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Jon Zimmerman
race: Human
affiliation: Adytum
role: Mayor
location: Adytum, Boneyard
family: Jason Zimmerman Son
appearances: Fallout
quests: Kill Razor
Free Adytum from the Regulators
dialogue file: JON.MSG
actor: None

Jon Zimmerman is the mayor of Adytum around 2161, person who invited the Regulators to help keep the peace.

He hated the Blades, as, apparently, they were responsible for the death of his son, who lived outside the Adytum. In truth, however, his son died at the hands of the Regulators, during an attempt to see his father.

Jon Zimmerman was executed by a Regulator guard during the Blades' attack on Adytum in 2162 after shouting for revenge and attracting the attention of a Regulator standing behind him who claims Jon has no use for them anymore and fires on him killing him instantly.

Saving Mayor Jon

Although extremely difficult, it is possible to prevent Zimmerman's death at the hands of the Regulators. However, it will take a character who is an expert shot, possessed of a higher-than-average number of action points, and able to absorb a significant amount of damage.

Prior to initiating the conversation with Zimmerman to expose the Regulators, position the PC between the nearest Regulator and Zimmerman. As soon as the conversation ends, enter Combat Mode. The timing is critical; wait too long and the Regulator will get off the first shot, but acting too quickly can set all of Adytum as being hostile.

Tactically, the idea is to use the PC as a combination mobile shield and firebase. Once the Regulators in the room have been eliminated, the PC should, for best results, station himself or herself in the exit door, plugging the way out and trapping Zimmerman inside. As the Regulators hurry to the building, they can be picked off as they round the corners. If the battle manages to get to the street, keeping Zimmerman alive becomes much more difficult, but still possible. Keeping an eye on all lines of fire between Zimmerman and Regulators becomes the primary issue. Station the PC between a ranged-armed Regulator and Zimmerman, and try to gun down first other ranged-arms Regulators, then any melee Regulators trying to close on Zimmerman. With a little luck -- and a lot of ammunition -- the battle is winnable. However, since the game doesn't really expect Zimmerman to survive, his reactions following the battle are a little quirky.

Kill Razor

Jon Zimmerman wants Razor, the leader of the Blades, executed. He will pay the Vault Dweller 2000 dollars to do the deed.

Los Angeles Boneyard

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