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The Joker

Joker (Earth-DKR)
Real Name
Current Alias



Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

Base Of Operations




Unusual Features
Green hair, white skin, and a large dragon tattoo across his back.


Marital Status

Psychopathic killer


Place of Birth
Unknown; possibly Gotham City

First appearance

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns #1
(February, 1986)



See also: All-Star Batman and Robin

Little is known about the early life of the Joker, save that he was a psychopathic serial killer. In one of his earliest recorded accounts, the Joker spent an evening in a hotel room with a woman named Donna Gugina. After a night of love-making, he brutally attacked her, crushing her larynx and strangling her to death. All the while however, he professed his undying love for her. [1]

He later contacted one of his colleagues, Selina Kyle - the Catwoman.


The Return

See also: Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

Well into his fifties, the Joker spent ten years at Arkham Asylum in a near catatonic stupor. When news hit the wire that his arch-nemesis the Batman had come out of retirement, the Joker's conscious mind resurfaced and he decided that it was time for him to come out of retirement as well. [2]


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  • Writer Keith Champagne has stated that the Superman of Earth-31 featured in Countdown: Arena is the Superman that appeared in Frank Miller's Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. [3] Originally, this reality was not provided with an official nomenclature, and it was accepted that the events from Batman: Year One, Dark Knight Returns and All-Star Batman all took place within separate continuities. It was retroactively established that all of Frank Miller's Batman works, including Year One, take place in the same continuity.[4]

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