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Series: Short Trips
Doctor: Eighth Doctor
Author: Todd Green
Published In: Short Trips: Life Science
Previous Story: The Reproductive Cycle
Following Story: Scribbles in Chalk



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Biographical information
Physical description
Gender Male
Affiliation and military information
Affiliation UNSC
"You are assassins. Weak and timid, you hide in the shadows-"
—Injured Elite
"Says the alien shit-heel who invented active-camo."

Jonah was a SPARTAN-III and was one of two members of an elite Special Operations squad known as Headhunters. He, along with fellow SPARTAN-III Roland, lead a semi-successful stealth attack on an unknown remote moon on which the Covenant were digging for Forerunner artifacts.



Induction into the Headhunters

Jonah was inducted into a two-man fire team as part of the special operations program known as "Headhunters" when he met all of the necessary requirements and beyond. He was paired up with Roland because their match rating was 97.36%.[1]

The Infiltration Mission

Jonah and Roland were assigned to destroy six of the ten identified Covenant bases located on an unknown, remote moon. After locating a base, they gathering intel about the enemy forces and then devised a plan to destroy the base camp.

Inside the base, everything went off without a hitch. As Roland placed the charges in the base's reactors, Jonah engaged and eliminated several targets in the camp barracks. Jonah used energy disruptors and flashbangs to confuse and essentially disarm the enemies. Jonah's cocky and arrogant nature showed itself, as he began taunting his enemies with a severed Elite head and laughed as he watched their anger grow. He flung the severed head at the remaining Covenant and proceeded to kill them all.

As they confirmed the chargers were in place, Roland was run through with an Energy Sword from behind. His dying word was "Clear". After a small scuffle with the Energy Sword-wielding Elite, it was revealed that this Elite was not traveling alone, and had brought five other Elites.

It became apparent to Jonah that this was all a trap, and that the Covenant knew about the Headhunters. Jonah realized why his fallen friend had said "Clear". Roland had told him with his dying act that the charges were set. Jonah proceeded to mock the Elites before eventually using his final energy disruptor to disrupt the Elites' energy shields and detonating the charges.


The Elite in charge proceeded to grab Jonah after he used his energy disruptor, using his energy sword to slowly slice a gash into Jonah's face. The Elites that surrounded Jonah grabbed him and began ripping him limb from limb, but not before he could release his finger from the detonator, destroying everything in the surrounding area.[2]


Jonah, as compared to his comrade, Roland, is arrogant, cocky, carefree, and what some may call immature. He feeds off the heat of battle and is known for taunting his enemies before killing them. He is known for taking his missions as some sort of fun game, and is called a sociopath by Roland because of his enjoyment of killing. Roland says the only reason he (Roland) received the active camo module was because Jonah would use it to give a Grunt a wedgie. Jonah agreed with that statement.


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Star Wars Fanon

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Jonah was a human male Jedi. He was the last Jedi during the existence of the Galaxy. He was originally trained by Sennon, head of the Jedi Order. He was present at the murder of Sennon while he tried to negotiate a compromise that would prevent the different factions of the Galaxy from going to war around 25,000 ABY.

He was a peaceful person by nature but, during the Third Galactic Civil War, he was captured while on a diplomatic mission and tortured to the point his mind snapped. After that, he went on a rampage, bent on punishing the galaxy for its treachery to his master and himself. The Galaxy, twelve years into their war, made a truce, in order to focus fully on Jonah.

Jonah became so powerful; he could repeal laser blasts from space cannon with a single flick of a finger. He crumbled planets and destroyed fleets. After destroying the different factions of the Galaxy, he slaughtered both the Jedi and Sith. In a rare instance, all the Jedi and Sith banded together to stop him. He killed every single Force holder, and then killed himself, reportedly saying, “I am the Jedi. I am the Sith. I am the Force. I am Jonah!” With his death, without someone controlling the Force, it collapsed, destroying the Galaxy.

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