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Specifics: fictional appearances
The name or term Jolt refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Jolt (disambiguation).
Jolt is a Decepticon from the Generation 2 portion of the Generation One continuity family.
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If ever there were an eager little flunky, it's Jolt. Under Megatron's approving eye, he will leap into battle and carve his name into the nearest Autobot. Jolt will joyfully confront his enemies in combat - so long as his massive commander's shadow is on him. Left alone, Jolt's courage quickly runs low on fuel. He's fled more than one battle when the odds turned against him. Megatron appreciates Jolt's talent for malice, but it remains to be seen whether that appreciation will keep him turning a blind eye to his subordinate's cowardice forever.

Japanese name: Hot Row (ホットロウ, ho-tto-ro-u)




Marvel Comics continuity

Jolt and his Laser Rod compatriots were designed and constructed by Bludgeon's Decepticons as the next wave of warriors. Bludgeon returned to Earth to cause enough chaos and destruction to draw Optimus Prime back and steal the Creation Matrix from his chest, in order to bring life to his new soldiers. Bludgeon got all blowed up and decapitated by Megatron, but his plan was still sound, and the new (old) Decepticon leader carried it through and brought Jolt and the others to life with the stolen Matrix. Their first mission was to raid the moon of Tykos for a supply of the metal-reinforcing gas, rheanimum. New Dawn After a severe beating at the hands of the second generation Cybertronians, the Decepticons joined forces with the Autobots against their common foe. Jolt fought alongside friend and foe alike against the Cybertronians and the fearsome Swarm. A Rage in Heaven!

Japanese G2 minicomics and story pages

(The Japanese Generation 2 story pages and mini-manga followed the continuity of the animated series, as opposed to the Marvel US Generation 2 comics, which followed the continuity of the Marvel comic series.)

Jolt confronted the Autobots with the might of Megatron at his back. Turbocharged with energy, he raced into battle at Megatron's command, and he and Sizzle attempted to double-team Electro. The Autobot's knee-flash kick left him seriously dazed, however. He soon recovered and joined the Cyberjets in surrounding the Laser Rods, but Road Rocket caught him off-guard and sliced his sword in half. Jolt also fought the Autobot Cyberjets on several occasions. His fate in the final battle is unknown — presumably he was either destroyed or banished into deep space with the other Decepticons.

Japanese G2 manga

Confronting Electro in a swordfight, Jolt was nearly crippled when the Autobot's shaft saber was plunged straight through his chest. Jolt only survived by turning on his afterburners and frying his opponent off before he could finish the killing blow. Still, Electro recovered and very nearly sliced Jolt in two. He died cursing the Autobot Laser Rod with his last breath.


Generation 2

  • Jolt (Laser Rod, 1994)
The most faaabulous Decepticon ever
Jolt transforms into a Ford "Deuce Coupe" hot rod with flame detailing. As a Laser Rod, pressing a button on his hood causes a red LED to light up, making his clear plastic engine glow red. In robot mode, this LED could be moved around at the end of a wire, and could plug into the bottom of either of his fists, allowing his light saber to be similarly illuminated. Also like other Laser Rods, he had a number of different hinges in his limbs and a rubber band waist similar to those of G.I. Joe figures, giving him an unusually large amount of articulation for the time.

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