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Image:Quote1.png Everybody's talking about my Joker-Fish! They all recognize the face -- it's my fortune, even on a flounder's fizz... Image:Quote2.png
--The Joker
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Joker Fish





Base Of Operations


Unusual Features
Joker Fish have faces similar to that of the Joker.



Place of Birth



Once, these poor creatures were but normal fish. The Joker decided to market his own image and so he poisoned the Gotham City water system with his special Joker Venom chemicals, turning tons of ordinary herring and cod into diabolical Joker Fish. The Joker approached copyright clerk G. Carl Francis and expressed his desires to trademark his new Joker-Fish line. The terrified commissioner explained that he could not copyright a fish for him, but the Joker wouldn't hear it. He gave Francis until midnight to register his trademark or else he would kill him. Naturally, the copyright clerk did not possess the ability to grant the Joker's wishes, so the Joker made good on his promise and murdered him at the stroke of midnight. He then went through the channels, threatening the next in line with a similar fate unless his fish... err... wish was granted.

The Batman determined that the next bureaucrat in the Joker's crosshairs was Thomas Jackson. He attempted to save Jackson by impersonating him in his home, but the Joker trumped him yet again. He fed one of his Joker-Fish to Jackson's tabby cat who, in turn, was Jokerized itself. The cat attacked the real Jackson and the venomous bite killed him instantly. Batman followed up on the case and soon confronted the Joker, defeating him in combat. As a result, the Joker never received the patent on his Joker-Fish and he abandoned the scheme soon after.

Powers and Abilities



None known.


  • Intimidation: As Batman noted to a fisherman, the Joker-Fish is but one element of the Joker's ever-growing attempt to perpetuate fear in the community.
  • Swimming: They can swim side to side and even up and down.

Average Strength level

A Joker Fish is likely a bit stronger than the average herring or sea bass.




Habitat: Water
Gravity: Gravity of this race is unknown.
Atmosphere: Atmosphere of this race is unknown.
Population: Population of this race is unknown.


Type of Government: None, they're fish.
Level of Technology: None, they're fish.
Cultural Traits: None, they're fish.
Representatives: None


  • The Joker Fish were also seen in two episode of ''Batman: The Animated Series. They were the central plot point to "The Laughing Fish", and they also made a brief appearance in the Joker vignette in "Almost Got 'Im".


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