistant in the dark on covert experiments aimed at reviving Project Purity. Eventually, Jonas grew suspicious of the physician's activities. Sometime, in mid-2274, Jonas willingly aided James with experiments related to Project Purity. James hoped that Jonas would understand the situation he found himself in by helping the physician, though James felt that regardless of whether Jonas understood or not, the point of no return had been reached.

When James escaped from Vault 101, Jonas was murdered by Officer Mack on suspicion for aiding him in the escape. A tape can be looted from Jonas's body, containing a message pertaining to James' escape. The player can also collect his glasses and a Vault Lab Uniform if they are willing to strip these from his body.


He is the son of Anne Palmer and the grandson of Lucy "Old Lady" Palmer[1]. Jonas is a friend of James, the father of the Lone Wanderer.

Interactions with the player character

Jonas is first encountered during the the PC's birthday when your dad takes you down to the generator room to give you your present (a Red Ryder BB Gun). Jonas takes a picture of you and your dad, and the game skips forward 6 years.


Apparel Weapon Other item On death
Vault 101 Lab Uniform
- - -


Like most inhabitants of Vault 101, Jonas has multiple Base and Reference IDs during various quests:

Base ID Reference ID Quest
000300E7 000300E8 Growing Up Fast
0001CFBC 0001CFBE Future Imperfect
00099343 00099344 Escape! (dead)

Related quests


Jonas appears only in Fallout 3.


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Vault 101

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Guild Wars

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Species: Human
Profession: Warrior Image:Warrior-icon.png
Level(s): 10


Jonas is a Krytan male, living in Riverside Province.


Skills Used


"You tryin' to steal my cow?"

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Biographical information


Date of death

October 20, 2552

Physical description




Chronological and political information

Human-Covenant War

"I am not worth five people."
—Jonas replying to Sadie's pleas for him to evacuate the city

Jonas was a butcher in Old Mombasa during 2552. He was massive in size, but calm and friendly in nature.


During the Covenant invasion on Earth, he was calmly giving away his food to the crowd escaping from the city. He had decided to stay in the city, as he realistically had no way to escape as he was too heavy to walk long distances, or would take too many seats on a bus, train or boat. He claimed that he could take up to five seats in public transport vehicles. Sadie Endesha tried to convince him to leave the city, but he insisted that Sadie escaped first, or went to find her father and then come back for him with a forklift.[1] His eventual fate is unknown, but he was likely killed as he had no way to escape the city.


  • Jonas is the heaviest person (non alien) seen in the Halo Franchise to date.
  • The Superintendent uses Jonas' words to persuade Sadie to leave New Mombasa, instead of 'I am not worth five people', it is 'I am not worth your life, my warrior princess'.
  • Jonas is voiced by Richard Zeman.[2]


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Characters of Sadie's Story
Communications Duty Officer | Crone | Dr. Endesha | Jonas | Jim Odingo | Kinsler | Marshall Glick
Mike Branley | Sadie Endesha | Stephen | Superintendent | Tom Uberti | Vergil

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Jonas could refer to:

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