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This article is about Doffen01's Jolee Bindo. You may be looking for Michaeldsuarez's Jolee Bindo.
Jolee Bindo
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unknown (lived on Kashyyyk)





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Old Republic era


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Jolee Bindo was a Human Male Jedi.



No one knows where Jolee was raised and born, but in later life he was taken into the Jedi Academy on Coruscant where he trained to become a Jedi. He was given the green lightsaber because of his knowledge about the Force. He was a powerful force user and best in his group. He often denied The Council and therefor he was not granted the rank of Jedi Knight. He never achieved a higher rank then Padawan and died in old age at Coruscant after a successful assassination.


While on a mission to Cato Neimoidia to stop an invading army, Jolee sensed a powerful disturbance in the Force. He went from house to house in the Bridge City, but he could not find the thing he was after. At last, he went into a nearly destroyed house, where he found a dead woman and a man who was standing over the dead woman, and who was wearing black robes. When Jolee asked what was going on, the man standing over the woman ignited a red lightsaber and attacked Jolee. Jolee managed to kill the man and then saw a little boy in the corner of the room. This was the Force-sensitive Matale Yn'gy, who later became Jolee's apprentice. After some years of secretly training Matale, Jolee decided to go into exile on the Wookiee planet Kashyyyk. There, he could train Matale even harder and more freely. There was not any Council to hide from or anything.

After some years, Jolee sent Matale out in the forest to hunt for some food. While Matale was out in the forest, Jolee was visited by Darth Revan and Bastilla Shan. He decided to let Matale start his own journey from here, and he then joined Revan and Bastilla in their quest for the Star Forge.

Quest for the Star Forge

After leaving Matale behind at Kashyyyk, Jolee followed Darth Revan and Bastilla Shan in their quest to find the powerful space station known as the Star Forge. On this journey, Jolee encountered an old friend at the water planet Manaan who was put into custody accused for murder. Jolee and Revan managed to set him free. After they had found a Star Map, which was a device that showed the location of the Star Forge, they headed for their ship the Ebon Hawk. On the trip back to the ship, Jolee sensed Matale's presence, but this time, there was much anger and hatred in his mind. Jolee tried to contact Matale trough the Force and managed to convince Matale to come back to the light and he then continued the quest…

After many months, Jolee and his companions had managed to find the Star Forge's location and headed towards it. There was a heavy shield surrounding it and that made them crash land on a nearby moon. There, they found the Star Forge's shield generator and turned it off. Then they contacted the Republic Army and asked for a full scale attack against the mighty space station. Jolee was aboard the Ebon Hawk, which infiltrated the Star Forge together with many other Jedi. Together with Bastilla Shan, Revan, and all the Jedi Knights who followed them, Jolee made it out undamaged and the Star Forge was destroyed.

Behind the Scene

Jolee Bindo is actually a playable character in the popular Star Wars game KOTOR.

Jolee is featured in Doffen01's story about Matale Yn'gy.

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